Monday, November 7, 2016

Lots to Look Forward to for the Honors 2 LLC!

I am excited to welcome everyone to the Honors 2 LLC. Whether you came from Honors 1, or are an Honors 2 veteran, I am happy to have you on board. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of the new faces, and reunite with those I have worked with before. We started off the year with a fun “open doors” event in which we went around the floor and met our neighbors for the year. We have already had some good brain storming sessions about the activities to come this semester and next. I hope we can continue the Honors spirit with involvement, as there are exciting opportunities to come. We had a good Honors kickoff and pizza party, which can be seen in the images below. We went through over 40 pizzas; a great representation of the type of involvement we see in Honors. In the other photo we see our stakeholder and Honors advisor Aaron Dierks. We will be working with Aaron a lot during the year, and he has a big role in the success of the LLC.

Our upcoming event is a discussion on the Honors Senior Thesis/Project. Now is the time to brainstorm some ideas for your topics. There really is no end to the possibilities regarding these projects or theses, so find a compelling topic that you can dive into with some passion. Following we will have a crossover activity with the Honors 1 LLC to show them what our LLC is all about, as well as have some food and fun with our stakeholders.

See you next month!
Resident Assistant, Hunter

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