Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Involvement for the Business Panthers

For the month of October, the Business LLC residents are finally finding their place on campus.  My name is Tabby and I am one of the peer mentors for the Business LLC.  My business section meets every Friday for class and it is my job to meet with them outside of the classroom as well.  I require all of my mentees in the Friday business discussion to meet with me one on one.  During this part of the season, midterms are pretty serious for a lot of the new students, but at the same time, students are feeling more comfortable.

                One of the events that has happened this semester on the floors was a Jeopardy night in relation to the upcoming election.  Shela, one of the RA’s helped to market this event and some of the residents attended.  For business students, the upcoming election is a big deal!  Thankfully, many of the residents are now registered to vote in Milwaukee as well.

                As the month is coming to an end, the students are preparing for their business test that is coming up.  Luckily, their TA is very helpful and has planned a review day during discussion.  I, as their Peer Mentor, have organized future study sessions for students to attend. These sessions are optional, but could be helpful.  In addition to preparing for exams and connecting with each other on the floor, the students have all been connecting with their service learning components of their class.

                The service learning component of this course is valued not only by me, but also by Professor Friemark.  Service Learning in Milwaukee is so important for students to connect with the city, especially is they originally come from farther away. To help the Business students accomplish their Service Learning goal of ten hours, I have started a “Make a Difference Day” team for our class.  Students in Business 100 will go out into the residential community on November 5th to participate in neighborhood clean-ups, meet the neighbors, and make a difference.

Thank you for reading!  I can’t wait to share pictures on how our “Make a Difference Day” goes!

Tabby Miller, Peer Mentor

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