Tuesday, March 21, 2017

February Excitment!

A lot of great work has been created over the month of February! The Art & Design LLC students have been hard at work on their paper and plaster projects for the LLC section of 3D concepts. Instructor Ray Chi continues to challenge his students with concepts in abstraction, material use as well as pushing them to higher degrees of finesse and polish in their work. When not sculpting, the LLC students have been seen working together in the study lounges on their Digital Arts, Culture, Theory and Practice (Art 118) project. For many this course is a first chance to create digital artwork and think about technology’s role in contemporary art practice.
This past month we have had a few great events on the floor! First, we held a Door Decorating event where the LLC defined what pride means to the community and created decorations that reflect that. Ultimately, the door decorations mirrored the chalkboard designs I created at the beginning of this year in order to solidify the Art & Design LLC’s hall identity.
Next, we attended the UWM Drag Show as a community. The UWM Drag Show is an excellent annual event sponsored by the University that takes place in the Milwaukee Theater. It was a night of high-energy performances and awe-inspiring costumes. Important, too, were the discussions it spawned about personal identity and getting to see one aspect of the LGBT community supported on campus. Hopefully this experience served as some inspiration to the young artists in exploring their own identities as well as simply showing them how far a creative mind can take them. 
-RA Joe

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