Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stand. Speak. Act.

Welcome to the Social Justice, Diversity, and Pride LLC! I am Tim Fischer, the Peer Mentor for this LLC, and I will be introducing me and my fellow Resident Assistants!

Information and Facts about the Peer Mentor and RAs:
Tim Fischer
I am currently a commuting sophomore studying History. One fun fact about me is that I volunteer at Milwaukee's Irish Fest every summer.
Dulce Blanchard
I'm a sophomore studying psychology and criminal justice and one fun fact about me is that I play the saxophone.
Angelo Villarreal
I’m a junior studying communications at UWM. One fun fact about me is I have won 6 radio contests!
In this LLC we intend to have discussions through class and activities to learn more about social justice topics taking place today in America and Milwaukee. This semester many students are taking History 150: Multicultural America to gain a better understanding of American history with race, culture and understanding! During the LLC’s kickoff students discussed the meaning of social justice and what it meant to them. In addition to discussion in the classroom, students have been given the opportunity to use the city as a classroom through Service Learning. Students volunteer in a variety of positions from helping the Hunger Task Force to assisting peace talks with city residents. The class also is given the opportunity to experience city events like Police/Public School board meetings and to tour the Courthouse.

                All of the LLC staff hope that through diverse experiences, students will gain a greater perspective on a variety of topics. In addition we hope to spark civil discussion on many issues that grip America today in order to turn students into better citizens! With Black Lives Matter co-founders Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors coming to campus, we are excited for October to bring new perspectives to the LLC!

Below are some pictures that the residents wanted to share with the Blog!

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