Monday, December 18, 2017

Architecture: Gingerbread building and final reviews

The members of the LLC are in full gear as the end of the semester is approaching. There are finishing up some final projects and are getting ready to start studying for their exams. We have a fun event coming up. For the second year in a row the Architecture Sustainability LLC will be hosting the Gingerbread Building Competition. Residents will use a variety of snacks to construct any kind of building they would like. Then they will be presenting their masterpieces to a panel of esteemed judges. The judges will critique the work after it is presented to them and select the top three. The top three designs will receive architectural prizes. Last year this event had very high attendance and we are expecting high attendance this year as well.
In Emmy's section of the LLC, students are currently preparing for their final review. Their final project consists of creating an elderly community on a local Milwaukee site. Students are responsible for placing each component on the site as well as adjusting the topography to ensure that everything on their site complies with ADA standards. The students will present their work next Monday via technical plan and section drawings as well as diagrams and a verbal presentation. Overall, I am very impressed with how the students have progressed over the course of the semester and look forward to seeing their final projects.
In J.P.’s section of the LLC, students are completing their final projects which they have been working on over the course of the semester. Since their last review, the students have been coming up with ways they can take their current models and destroy them – but find a way to reconstruct them architecturally.

Honors 2: Getting out and destressing

The Honors 2 LLC has been having a fantastic semester so far! Since the last post, the floor has had many events that have gotten everyone more involved, especially with the Honors College.

To start off the fall, the residents went over to an apple orchard for an event and got to pick their very own apples and go on a hayride! Later, they made apple pies! We also played Identity BINGO on the floor. This was a great opportunity for the residents to learn about themselves while also learning about each other in a comfortable environment, all while enjoying some candy!

Another event was going to see the Honors College’s production of “Art.” This play featured Honors College students, including one resident from the Honors 2 floor, and was also directed by a resident from the Honors 2 floor. This is just one of the opportunities that the Honors College offers. We had a great time going as a group to support each other while also seeing an amazing show at the Honors College!

To finish off the semester of events, we went bowling at the UREC center right here on campus! This was a great way to destress before finals. This event was held with the Honors 1 LLC, so the two groups got to hang out and talk about their Honors classes over a couple rounds of bowling.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with study nights in the lounge. What’s great about the Honors College and the Honors 2 LLC is that the classes are very small, so there is a good chance that a friend or two from the floor will be in the same class as you. The floor common area is also a great spot to watch a movie with friends in between studying. After picking classes together, everyone is looking forward to the new semester!

Panther Military: Humvees and Laser Technology

The Panther Military Learning Living Community has continued to be a small but great LLC to be a part of. Working with the National Guard here at UWM we have been able to put on awesome events that no other LLC could put on. In the mouth of October, we will able to put on a military Humvee driving test where the residents were able to drive a National Guard Humvee along their driving course. This was completed after a muddy couple of days and even though we had half of the LLC members go, they had an awesome time getting muddy and knocking down small trees with a Humvee. In the month of December, the LLC planned a training simulation with National Guard laser technology. Working closely with Sergeant First Class James Neville, we were able to allow residents to use realistic firing laser technology and have and awesome time learning different military skills. Residents could learn how to clear rooms, attack defending opposing forces, and develop a comradary while doing different situations. Working with the National Guard here in Milwaukee allowed us to have some awesome opportunities to use the extremely large National Guard armory and Motor pool areas close to campus. These areas are normally only accessible to military members only but due to our unique connections through the National Guard ROTC program here at UWM the Panther Military Group has been able to do some amazing events that you cannot do anywhere else. The LLC members are loving the opportunities that they have been provided and are very excited for the next semester and what comes with it.