Monday, April 30, 2018

ASL: See What I'm Signing

 We made it! 

The end of the year is almost here. Classes are finishing up and everyone is getting ready to move out. The end of the year is a busy time. Not only are people cramming for finals but they are also trying to pack up all of their stuff so that it will fit in the back of a car. The Freshman are not aware that this is nearly impossible but they will soon find out.

This month the ASL LLC successfully hosted See What I'm Signing. The volunteers ran the games spectacularly! The people who attended the event seemed excited and eager to learn. There were a few people who went through twice just to learn the signs again! The best part was that everyone who came through the games section stayed for the Deaf Panel. We had 5 people on the panel with very different backgrounds to show the diversity of the Deaf population. The audience had some very insightful questions and seemed engaged with the discussion. I am looking forward to hosting this event again next year and I am hoping we will have an even bigger audience!

To wrap up the end of a great year, the LLC will be having one last social to hang out together before we all go our separate ways. The floor has had our ups and downs but I am proud of all the residents and what they have accomplished this year. It's hard to remember that at the beginning of the year most of the residents had no prior knowledge of ASL. They have all come so far in their education and I know they will continue to be involved in the Deaf community and their ASL skills will develop even further. 

Have a great summer!

 The Deaf Panel members at See What I'm Signing

The wonderful volunteers!

Honors 1: Volunteering & Field Trips

This month will mark the last full month of the 2017-2018 academic year before finals arrive in the month of May. In the month of April, Honors 1 resident have attended some unique events across campus and put on by the Honors 1 LLC. On April 15, a group of Honors 1 residents attended a presentation by a UWM hosted historian on the topic of hieroglyphics. 

UWM hosted a historian that presented a lecture on hieroglyphics and how they related to reality and fiction. Honors LLC residents that attended this presentation were able to learn about a subject that they may have not been exposed to in their lives. The historian was insightful and her lecture was an interesting look into art and the past for LLC residents.

Within the week leading up to Earth Day, various residents participated in volunteer opportunities provided by the City of Milwaukee and UWM. Certain residents helped clean up the Milwaukee River located near the Riverview Residence Hall. Other residents helped make Milwaukee a more beautiful place by planting trees and flowers with varying organizations.

To end the month of April, the Honors 1 LLC took a trip to the Mitchell Park Conservatory Domes. The Domes have been named a national treasure and host exotic plants and artificial environments which teach the general public about horticulture and the natural environment. The Domes are a trademark of the city and are one of the many destinations every Milwaukee resident needs to see at least once in their lifetime. This will be a great way for residents to relax and spend time with one another before the final push of the semester is needed in May.

Health Professions: Women's History Month

March came in like a lion for the Health Professions LLC, but with finals around the corner, I doubt that residents would feel it went out like a lamb. Students studied hard together for midterms. They stayed up late in the lounge and lobby reviewing organic chemistry and anatomy, but then it was time for them to leave for their first spring break in college! During March, residents received the option to meet with their academic advisors in Sandburg! They did not even have to leave to the residence hall to meet with their advisor. We also celebrated Women’s History Month and the contributions that women have made to health with bulletin boards on the floor in the LLC. This was a fun way to start a conversation about women’s health in the LLC.

Residents are now getting back from spring break and getting ready to tackle their second semester finals. The residents love going to supplemental instruction and tutoring together in order to get the best grades that they can. The residents like going to work out classes at the gym to stay healthy and relieve stress, too! We are looking forward to doing study related events leading up to finals to get everyone feeling great about finals. Everyone is excited to figure out where they would like to live next year! Many residents are going to live with others from the LLC in either an apartment or again in the residence halls. We are excited for the last 6 weeks in the LLC and to see the great health professionals that the residents will become!

Hidden Figures of Health Board highlighting important female figures in health advancements