Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Hard Work of the Art Students!

Who said that Art students have it easy?
This last couple of months the Art and Design LLC students have been busy with projects in the  2D and 3D classes and experiencing fun trips throughout Milwaukee. Our teachers for the 2D and 3D class are both professional artists, Melissa Wagner-Lawler for 2D and Ray Chi for our 3D. Both teachers are involved in the arts throughout the city of Milwaukee. In addition they help lead and create the collaborative projects in the 2D and 3D classes.
Earlier, in the semester we visited the Haggerty Art Museum on Marquette campus to get inspired. From there 2D and 3D students paired up to collaborate on art work inspired by the museum for future projects. The 3D class students than did a paper project inspired from the museum. Now the 2D class is making a painting project from their partner in 3D class. We are now in the first stages of the painting project and everyone is still inspired.
Students have been learning to branch out of their comfort zones. We have fun learning, expressing, creating and using our creativity. There are so many little details and time put into final projects. The 3D students are beginning work on their plaster projects. Students are taking advantage of learning new skills and adapting them to their degree and skills. The Art and Design LLC allows students to explore the 2D and 3D class, but also to learn collaborate with other students and be more involved in the Milwaukee community.  Being an art major student is a lot of work. The lessons learned on balancing multiple projects, studio time and time management will prepare you for the upcoming work and career of a creative field.
-Nia Wilson, Peer Mentor

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