Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Honors 2: Exploring and Studying

Hello again!

Since the last post, the Honors 2 LLC has been up to a lot (other than working hard in classes, of course!). We had a couple fun events. One event was really great. We stayed right here in the residence hall and went to one of the every Thursday night events, tie-dyeing! A couple people in the LLC had never done tie-dye before, so they got to see the process and had a great time experimenting with different techniques. This was a great opportunity for everyone to do something fun together and take a break from studying.

Some of the LLC participants also went to the tower-wide event where they were instructed on how to paint a painting! This was great to see them get even more artistic and get to catch up.

Coming up, we will be going to the cat cafe with the LLC. This will be a great opportunity to continue to explore Milwaukee. We will get to ride the MCTS bus and checkout a new activity close to campus. We will also be going to the Honors College play to support our fellow peers and to experience another aspect of the Honors College - cool clubs and awesome events!

Other than all the events, the LLC participants have been studying for their traditional courses and working on papers for their final papers within their Honors College courses. Thankfully, we have a great lounge on the floor that they can all utilize to not only study in but work with each other to provide feedback and get new ideas.

Cultures and Communities: Fun Nights and the Milwaukee Public Museum

Hello Cultures and Communities LLC! 

This past month has been so rewarding for me as a Resident Assistant. I have gotten to know many of the residents in this LLC, and they are all coming out of their shell. It is so awesome to see everyone making friends with the people they live near and have classes with! 

We have had alternating bi-weekly study nights and game nights for the past month, and it seems like everyone has been enjoying them a lot! Even if we do not have a game night or a study night, almost every night is a social night! There is always more than one person hanging out in the lounge and laughing, studying, or just talking with their new friends. If anyone is ever bored, they can just walk out of their room to hang out in the lounge.  

On December 1st, a group of some members of the Cultures and Communities LLC and the Local to Global LLC visited the Milwaukee Public Museum. As you can see in the picture, we were a pretty happy bunch! We had a great time, and we learned so much about different cultures, both old and new! We also got to learn about dinosaurs, rain forests, butterflies and more! The trip was very educational and applied to many things we try to promote in our LLC.  

I wish everyone the best of luck on their upcoming final exams, essays, and projects! I am so excited for the events we have coming up next semester. See you after break! 

Community Engagement: Make a Difference Day

Winter is finally here! On one of the coldest mornings of November, we had our Make a Difference Day event put on through the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership and Research. We were lucky enough to get snow the night before so we had to get creative with our rakes. A few residents woke up bright and early on a chilly, Saturday morning to do volunteer work within our community. We used the busing system to get transported to our assigned houses and helped elderly winterize their homes and do some needed yard work. While the leaves were piled high and the wind was bitter cold, we pushed through and made a positive impact on our community.

The residents were happy to have participated and we were even rewarded with a few Snickers bars! The rest of this month was filled with a well needed Thanksgiving break, lots of studying, and plenty of exams. The lounge has included socialization and studying and the residents are filled with anticipation to finish finals and fast forward to Winter Break!