Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Building New Traditions in the Film LLC

November was an exciting month here in the Film Living Learning Community!

As well as working tirelessly on their 16mm film reels, members of the LLC found the time to participate in what we hope becomes a continued and much anticipated tradition. On November 19th, residents in the Film LLC went for the gold in our annual twelve Hour Editing Contest hosted by Resident Assistants' Ella Freigang and Ryan Fallon.

The teams of 1 to 2 were all provided with nearly an hour of identical footage and sound files originally captured by Resident Assistant and Senior Film Student Ryan Fallon and tasked with creating a compelling and unique piece without adding any outside footage – and they did not disappoint! Throughout the 12 hours, these filmmakers were able to flex their editing muscles, acquainting themselves with various editing software options as well as the tedious intricacies of editing digital video. During the viewing party, everyone present was made to laugh, cry, and question everything in these less than four minute films. While everyone produced wonderful, delightful shorts, a few people deserve some special recognition. Congratulations to Cal Owens and Jared Mikkelson for winning the 1st place Judges Award with “Balaban.” Additional congratulations are owed to Michaela Dickson’s submission “12 Hour Editing Contest” for winning the favor of her peers with the Audience Award.

As the semester comes to a close, residents of the LLC have all had the opportunity to shoot with 16mm film on the Filmo cameras at the UWM film department. They have learned the art of capturing image on film and the process of hand editing their footage – which entails cutting and taping back together their film with much precision. As they move into digital film next semester, we expect to see continued growth and great things from all.

-Ella, Resident Assistant

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