Monday, November 28, 2016

So much to do, so little time!

The month of October has been great for the Honors 1 LLC. Students within the community started the month off right by going to UWM Homecoming events, carving pumpkins, and displaying their masterpieces in the common area. Residents are making it a priority to watch classic scary movies in the common area most nights as we head towards Halloween. Also, the Honors 1 house has put a lot of effort into decorating Sandburg West Tower floors 15 and 16 in preparation for Halloween. This year hopefully marks the third straight year where Honors wins the annual floor decorating contest! Also, various members of the Honors 1 LLC have solidified their positions in the Sandburg West Activities Team (SWAT) and are working hard to collaborate with University Housing Staff to put on thirteen straight days of Halloween activities leading up to the eve of Halloween. West-O-Ween is an annual tradition for Sandburg West Tower and the Honors 1 LLC members are some of the people behind the scenes making sure it goes over without a hitch.

Also, within the past month residents of the Honors 1 community participated at the annual Panther Prowl run/walk on Saturday, October 8 in order to raise money for student scholarships across campus. A group of roughly 10 students from the Honors 1 LLC showed their support and joined the Honors College team. The team finished strong and had fun running through lake park and about campus on a brisk fall Wisconsin morning. On another note, the semester is in full swing and residents have made a priority to sign up for mandatory first year counseling with an Honors adviser. Now is the time of year students have started thinking about Honors classes for next year and have checked in with counseling to make sure they are feeling confidnt in their classes. The days might be getting shorter but the everyday energy among residents hasn’t stopped in the Honors 1 LLC.

Honors 1 Resident Assistant - Benjamin Bodus

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