Thursday, October 6, 2016

Strong Start for Education!

The Education and Leadership LLC on the 22nd floor of North Tower is off to a great start! At our first meeting, the residents learned that the vision for the LLC is to learn more about Urban Education and being more involved in the Milwaukee community. Residents had a chance to share some of their expectations for the LLC, and hear about all the different events that might be happening this year. Peer Mentor Franky shared about what residents could expect from Ed Pol 315, the required LLC Class. The residents were excited to start their service learning sites. Most of the options offered in the class were at various schools around Milwaukee. At these sites, residents do volunteer work like helping as an after school tutor or helping with projects at schools.

As a part of the LLC class, members of the LLC participated in an overnight retreat at Camp Minikani, just 30 minutes out of Milwaukee. The retreat was led by Professor Laurie Marks, and focused on developing some of the themes that residents would be learning about in their class. At this retreat, participants got a chance to learn about their True Colors, or a personality type test that is similar to the Myers Briggs. The True Colors helped us to talk more about our leadership styles and how our personalities reflect strengths. Participants also watched a film about the education system that advocated for the expansion of charter schools. In addition to these activities, students participated in team building activities. This retreat was a great way for the residents to build stronger bonds with others on the floor, and residents had a lot of fun.

Resident Assistant Lauren Leverty

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