Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Upcoming Spring Semester Activities

Happy New Year and Welcome back to the Education and Leadership LLC! Winter break is over and a new semester has begun. Residents have been enjoying their first few days of classes.

Since we have only been back at school for a week, there has not been much activity in the LLC yet, but plans are in motion for upcoming events in the community. Unlike last semester, residents in the LLC do not have a required course that corresponds with the LLC community. Because of this, residents are excited about new ways to stay involved with their areas of study and new opportunities that come along with that.

Some of the opportunities the residents of the Education and Leadership LLC are looking forward to in the upcoming semester include building relationships and gaining insight from upperclassmen in their majors and career fields, as well as more connections with advisors in the School of Education. Residents in the community have expressed interest in connecting with older students in their specific majors to be able to get a sense of what is to come in their area of study. This would also include connecting more with the School of Education advisors and faculty to begin to build relationships. The Education and Leadership LLC is hoping to also keep up the volunteering spirit with a plethora of volunteering opportunities for the residents.

This upcoming semester, the Education and Leadership has plans to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum in downtown Milwaukee. In years past, the LLC has made trips to Chicago, but this year we are planning on exploring the wonderful experiences in our own city. This will not only be a way to get to know Milwaukee better, but also a way to familiarize ourselves with different resources in the area that will benefit our future careers in Education. 
-RA, Lauren Leverty

Swinging into the Spring Semester

We have gotten off to a great start as we welcome back the Art & Design LLC to an all-new Spring semester! Inspired by Jean-HonorĂ© Fragonard's rococo masterpiece The Swing, we are swinging into the new semester in the LLC! In our monthly bulletin board I have provided the LLC residents with 10 important tips and tasks that it's never too early to start doing during their college career such as resume building or career planning. These tips were picked keeping in mind some of the "survival tips" that are often given to incoming college students that are rarely followed through with, and trying to re-tool the narrative towards a positive goal rather than ways to just get by.

Around the community the LLC students have been seen working hard on models for their first 3D concepts project: the paper project. This project requires creative thinking, as the students must create a sculpture using only one type of material. Whether it's ripping, folding, shredding, joining, crumpling, stacking, curling or cutting, the LLC students are showing their ingenuity and creativity by making small test sculptures that explore the possibilities of their final product. 

We have a lot planned for February, such as events to build and show our community and floor pride as well as a trip to the Art Museum for a special event!

-RA, Joe

Monday, February 6, 2017

Spring Semester with the Business Panthers

Dinner and Socializing with the Business Advisors!


I am the new Peer Mentor for the Business Panther LLC and specifically the Business Adm 295 course: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Although I do not currently live in the dorms, as I am a commuter student, I am looking forward to working with the Business LLC for their final semester. I believe that I will be of assistance to all students in the Business LLC as I am a Sophomore majoring in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in Economics. So I have had many of the classes that students will have to take during their academic careers. During the semester I will be delivering three in class presentations about varying topics that will help the students have a fun and successful second semester.


Now about the course; we will be discussing how to be ethical both in a business setting and a more social setting. We will also be applying the idea of being ethical to a variety of scenarios that relate to making ethical decisions in the real world. The students will also be reading assigned readings throughout the semester that will help students to continue learning what is taught in lecture. The students will be able to reinforce the material from class in a few extra assignments throughout the semester, including: two application papers, a midterm and final exam, and even a team presentation. Throughout the semester there will be a few short movies related to the topics covered in class and even an ability to have in class negotiations that allow the students to learn how to negotiate about things like salary or selling of products in an ethical way.


I look forward to being a part of the Business Panthers LLC and helping the next class of Business students be successful in their experience here at UWM. I hope that everyone has a great semester!

-Anthony La Licata, Peer Mentor