Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of the year review

This Pre-Professional LLC started of the year very rocky, with no stakeholders, mentors or a classroom for each of these residents to connect to one another. I began to think that this was going to be a difficult year for this group of residents because they would not get the whole Living Learning Community that they were looking for. But, I was wrong. This group of residents came out of the gate strong, being a little shy to one another they slowly ventured into the lounge, getting out of their comfort zones and talking to other residents of the floor. Shortly after they found out that they all had very similar interests they began taking classes with each other in their second semester forming study groups. Now, I would say that each resident has made a handful of connections on this floor for the future.
Planning events this year was a little difficult with this floor. Some events would get a great turn out while others might have been a big goose egg (zero). But, the ones that these residents did come to made it an even better one with their positive energy and the stories that they have shared with me are great. Some times I did not even need to make an event to see a group of residents in the lounge. From ghost stories to their stories of their past, I really enjoyed this group of residents. With the end of the semester not far away and with their move-out shortly after I am going to miss them. I hope to remain connected to them in the future to see how they are doing (even if they still see me as their RA till graduation).

Good luck with the rest of the semester everyone, you're almost done with your first year!


Communication and Conflict Comes to a Close

This is the last year the the Communication and Conflict LLC will be around. However, I feel that the LLC lives on in the students it has been able to touch over the past two year. I truly loved having the opportunity to work with LLC program, professors, and most of all the students have had the privilege to work with has been amazing. It has been such a great experience to watch students come in as new freshman far from home and not only learn but grow.

I feel that real lifelong connections have been made because of this LLC and I hope that others take as much pride in as I have. It is sad to see the LLC come to a close, but i truly feel that this experience really touched each and every member. I think my favorite part of the LLC was either the T Shirt or the class in general. The T Shirts that we made are one of a kind and very personal to each person. I really loved this LLC and the group I got to work with this year. I hope that this LLC does truly live on in the memories of the participants. 

See you later, Lab Rats!

Wow! I can't believe it's finally time to say goodbye! (For this year, at least. I'm sure I'll run into plenty of you again in the fall semester.) It has been amazing year, and I've had such a great time being able to work with all of you!

We've had tons of fun throughout the year; movie nights in the lounge, trips to the Planetarium, Cards Against Humanity after our fall semester party, and of course the Chicago Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry and Navy Pier!

It's been great to see all of you take advantage of the opportunities UWM has to offer and to pursue and achieve the goals that you've made for yourselves. I hope you all keep that same, positive energy for the coming fall semester, as well as the rest of your time here at UWM.

It's been an AMAZING year!

It has been an exciting year, in the Dance Foundations LLC. The year was filled with joy, laughter and tons of fun! The residents of the Dance LLC have had fun events, like volunteering at the Urban Ecology Center and an unforgettable trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium and Willis (Sears) Tower.

Personally, one of my favorite experiences, in the Dance Foundations LLC would have to be The "Just Dance/Karaoke" event. This event was a collaboration, with the Music LLC. Residents of both LLCs came together for friendly and fun competition (not to mention a great workout). Living in the Dance Foundations has been an unforgettable experience!

Good bye ASL

This year, the LLC has accomplished a lot.  We did two service learning projects, both at Water Tower View, we had several events that encouraged the new skills gained in class, and we are currently preparing for our annual end of the year event for University Housing.

One of my favorite moments from this year, was at our second trip to Water Tower View (WTV). We assisted residents with spring crafts and were there to communicate with the residents of WTV who don't have the opportunity to do so otherwise.  One resident from WTV shared many stories he had from his world travels.  The students really enjoyed it, and this allowed residents to engage with people out in the Deaf community to use the language they are learning in classes.

As we conclude the semester, the residents of the ASL-LLC are working hard to share what they have learned this year.  You can attend out event on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 6 pm in the Green Room of Sandburg.  Students will be teaching basic signs and engaging other students in activities to promote and educate University Housing residents on Deaf Culture.  Hope to see you there.

Happy Signing!
RA Leah