Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Updates for ASL

Second semester means a bunch of exciting events for the ASL LLC! We started off in February with a “Deaf Games” night where we played many different games that are accessible for those who sign, and those who can’t. The fan favorite of the night was “Video Phone” (it’s sort of a deaf version of the game “Telephone”)

Also in the works this semester are our trip to see an interpreted musical, and our annual event, “See What I’m Signing”. This year we are going to see the musical “Chicago” (but we’re watching it in Milwaukee). LLC members get to experience an interpreted musical in our city with very little cost. The LLC fund is paying for the majority of the ticket price! It’s going to be a great opportunity to experience ASL interpreters in a setting outside of school. Plus, we get to see a great musical along with it.

“See What I’m Signing” is an annual event in the LLC where members of the LLC teach other residents in university housing about ASL and Deaf culture. The event even includes a panel of Deaf students answering any questions that the audience wants to ask. “See What I’m Signing” is a safe space to learn about the Deaf community and everyone is welcome. No question is too out there to ask, if you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach. The LLC members also get the experience of helping run an event, which they can take with them into their future endeavors.

-Kirsten Klessig

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