Monday, February 6, 2017

Introducing Our New Resident Assistants

       Hello everyone and welcome back to the Engineering LLC. I hope everyone had an excellent Fall semester and a wonderful winter break. I would like to start by welcoming the new Resident Assistants to the Engineering LLC.

On floor 9, we have Joe Metzinger. Joe is a first semester RA and a third year student who is studying Civil Engineering. Joe has lived in the Engineering LLC previously during his first and second year as a student. He is looking forward to bringing new ideas to the Engineering LLC from his experience as a student.

Next on floor 10, we have Carly Gloff. Carly is a first semester RA and a second year student who is studying music. Carly has lived in the residence halls during her first year and has some new ideas for the Engineering LLC.

Finally, on floor 11, we have Mike Davis. Mike is a third semester RA and a fourth year student who is studying Computer Engineering. Mike was a member of the Engineering LLC last semester and is also a member of IEEE.

            All of us RAs are excited for the Spring semester and are currently working on new events for residents and a large LLC trip. Previously we have visited Harley Davidson as an LLC and are currently working on visiting another local Milwaukee company.

            We hope everyone has a great start to the Spring semester!

-Michael Davis, RA

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