Friday, December 2, 2016

Participants Continue to Thrive with Volunteer & Professional Development Experiences

The Education and Leadership LLC is continuing to soar to new heights! The residents are another month into the year and have gotten to do many fun activities and develop as future leaders. Since the last blog post, residents of the LLC have started service learning as part of the LLC class. Having a service learning component in the class has given the residents a new perspective on education and helps many of them learn about what their future career paths may look like. Being guided by RA Lauren and the service learning component of the class has helped us achieve one of the goals of the LLC, the residents are being active members of the Milwaukee community by volunteering at schools and many community resources. As a part of a class assignment, the residents were also required to interview a community leader and write a paper about it. This assignment helps students learn more about different leadership styles, how to apply them, and gives them a better perspective on what they have learned in class.

The residents are looking forward to celebrating Halloween with each other and their floors, through a floor Halloween party hosted in their lounge. Through this, they will also get the opportunity to sign up for the "Make A Difference Day" event hosted by the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research. This event will send volunteers across the Milwaukee community to help with neighborhood clean ups! There is a lot for the residents to look forward to, whether it be doing community service, or getting to know each other better through floor events.

~ Peer Mentor, Franky Castillo

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