Friday, December 2, 2016

Fall Updates for the Music LLC

Hello! Being the resident assistant of the Music LLC always has its perks and I definitely got to experience one of the special perks today.  Some of my residents were performing in one of the musicals that UWM was putting on. Of course with that being said I had to bring other residents along to see the show as well and support them.  Some of my residents were performing in the show “Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown”, I know that’s quite a mouthful of a title. Well what can I say, the show was fabulous! I was so thrilled to have had the chance to see it. I was so well put together, well choreographed and certainly well acted and performed.

Another thing that I had to do this month was replace my oh so famous “To Practice or not to Practice” bulletin board. This bulletin board certainly got the conversation rolling amongst the residents as they boisterously compared how much they practiced on average. Each one would try to out do the other.  I was just glad that the musicians were recognizing the value and importance of practicing their musical craft.

There are so many talented musicians in the Music LLC and one thing that I love the most is that they are each a little different. That’s the beauty about music though. It’s not like you just have one genre or style and that’s that. The Music LLC reaches ever different area of music that there is. Some love and study opera, yet others are more focused on musical theater. You might have a student who is obsessed with jazz guitar, and then another who cannot get enough of the symphonies written by Brahms. All in all, each student, including myself, brings together a little bit of the puzzle that creates the musical universe.

-Madison Larson, RA

Honors 2 Involvement with the Election

The Honors 2 LLC had an eventful month. With everyone settled into classes, the attention turned toward the election. A few of us watched the debates in the lounge and discussed political matters. We have had tables set up her in the residence hall for voter registration, and the Honors 2 seems ready for November 8th. We had a great event in earlier in the month when we invited the Honors 1 LLC over to see what Honors 2 is all about. We had an incredible turnout and we invited Honors Advisors Aaron and Melissa over for some pizza and games. Honors 2 also got some good information about non-seminar options for credit in Honors. Students have the opportunity to do study abroad, as well as Honors Senior Thesis or Project. These are neat opportunities to delve into any interest, and present heavy research or critical analysis. Lately, the students have been crunching for midterms, but it seems like they have been going well for most of us on the floor.
As far as the weeks coming up, be sure to set up advising appointments and pick out a schedule for next semester. Class registration is right around the corner on November 14th, so make sure you are ready. Look around for upcoming events. The floor will be having a bowling night and there will be more fun stuff to come. I hope to see everyone there.

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope it is safe and enjoyable. We look forward to Thanksgiving break and hope you check in with us next month for an update.

-Hunter Reed

Panther Military LLC Updates

Hello everyone! The Panther Military, Veteran and ROTC Living Learning Community is going strong! Most of our members have been hard at work with their studies. Midterms are over but the work still keeps going.
Everyone here in Purin in the LLC has grown very close over the last two months. It has been amazing to watch everyone build friendships and connections with each other that started with the common connection from the LLC. They all are doing homework together, going out into the city, attending common classes, and just overall doing social activities together.
The last event that was offered was in partnership with all of the other LLC’s in Housing! A debate watch party was organized with snacks and discussions with a political group here on campus! Unfortunately, our members were all busy at the time of the event but it was still an amazing event that connected the LLC programs throughout Housing!
In the upcoming weeks, I am working on organizing a few Hours were Sarah Terry, one of the LLC Stakeholders and part of the Military and Veteran Resource Center, will come to Purin and answer any questions that our LLC members have.
Also, coming up is Veterans Week which is a week of events specifically tailored to the Military and Veteran population on UWM’s campus. We will be making some part of that week an official event for the LLC. Also part of that week is the Military Ball which is offered to all of our students.

Keep an eye out for more of our activities! More will be coming soon! Talk to you soon!
-Resident Assistant, Shelby Wester