Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Being an Ally, Goal Setting, and Social Responsibility

Hey there, hi there, ho there!


Welcome back, and welcome home!


Throughout the month of February, we, the Career Quest RAs, have been working diligently to ensure residents feel welcomed in our community. By hosting an event titled To Be an Ally, RA Alyssa was able to educate residents on the importance of accepting others, as well as fully submerging residents into the LGBT+ community by introducing them to the UWM Drag Show. We have been building what we would like to consider a hate free community. Residents have decorated signs displaying that they welcome all-- their suite is hate free. With residents displaying these decorated signs on their doors, others are more apt to feel welcomed into that suite thus creating a greater, more sociable community as a whole… a community that is home.


With a strong social setting established, residents buckled down and set academic goals for this coming semester that are displayed on a large “goal ball machine” in our community lounge. We believe that this is a great way for them to visually see their goals, motivating them to accomplish all that they are capable of accomplishing. In doing this, we have noticed that our residents have been applying themselves more and more, and many have even decided on their majors!


This month we have also focused a lot on social responsibility. We have two bulletin boards dedicated to this topic. The first being one that displays the dangers of irresponsible drinking with a message reading, “keep your heads in the books… not the booze.” The second bulletin board explains safe sex. To coincide this, RA Katie hosted a community event where we were able to teach them (in a fun, safe, legal) way the consequences of having unprotected sex, especially in college. Residents exchanged different kinds of candy to one another and at the end learned of the previously stated consequences based on the different types of candy. Residents were highly engaged are thoroughly enjoyed the treats that went along with this event.

-RA, Alyssa

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