Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Talk Nerdy to Me

As the Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant it has been a great experience to help freshman residents transition into their new home on campus at UWM. The Honors 1 LLC offered is like no other tight knit community at UWM and it can be seen through how the Honors residents have interacted with one another the first month on campus. Throughout this first month of the 2016-2017 academic year Honors 1 LLC residents have been attending campus wide events together. By attending the UWM Welcome Week events as a cohesive LLC the Honors 1 residents have made friends with those who live on the same floors, have the same classes, and are adjusting to college with the same concerns.  
To coincide with the friendly nature of the Honors 1 LLCthe LLC residenthave been open and inviting to everyone into the common area on Sandburg West Tower floors 15 and 16. The common area that is shared by the Honors 1 LLC is a popular place for residents to sit down, eat a snack, do homework, read, listen to music, play games, watch television, and talk to other West Tower residents. Since the first move in day the Honors 1 LLC has embraced the mindset to get to know surrounding residents and to respect everyone for who they are. By utilizing this mindset everyday the Honors 1 common area is rarely empty and is a space for everyone to feel supported. Many Honors 1 residents are beginning to find part time jobs on campus and become leaders in different housing activity teams and organizations. The Honors 1 LLC is for any incoming Honors student looking to live in a supportive environmenttailored towards the Honors College standardsand to make the transition to college more exciting and less stressful

-Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant, Benjamin Bodus

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