Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Semester Event & Trip Planning

Welcome back to the UWM Architecture LLC!  We are off to a great start this semester and have some exciting events planned over the next few months.  In J.P.’s section of the LLC, students will be using the architecture building as a basis for exploration of concepts related to drawing, human interaction, and future possibilities.  This week, students be touring the building and taking pictures for future use.  In Emmy’s section of the LLC, students will be using various campus buildings as a way to explore the concepts of walkability, accessibility, and convenience.  Students will also be using these three concepts to compare their life before college to their life at UWM. 

Throughout the course of the semester, several events will be taking place.  Each month, we will be holding an architecture themed design charrette activity.   The content of these activities have yet to be decided, but they will be a fun and educational way for students to explore architecture out of the classroom setting.  During these events, students will be given a design problem and set of materials.  They will then create a solution to the problem and be evaluated by their peer mentors, RA, and fellow LLC stakeholders. 

Another important event that will be taking place in April is the LLC’s trip to Chicago.  On this trip, we will be joined by the Art & Design LLC.  Most of the architecture classes at SARUP focus on Milwaukee, so this trip will help the students relate the concepts they are learning to a different environment. 

J.P. Russella, Peer Mentor

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