Monday, November 7, 2016

A Spooky October on the ASL Floor

Hi everyone! My name is Kit, and I’m the RA for the ASL LLC. I am a fourth year student at UWM and have finished ASL 1-6. I am double majoring in ASL Studies and Anthropology. When I was a freshman, I was also a part of the ASL LLC and it was one of the best experiences I could have had. The ASL LLC is the reason that I was able to pick up ASL as quickly as I did. I’m so excited to be a part of that experience for others this year.

Speaking of this year, it has been going great on the floor. The first year students are learning a lot, and everyone helps each other with ASL homework in the lounge. It’s not uncommon for everyone in the LLC class to be sitting around on the couches helping their fellow classmates with vocabulary, grammar, and facial expressions (which are one of the most difficult aspects of ASL for new signers to learn.)

This month in particular has been especially fun with a group of residents decorating for Halloween! We have plenty of spider webs and pumpkins to set the mood. But the ASL Floor is not a scary place to be. This month saw the addition of a new floor rule: if a Deaf/ Hard of Hearing person is present, everyone must sign, gesture, or sim-com. Because of this rule, our floor is even more inclusive than ever. Everyone even non-signers are welcome and able to communicate with each other.

In the video are some of this year’s LLC residents: Tori, Elisa, and Austin wishing you a very special HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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