Tuesday, May 10, 2016

S'mores LLC Spring Trip

What's new and exciting with the S'MORES LLC? Well our biggest adventure yet has been our spring trip. 

We took a bus all the way to Lake Geneva for a high ropes course and leadership games. It was so much fun! We combined the Military and Honors House 2 LLC's and had about 25 residents attend. Even though we didn't start out knowing everyone on the trip, we all got to know new people and learn knew ways to build a team. 

We were out in the woods, it was a very scenic place with hammocks and a campfire to rest by when we weren't doing activities. The high ropes course was 60 feet in the air! And the obstacles were a real challenge. 
On the ground level there were little challenges for groups to accomplish that tested our ability to work together as a team and build leadership. It was hard because not everyone knew each other, but we pulled through in the end. 

Here are some pictures: 

We weren't able to take the full canopy tour because we ran out of time, but hopefully in the future we can add that to our list of accomplishments!

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