Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our First Semester Together

      As a transfer student myself, I know all too well, the difficulty transfer students face at their new university, especially during the first semester.  Transfer students have to adjust to their new city, campus, and residence hall.  While adjusting to the geographic differences, students need to open themselves up to new friendships, opportunities, and ideas.
Zoe and I are extremely proud of our transfer students and their achievements during the Fall semester.  Our residents have accepted the challenge and embraced UWM with open arms.  One of our Transfer community members will join the South Tower RA Staff, and other members have applied to become part of the housing family next fall!  Our transfer students have on campus jobs, strong membership in campus clubs, and outstanding presence in the South Tower community. 

This month, the Transfer LLC had a UWM Men’s Basketball Tailgate.  Residents were invited to come eat tailgating food (Burgers, YUM!) and make signs for the Men’s Basketball Game.  Our residents made a few signs supporting the team but also showed off their transfer pride.  While the Men’s Basketball team lost the game, we were proud panthers and happy to support our fellow students. 
I’m proud to be part of our transfer community.  What I admire most about our community, is the amazing spirit and energy our residents possess that helps make them successful here at UWM.  I regret not living in the Transfer LLC, and I challenge prospective Transfer student not to repeat my mistake.  

I look forward to seeing what the Spring Semester has in store for us.  Thank you for making this a great semester and I can’t wait to see you after Winter Break.  There’s no place like South. 

Paul Dixon
Resident Assistant South 17/18
UWM University Housing

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