Monday, November 7, 2016

The Panther Military LLC in the Fall

We feel that it is very important for our LLC members to not only get to know each other but to get to know the campus resources that are invested in their experience in the LLC. In this case, that meant that our members got to bowl with our Military and Veteran Resource Center (MAVRC) Representative, the Residence life Coordinator from University Housing, and myself, the RA. We bowled for almost two hours, enjoying snacks and some great conversations along the way. Our members discussed their personal experiences with the military and talked with the LLC Stakeholders about what they look to get out of the LLC, which has played a major role in the events that we have planned out for our members already. It is so important to us that we build a community that is welcoming and fun but also ensures the best experience possible for our Panther Military, Veteran, and ROTC LLC members. We are looking forward to an amazing year!! Stick around for what is to come.
-Resident Assistant, Shelby Wester 

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