Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Upcoming Spring Semester Activities

Happy New Year and Welcome back to the Education and Leadership LLC! Winter break is over and a new semester has begun. Residents have been enjoying their first few days of classes.

Since we have only been back at school for a week, there has not been much activity in the LLC yet, but plans are in motion for upcoming events in the community. Unlike last semester, residents in the LLC do not have a required course that corresponds with the LLC community. Because of this, residents are excited about new ways to stay involved with their areas of study and new opportunities that come along with that.

Some of the opportunities the residents of the Education and Leadership LLC are looking forward to in the upcoming semester include building relationships and gaining insight from upperclassmen in their majors and career fields, as well as more connections with advisors in the School of Education. Residents in the community have expressed interest in connecting with older students in their specific majors to be able to get a sense of what is to come in their area of study. This would also include connecting more with the School of Education advisors and faculty to begin to build relationships. The Education and Leadership LLC is hoping to also keep up the volunteering spirit with a plethora of volunteering opportunities for the residents.

This upcoming semester, the Education and Leadership has plans to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum in downtown Milwaukee. In years past, the LLC has made trips to Chicago, but this year we are planning on exploring the wonderful experiences in our own city. This will not only be a way to get to know Milwaukee better, but also a way to familiarize ourselves with different resources in the area that will benefit our future careers in Education. 
-RA, Lauren Leverty

Swinging into the Spring Semester

We have gotten off to a great start as we welcome back the Art & Design LLC to an all-new Spring semester! Inspired by Jean-HonorĂ© Fragonard's rococo masterpiece The Swing, we are swinging into the new semester in the LLC! In our monthly bulletin board I have provided the LLC residents with 10 important tips and tasks that it's never too early to start doing during their college career such as resume building or career planning. These tips were picked keeping in mind some of the "survival tips" that are often given to incoming college students that are rarely followed through with, and trying to re-tool the narrative towards a positive goal rather than ways to just get by.

Around the community the LLC students have been seen working hard on models for their first 3D concepts project: the paper project. This project requires creative thinking, as the students must create a sculpture using only one type of material. Whether it's ripping, folding, shredding, joining, crumpling, stacking, curling or cutting, the LLC students are showing their ingenuity and creativity by making small test sculptures that explore the possibilities of their final product. 

We have a lot planned for February, such as events to build and show our community and floor pride as well as a trip to the Art Museum for a special event!

-RA, Joe

Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Semester with the Business Panthers

Dinner and Socializing with the Business Advisors!


I am the new Peer Mentor for the Business Panther LLC and specifically the Business Adm 295 course: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Although I do not currently live in the dorms, as I am a commuter student, I am looking forward to working with the Business LLC for their final semester. I believe that I will be of assistance to all students in the Business LLC as I am a Sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in Economics. So I have had many of the classes that students will have to take during their academic careers. During the semester I will be delivering three in class presentations about varying topics that will help the students have a fun and successful second semester.


Now about the course; we will be discussing how to be ethical both in a business setting and a more social setting. We will also be applying the idea of being ethical to a variety of scenarios that relate to making ethical decisions in the real world. The students will also be reading assigned readings throughout the semester that will help students to continue learning what is taught in lecture. The students will be able to reinforce the material from class in a few extra assignments throughout the semester, including: two application papers, a midterm and final exam, and even a team presentation. Throughout the semester there will be a few short movies related to the topics covered in class and even an ability to have in class negotiations that allow the students to learn how to negotiate about things like salary or selling of products in an ethical way.


I look forward to being a part of the Business Panthers LLC and helping the next class of Business students be successful in their experience here at UWM. I hope that everyone has a great semester!

-Anthony La Licata, Peer Mentor

Spring Semester Event & Trip Planning

Welcome back to the UWM Architecture LLC!  We are off to a great start this semester and have some exciting events planned over the next few months.  In J.P.’s section of the LLC, students will be using the architecture building as a basis for exploration of concepts related to drawing, human interaction, and future possibilities.  This week, students be touring the building and taking pictures for future use.  In Emmy’s section of the LLC, students will be using various campus buildings as a way to explore the concepts of walkability, accessibility, and convenience.  Students will also be using these three concepts to compare their life before college to their life at UWM. 

Throughout the course of the semester, several events will be taking place.  Each month, we will be holding an architecture themed design charrette activity.   The content of these activities have yet to be decided, but they will be a fun and educational way for students to explore architecture out of the classroom setting.  During these events, students will be given a design problem and set of materials.  They will then create a solution to the problem and be evaluated by their peer mentors, RA, and fellow LLC stakeholders. 

Another important event that will be taking place in April is the LLC’s trip to Chicago.  On this trip, we will be joined by the Art & Design LLC.  Most of the architecture classes at SARUP focus on Milwaukee, so this trip will help the students relate the concepts they are learning to a different environment. 

J.P. Russella, Peer Mentor

Introducing Our New Resident Assistants

       Hello everyone and welcome back to the Engineering LLC. I hope everyone had an excellent Fall semester and a wonderful winter break. I would like to start by welcoming the new Resident Assistants to the Engineering LLC.

On floor 9, we have Joe Metzinger. Joe is a first semester RA and a third year student who is studying Civil Engineering. Joe has lived in the Engineering LLC previously during his first and second year as a student. He is looking forward to bringing new ideas to the Engineering LLC from his experience as a student.

Next on floor 10, we have Carly Gloff. Carly is a first semester RA and a second year student who is studying music. Carly has lived in the residence halls during her first year and has some new ideas for the Engineering LLC.

Finally, on floor 11, we have Mike Davis. Mike is a third semester RA and a fourth year student who is studying Computer Engineering. Mike was a member of the Engineering LLC last semester and is also a member of IEEE.

            All of us RAs are excited for the Spring semester and are currently working on new events for residents and a large LLC trip. Previously we have visited Harley Davidson as an LLC and are currently working on visiting another local Milwaukee company.

            We hope everyone has a great start to the Spring semester!

-Michael Davis, RA

Honors 1 Winter Break Update

In the month of December the Honors 1 LLC had to fight off the cold weather, influenza, and final exams. Everyone survived the last month of the Fall 2016 semester and were happy to leave their academics behind for winter break. The Honors community stuck together in this stressful month by continuing to be social with one another and studying together in the LLC common area. Everyone was in the same boat and the LLC residents were happy to participate in the LLC white elephant event. This event was a nice study break for the Honors 1 community as residents ate pizza with one another, received a gift, and participated towards a good cause.

On December 12, 2016 Honors 1 residents brought and received a gift at the community white elephant. About thirty residents were in attendance and listened to holiday music as everyone went around in a circle and opened a gift. Residents received things from copious amounts of candy to a real ferret pelt... Nobody was surprised at the oddness of some of the gifts though because the Honors 1 LLC always sports their lively personalities. Also, residents in attendance were invited to participate in a letter writing activity towards a greater cause. Most of the residents in attendance wrote letters for an organization, The World Needs More Love Letters, that supports people going through a tough time. Nominated strangers by the organization received letters, that the Honors 1 LLC wrote, which helps those people feel supported as they go through a life changing experience. Ultimately, this evening proved to be perfect for Honors 1 residents to mentally support their classmates and support others they have never met before. It was a selfless, stress relieving night, before final exams took their toll.

Everyone survived the month of December and the Honors 1 LLC made it through the first semester of the academic year. Residents in the community continue to look out for one another and have bought into being a part of something larger on campus. Many residents have expressed how easy the transition to college has been by being a part of the Honors 1 LLC. Now, as residents rest their minds before the spring semester they can feel comfortable coming back to campus surrounded by friends who know them best.  


Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant,Benjamin Bodus

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our First Semester Together

      As a transfer student myself, I know all too well, the difficulty transfer students face at their new university, especially during the first semester.  Transfer students have to adjust to their new city, campus, and residence hall.  While adjusting to the geographic differences, students need to open themselves up to new friendships, opportunities, and ideas.
Zoe and I are extremely proud of our transfer students and their achievements during the Fall semester.  Our residents have accepted the challenge and embraced UWM with open arms.  One of our Transfer community members will join the South Tower RA Staff, and other members have applied to become part of the housing family next fall!  Our transfer students have on campus jobs, strong membership in campus clubs, and outstanding presence in the South Tower community. 

This month, the Transfer LLC had a UWM Men’s Basketball Tailgate.  Residents were invited to come eat tailgating food (Burgers, YUM!) and make signs for the Men’s Basketball Game.  Our residents made a few signs supporting the team but also showed off their transfer pride.  While the Men’s Basketball team lost the game, we were proud panthers and happy to support our fellow students. 
I’m proud to be part of our transfer community.  What I admire most about our community, is the amazing spirit and energy our residents possess that helps make them successful here at UWM.  I regret not living in the Transfer LLC, and I challenge prospective Transfer student not to repeat my mistake.  

I look forward to seeing what the Spring Semester has in store for us.  Thank you for making this a great semester and I can’t wait to see you after Winter Break.  There’s no place like South. 

Paul Dixon
Resident Assistant South 17/18
UWM University Housing

HH2 Winter Updates

 Hello Everyone,

November has been a busy month. Luckily we got a well-needed break. For everyone who enrolled in classes earlier in the month, I hope you were able sign up for the things you needed. Please see the advisors if you had any difficulty or have any questions. As far as activities, we had a bowling night recently at the Union Rec Center. We had a good turn out and it was a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for a couple more events before the year is done.

            In the next month things should quiet down as finals come around. Make sure to keep yourselves healthy during this time. With the break ahead we will have a floor meeting to discuss how to “winterize” the suites. It is important that everyone attends, and there will be information posted around the floor. With finals coming up, keep your eyes open around campus for stress relief events and food; there will be a lot of it. I will be seeing everyone more than usual this month; so don’t hesitate to have questions ready. I hope everyone makes it through finals with ease so you can enjoy your winter break to the fullest. 

-Hunter, RA

Catching Up with Arch 2

Hello Members of the Arch 2 LLC,

                We are nearing the finish line and are almost done with the Fall 2016 semester. Most of us will be having reviews in the coming weeks. I wish every one of you good luck and I am sure you will do fine. If you are getting overstressed, remember to step back for a minute and take a deep breath.

                With the end near, we did have a couple events come and go and will be having a couple events coming up. We recently paired up with the Honors 2 LLC for a night of free bowling and pizza in the Union Rec Center. It was a blast and was a nice break from the stresses of studio. On Thursday, December 8 at 8 PM, we will be having an ice cream social/destresser event in SARUP Room 406 (The Cave). There will be supplies for ice cream sundaes and I will be having a friend briefly speak about what awaits some of us in the spring and in our junior year. Since most of us will be up late that night trying to finish for our reviews the next day, this will be a nice break/treat for us. Also, on Thursday, December 15 (Study Day) in the Sandburg Hall Green Room, the East Tower RA Staff is hosting the Breakfast at Midnight Event. Come on down and grab some great breakfast during a study break.

                Aside from the events to end the year, we do have a few important reminders to send out at this time. During the week of December 4, we will be having health and safety inspections. I will be putting up posters shortly stating the specific date and time. Also that week, we will be having a mandatory floor meeting to discuss the winterization process that everyone needs to follow before going home for winter break. I will also let you know as soon as I have a date and time. Watch for the posters!

                I hope that everyone continues to do well in studio. Good luck on your final reviews and remember to get some sleep also during this time! Have a great few weeks before break and also have a fantastic, peaceful, and stress-free break!


Sincerely yours,

 RA Zach

Honors 1 Benefiting Others

In the Month of November Honors 1 residents made one final push towards finals by staying on top of classes and preparing for the first weeks of December. Also, on a more fun note, Honors 1 residents were able to participate in two engaging events that centered around donating to the less fortunate before winter arrives. The two events made Honors 1 residents aware of personal biases regarding food and warm clothing availability before Thanksgiving recess. Residents were able to donate articles of clothing, bathroom essentials, and non-perishable food items to different organizations as part of two events held before the holiday season.

The first event that Honors 1 residents took part in was the Honors 1 LLC Clothing Drive and Milwaukee Holiday Light Outing. The event took place from November
4, 2016 to November 18, 2016. Residents donated unwanted articles of clothing, bathroom essentials, and non-perishable food items to their floor's Resident Assistant. Some residents even went as far as buying certain small items to donate. In total, Honors
residents were able to donate around 75 individual items to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. This is fantastic considering the resources college kids have at their disposal! Then, on the eve of November 18, 2016 around 10 residents, from the Honors 1 LLC, attended
the annual Milwaukee Jingle Bus Ride at the Shops of Grand Avenue downtown. This was a great event to end the donation drive because residents were able to tour the annual city lights, receive a Santa hat, and eat free donuts! The bus tour only cost $1 for
each person and residents had a good time seeing the holiday lights put on by the city located in various Milwaukee parks.

Honors 1 LLC residents also participated in a Hunger Banquet held in Sandburg Residence Hall in order to learn about world hunger before Thanksgiving break.
This event randomly assigned residents to various class levels in society and allowed residents only to be served ice cream that was assigned to their societal class level. The "high class" residents were allowed chocolate chunk ice cream, the "middle class"
was served sherbert, and the "lower class" was served vanilla. Residents were able to partake in various activities in relation to the restrictions designated to them. This was an engaging event because residents openly discussed how they might feel being
restricted to a certain availability of resources. Residents were exposed to worldwide hunger facts and were encouraged to donate any food items at the event. There was open dialogue among "class members" about how each individual could be a part of abolishing
societal restrictions. Residents were able to choose any ice cream they wanted after the event ended.

The month of November was very informative for the Honors 1 LLC. Residents
put their personal biases aside to show support for various organizations that help in the local community and across the nation. Honors residents showed their support for these events, over many other student living communities, and were able to learn, relax,
and even eat at these events before Thanksgiving and finals.


Benjamin Bodus (Honors 1 LLC Resident Assistant)