Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Peck Prom to Kick-off Spring Semester

This month was certainly a blast in the Music and Dance LLC. On February 10th the Black and Gold Committee hosted its first annual Peck Prom. The Peck Prom was open for all students in the Peck School of the Arts. The theme for the prom was 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s music.  People were highly encouraged to dress up in themed costumes. Many of the residents from the LLC dressed up with big teased hair, bright colored clothes and makeup in order to create the perfect costume. The prom was hosted in the Kenilworth building so we all took the shuttle over.  At the prom there was also a button making center, a fun photo booth, food, and a make your own trophy. Even though the DJ didn’t get the memo of the 80s/90s/2000s theme, a lot of people requested the good classics. We all danced and jammed out to Smash Mouth’s All Star. This song is become the theme song for the LLC. Residents always share funny memes about the song.

Another thing that happened this month was that the sophomores had a big paper due for their music history class this past Friday. A lot of the residents formed paper writing groups and tried to motivate each other to get it done on time. A big group of us went to the library on Tuesday to try to get some research done and to find some good sources. Since the paper was wrapped up on Friday, every one was feeling a lot of stress lifted off their shoulders. Later that Friday evening a group of residents went to the UWM orchestra concert to see their follow residents/friends perform.


All in all, it was a productive month, socially and academically.

-RA, Madison

Screening and Awards for 24-hour Films!

Welcome back Film Goers!

      February was a blast! As the LLC residents wrapped all of their hard work on their 24 -hour films, it was time for the screening and award ceremony. As we finished up the last-minute plans for the award ceremony we had concerns if everything was going to come together how we wanted. However, with some awesome team work from our RA’s Ryan and Austin, RLC Lexy, and stakeholder Alex, we pulled off an amazing event. The event had a pretty good turnout since we used flicks to host this event we turned this space into the LLC Oscars. We created a step and repeat for them to take photos on so they could remember the moment as well as, some decorations, trophies, and a few pizzas to feed the crowd. We also threw in a chocolate fountain, that was the cherry on top of this event. The residents loved being able to view everyone’s work, and all of them being appreciated and applauded, made it all worth the craziness of organizing.  It was very nice that this event had a great crowd turn out from not only the residents in the LLC, but also resident from all over campus. The film makers truly enjoyed this. All in all, this event was hands down a success.

      Since both LLC events for the semester were so early we look forward to having one last social event for the residents before the semester is over. We want to get everyone together and have a little bit of a mixer just to say, “we made!”

-RA, Austin

Education and Leadership Spring Updates

February has been an exciting month in the Education and Leadership LLC! We hosted two rounds of incoming freshmen in our LLC for the Go Milwaukee event. The Education and Leadership LLC also made some plans and launched some ideas for the LLC this semester.

Go Milwaukee was an event that was put on by the University to introduce incoming first year students to the university and to the opportunities in University Housing. I was able to meet about 20 different students on two separate days and introduce them to the LLC. I shared the mission I had set for this year’s Education and Leadership LLC to help students get more connected with the School of Education and the Milwaukee Community. The students were able to meet some current residents and learn about how being in the LLC has improved their experience at UWM. My suitemates and I had the opportunity to show off our well decorated suite as a part of the tour experience, and Associate Dean of the School of Education, Jeremy Page, joined in the tour!

In addition to the Go Milwaukee event, the Education and Leadership LLC was able to start working on some of our plans for the semester. After talking with the residents of the LLC and reviewing the results of a survey of interests, we decided to focus on volunteering and being connected to the Milwaukee community. We are still in the process of connecting residents with sites.

Even though it is the shortest, February has still been packed with hype in the LLC. We are excited to see where the rest of the semester goes!
-RA, Lauren