Thursday, April 25, 2019

Business Panthers: Networking and Diversity

In the Business Panthers LLC this month, we attended the Lubar Spring Multicultural Networking Event. This event was about the effective communication in a diverse work environment. It was an interactive workshop for students to work together with their peers as well as with other business professionals. In this work shop, students were introduced to the different forms of communication that best work for them. It also addressed why understanding diversity and how it can impact your communication is important in your personal and professional life.

Health Professions: Go Milwaukee and Museums

As the Health Professions LLC swings into April, we have a lot we have accomplished and more to look forward to! The community has been putting their best foot forward in academics and engaging in many more activities that UWM has to offer. Many students studied hard for their midterms in the lounge and continue to form study groups in the lounge. The lounge is also a place where the community continues to hangout and socialize.
The LLC had the opportunity to give many students interested in attending UW-Milwaukee a tour of the Health Professions LLC during “Go Milwaukee”. We had the honor of representing all the perks of living in the Health Professions LLC and answer any questions that came up during the tour. Several students were interested in what the LLC had to offer, and we even had a resident of the community speak to a group on how living in the Health Professions LLC had positively influenced their freshman year. We have one more “Go Milwaukee” event approaching in April and we are excited to speak on behalf of such a rewarding LLC!
The Health Professions LLC will be taking a trip to the Museum of Science + Industry in Chicago April 28th! During this trip, the community will be able to explore the interactive displays at the museum and experience all the interesting qualities science has to offer this world. We are thrilled to be taking this trip and are ecstatic to see all the students that are interested in attending this trip.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Transfer: Events on events!

The Transfer LLC in South Tower had an amazing start to the spring semester filled with lots of events! The first event that we attended was “Bowling for Soup” hosted by the Union Recreation Center. If students brought 2 canned food items, you received 1 FREE game of bowling! If students brought 3 canned food items, you received 2 FREE games of bowling! All of the donations collected went to the UWM Student Food Pantry which allows students in need access to food. Resident Assistant (RA) Alyssa went with 5 residents and we had a total of 7 strikes throughout the game and took some amazing pictures along the way!

The next event that the Transfer LLC students attended was hosted by Campus Activities Board (CAB). It was their annual “Glow Roller Rink” on Valentine’s Day. They had various Valentine’s Day crafts, sweets, pasta bar, and of course…. skates for the roller rink!

A few residents trying out the skates, enjoying the music, and feeling the glow!

After realizing how bad the skates hurt their feet, some residents decided it was time to make some Valentine’s Day crafts while still enjoying the music and snacks provided.

Would it really be considered an LLC without a LLC ice cream and pizza party?! In November, we have our annual homecoming banner competition. The Transfer LLC won “Most LLC” and received a FREE pizza and ice cream party from University Housing. Who doesn’t love free food?!

Since it fell around the time of Valentine’s Day, we had some residents making Valentine’s Day cards while enjoying some pizza and great company from their LLC friends!

Others were really just excited about the free food and stopped by for a few minutes to enjoy the amazing reward!

In the South Tower Transfer LLC, we are excited to be pairing up with the Riverview Transfer LLC for more events this spring such as Mitchell Park Domes and 6 Flags! Stay tuned (: