Friday, December 2, 2016

Honors 2 Involvement with the Election

The Honors 2 LLC had an eventful month. With everyone settled into classes, the attention turned toward the election. A few of us watched the debates in the lounge and discussed political matters. We have had tables set up her in the residence hall for voter registration, and the Honors 2 seems ready for November 8th. We had a great event in earlier in the month when we invited the Honors 1 LLC over to see what Honors 2 is all about. We had an incredible turnout and we invited Honors Advisors Aaron and Melissa over for some pizza and games. Honors 2 also got some good information about non-seminar options for credit in Honors. Students have the opportunity to do study abroad, as well as Honors Senior Thesis or Project. These are neat opportunities to delve into any interest, and present heavy research or critical analysis. Lately, the students have been crunching for midterms, but it seems like they have been going well for most of us on the floor.
As far as the weeks coming up, be sure to set up advising appointments and pick out a schedule for next semester. Class registration is right around the corner on November 14th, so make sure you are ready. Look around for upcoming events. The floor will be having a bowling night and there will be more fun stuff to come. I hope to see everyone there.

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope it is safe and enjoyable. We look forward to Thanksgiving break and hope you check in with us next month for an update.

-Hunter Reed

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