Monday, November 7, 2016

Spooky Scary Filmos

This month the film LLC participants have been seen running around with the 16 mm Bell and Howell filmo. They have been seen on campus, off campus , in the nearby forests and rivers capturing beautiful silver halide images.

This month we got to meet and chat with Shannon McInnis and Ryan Fallon, two Senior filmmakers from our Department of Film, Video, Animation & New Genres!  Shannon and Ryan shared the history of their filmmaking, they screened sampling of their films, and  gifted the LLC participants with tips and advice, and answer any questions they had about their work and what it's like to be a film student in our department!  Students also earned a raffle  ticket for the end of the year, were one lucky Film LLC articipants will win a go pro !

It was a good month for the students of the riverview 7th floor . I know I am personally excited to see the result of all the hard work going on right now by the students at the end of the semester when he get to see all their knowledge in action .

Film LLC Peer Mentor, Dick Wilkerson

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