Friday, December 2, 2016

The Annual Engineering Olympics!

October has been a busy month for the Engineering LLC with the Engineering Olympics.

Following the Engineering LLC’s tradition, we had the Engineering Olympics for 3 consecutive weeks where the residents of the LLC could participate in building different structures with limited supplies.

Week 1

The groups of students worked together to make a boat out of paper and tape. The residents are trying to have their boat hold the most weight before sinking.

The winning group of this first round included Jimmy, Kole, and Brett.

Their boat held all the quarters that RA Mike and RA Gretchen have, 2 small pumpkins, 1 gourd, and 3 rolls of tape.


Week 2
In the second round of the Engineering Olympics, residents had to make a water clock.  The goal was to get the water to drain out of their structure made of paper and tape closest to 60 seconds.  Michael and Patrick won with a time of 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Week 3
In the third round, the residents had to build the tallest tower that could hold the weight of 4 quarters and withstand 3 rubber bands being shot at it. The towers were built out of just paper and index cards.

 Jimmy and Naaman won this round with their tower at 12.5 inches. Although their tower was not the tallest, theirs was the only one to survive the 3 rubber band shots.


Final Round
Kaley, Jimmy, Brett, and Max were the finalists to participate in this round. They had to build a bridge out of marshmallows, straws, and popsicle sticks to hold the most amount of water.

1st Place: Max, 2nd Place: Brett, 3rd Place: Kaley.

-Gretchen Olson, RA

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