Monday, November 28, 2016

Architecture & Fall Vibes

October has been a great month for the Architecture LLC!  The students are working hard in their architecture classes and have shown great progress.  In the first section of the LLC course, the students have been working on studying elements of topography and how to best place a building on a site considering various cultural and environmental factors.  They are currently working on creating a site model to represent the piece of land they are working with.  In the second section of the LLC, the students are going on site visits during their class period to many places around Milwaukee.  They have visited The Pabst Brewery, Milwaukee City Hall, The Third Ward, and some beautiful residential areas around campus.  During the site visits, the students are analyzing building styles and drawing sketches of the architecture that surrounds them. 

This Saturday, the 25th of October, the LLC is taking a break from their academics to have a fun pumpkin painting session in Cambridge.  The students will explore areas around their residence hall to find unique buildings or styles that they will then represent in some way on their pumpkin.  There will then be a discussion on the different representations they chose to paint. 

A new addition is coming to the Architecture LLC!  RA Katy has been working hard to design and implement a display system for the LLC students to showcase some of their work that they have completed throughout their multiple architecture courses.  This will be a great way to have each section of the LLC present their work to the other section as well as the other residents of Cambridge Commons.  The display system will be installed shortly with pictures to follow in next month’s blog post. 

-Emily LaLuzarne, Peer Mentor 

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