Monday, February 27, 2017

Embracing Diversity in Milwaukee

This semester the Honors 1 LLC is planning some unique and engaging events for residents living in the community. The events that the LLC will be attending this semester will teach residents about cultural diversity, leadership, and social responsibility. These experiences only can be obtained by living in the LLC community.

Right around the corner, Honors 1 is planning is a trip to the annual UWM Drag Show held on Saturday, February 18, 2017. This event will be a new experience for many LLC residents as the Drag Show promises to be full of energy and is a highly acclaimed UWM event from year to year. The event will be free to the LLC residents who want to attend and there has already been a high inquiry from residents wanting to go.

The Honors College is also trying to start an annual tradition. The Honors 1 and 2 LLCs are planning to have an Olympic style event in the Honors College with various activities which will pin residents against one another. Such activities will allow residents to gain leadership skills by working together within a team setting to win prizes. This event will happen for one night in the Honors College and will hopefully be an engaging event that carries on year to year for the Honors College and the Honors LLCs.

Lastly, the Honors 1 LLC is planning a trip to take residents to the Domes of Milwaukee. The Domes feature exotic species of plants in various artificial environments and the tours that are given at this Milwaukee trademark teach people about how different species can be vital to different ecosystems. This event will happen around Earth Day and will encourage Honors LLC residents to be conscious of their surrounding environment and will be a fun field trip for the floors.

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