Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Swinging into the Spring Semester

We have gotten off to a great start as we welcome back the Art & Design LLC to an all-new Spring semester! Inspired by Jean-Honoré Fragonard's rococo masterpiece The Swing, we are swinging into the new semester in the LLC! In our monthly bulletin board I have provided the LLC residents with 10 important tips and tasks that it's never too early to start doing during their college career such as resume building or career planning. These tips were picked keeping in mind some of the "survival tips" that are often given to incoming college students that are rarely followed through with, and trying to re-tool the narrative towards a positive goal rather than ways to just get by.

Around the community the LLC students have been seen working hard on models for their first 3D concepts project: the paper project. This project requires creative thinking, as the students must create a sculpture using only one type of material. Whether it's ripping, folding, shredding, joining, crumpling, stacking, curling or cutting, the LLC students are showing their ingenuity and creativity by making small test sculptures that explore the possibilities of their final product. 

We have a lot planned for February, such as events to build and show our community and floor pride as well as a trip to the Art Museum for a special event!

-RA, Joe

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