Monday, February 6, 2017

Honors 1 Winter Break Update

In the month of December the Honors 1 LLC had to fight off the cold weather, influenza, and final exams. Everyone survived the last month of the Fall 2016 semester and were happy to leave their academics behind for winter break. The Honors community stuck together in this stressful month by continuing to be social with one another and studying together in the LLC common area. Everyone was in the same boat and the LLC residents were happy to participate in the LLC white elephant event. This event was a nice study break for the Honors 1 community as residents ate pizza with one another, received a gift, and participated towards a good cause.

On December 12, 2016 Honors 1 residents brought and received a gift at the community white elephant. About thirty residents were in attendance and listened to holiday music as everyone went around in a circle and opened a gift. Residents received things from copious amounts of candy to a real ferret pelt... Nobody was surprised at the oddness of some of the gifts though because the Honors 1 LLC always sports their lively personalities. Also, residents in attendance were invited to participate in a letter writing activity towards a greater cause. Most of the residents in attendance wrote letters for an organization, The World Needs More Love Letters, that supports people going through a tough time. Nominated strangers by the organization received letters, that the Honors 1 LLC wrote, which helps those people feel supported as they go through a life changing experience. Ultimately, this evening proved to be perfect for Honors 1 residents to mentally support their classmates and support others they have never met before. It was a selfless, stress relieving night, before final exams took their toll.

Everyone survived the month of December and the Honors 1 LLC made it through the first semester of the academic year. Residents in the community continue to look out for one another and have bought into being a part of something larger on campus. Many residents have expressed how easy the transition to college has been by being a part of the Honors 1 LLC. Now, as residents rest their minds before the spring semester they can feel comfortable coming back to campus surrounded by friends who know them best.  


Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant,Benjamin Bodus

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