Monday, April 21, 2014

Get Involved with CCBLLR!!!

CCBLLR! The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research, is UW-Milwaukee's on-campus Volunteer Center. The CCBLLR is a center in which students go to get involved in the community, through Volunteer work, Internships and Service Learning. The center works with tons of different non-profit organizations, elementary schools, nursing homes,and other places around the great city of Milwaukee! The center has a diverse variety of Volunteer opportunities, from one-day programs, to two-year commitments. Thousands of students have used this center, for Service Learning, Internships, or just to get involved, on campus.

The Center puts on tons of BIG Volunteer events throughout the school year! RAK-a-thon, is a campus-wide Random Act of Kindness event, in which hundreds of students, go out into the community to do city cleanups or to "winterize" the home of an elderly person. The Center also does MLK day, in which nearly one thousand students from different universities and Milwaukee residents partner up with City Year, and decorate the walls and halls of Public schools in the Milwaukee area, with murals and inspirational quotes.

UWM's Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research is a great place to get involved, on campus. Getting involved, is very simple! Just stop by the CCBLLR office, located on the lower (Kenwood Blvd) level of the Student Union.

For more info, visit the CCBLLR website:

Milwaukee Fun!

The Milwaukee Public Museum is a Milwaukee Landmark! The museum is showcases its own, permanent human and natural history exhibits. It also hosts different exhibits from around the world, like Body Worlds,  an exhibit that displays the human body, from a scientific perspective. It also has an IMAX Theater, Rain Forest Exhibits and a Gift Shop, where you can purchase tons of  MPM souvenirs.

The Milwaukee Public Museum, is located downtown and is only a bus ride away from campus! The Museum also offers FREE general admission, to Milwaukee County Residents, on the first Thursday, of every month!

Wanna know more?

Here is the Link to the Milwaukee Public Museum's Website:

The Milwaukee Public Museum

The city of Milwaukee provides a wide array of things for people to do. One of the many exciting things in Milwaukee is the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The MPM is filled with tons of interesting, hands-on exhibits. Some of the highlights include The Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit, which is a replica of what the city looked like during the 1800s, as well as replicas of typical cultural homes during that time. Another cool exhibit is the Butterfly Garden, featuring over 1,000 different species of butterflies. Currently the MPM is featuring the world famous Body Worlds Exhibit, showcasing the human body through different stages of life. 

The Milwaukee Public Museum is located on Wells St in downtown, which is only a quick bus ride away! You can take the 30 right in front of Sandburg and it drops off a block away from the museum. General admission tickets are $15, and the first Thursday of every month is free to Milwaukee county residents!

Superheroes go to Shedd

From fish to frogs and penguins to seals, the Superhero LLC saw it all at the Shedd Aquarium on April 12.  Two students and RA Danielle attended the aquatic show and informational session about sharks. They also visited the jellies and stingrays. Later in the afternoon the LLC shopped on Michigan Avenue and visited Millennium Park.  It was one of the warmest days of 2014, reaching about 72 degrees before the nighttime thunderstorm.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Business Panthers and MKE

As members of the community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, we are always looking for fun things to do in the city. Well lucky for us, Milwaukee is full of fun, fascinating, and exciting things for everyone to do. Have you ever felt fascinated by the sky? Well, in Milwaukee, outer space is just seconds away by going in the virtual reality chamber at Discovery World, featuring interactive exhibits that fuse innovation, science and education. You are able to see different galaxy, meteors, the asteroid belt, and much more! There is never a dull moment at Discovery World.

UWM prides itself on our nationally ranked business school! Earlier this year, a group of scholars at the Lubar School of Business checked out how cool one of the premier motorcycle companies truly is right here in Milwaukee. In the heart of Milwaukee, you can find the Harley Davidson show room, where students of all ages can have a blast viewing more than 350 motorcycles, using touch screen technology to hear the signature sound of Harley-Davidson engines, learning about early daredevil motorcycle racers, and viewing exotic customized bikes and a video collage of motorcycles through Hollywood movies.
As you can tell, the weather in Milwaukee is slowly but surely getting better! To celebrate this wonderful time in Milwaukee, a fun thing to do is grab a bicycle and go for a ride alongside the beautiful Bradford Beach! Although it may be too cold to swim, the sand is definitely warm enough to just relax and spend some time with friends!

There is so much to do in Milwaukee so on behalf of RA Nishant, RA Colleen, RA Patrick, and RA Kyle, explore, have fun, and be safe!