Friday, January 6, 2017

Upcoming Trip Planning!


It’s finally December and fall semester is coming to a close for the Career Quest LLC. Residents have been working hard studying for the craziness of their first finals week. As stressful as it may be, they all pushed through and finished the semester. With the semester ending, that also means the LLC class that the students have been participating in is also ending. The last day of the LLC class, the residents got to talk to their teacher about the things they learned in class and about themselves to help them find a career that fits them. They also were able to have some fun on the last day of class and watched a slide show that their teacher put together of all the things they did this semester. They also had the chance to show off their talents to the class.

Just because the class has ended, their Career Quest journey is still not over. In spring semester, my Co-RA and I are going to planning a trip for the LLC. We will be taking them somewhere where they can learn about different career options along with having some fun too. We also be having some events in our community aimed towards career quest to continue helping them find a major that they will love.
On a more fun note, residents in the LLC have been bonding all semester with other residents in our community. They have game nights, see movies together, and also go bowling almost every week. The connections that

-Katie Boutell, RA

Adventures at the Harley Davidson Museum

Trip to Harley Davidson Museum
Things have continued to be in full swing the Engineering LLC throughout November. Students have continued to study with one another in common area lounges for midterms or take study breaks and engaging in various social activities such as video games or playing card games. Students have also started to utilize free campus resources for engineering classes in popular classes such as Calculus or entry leveling programming courses. Finally, students have begun to register for the Fall 2017 semester and have had one-on-one meetings with their assigned engineering advisor.

Moving forward, the Engineering LLC takes a trip each semester to a local company in Milwaukee that offers internships and full-time opportunities to Milwaukee Engineering Students. This semester the LLC took a trip to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. There students were exposed to the history of how the Harley Davidson Museum progressed through time and became one of the most well-known motorcycle companies around the world.
-Michael Davis, RA

Spring Trip Planning!

So far the UWM Panther Military, Veteran, and ROTC LLC has continued to chug through the semester with dedication and enthusiasm. Things have been a little slower on the events side, most of our involved residents have been very busy moving into the end of the semester. Because of this we decided to plan an end-of-the-semester, get together, pot-luck dinner for our Living Learning Community residents. We are excited about this because it will be a time when everyone can come together one last time before the semester ends. This is especially important because one of our members will be leaving for Basic Training very quickly after the end of the semester. We want to makes sure to wish her well and give her a good send-off.
Despite the hectic lives of all or Living Learning Community residents, I have continued to see them bond with each other. They hang out on our floor almost every night, do homework together, even just go to the store. It is really fulfilling, as the Resident Assistant, to see the relationships that have formed between my residents last, especially ones that were shaped initially around the common ground that the Living Learning Community provides here in Purin.
In addition to planning the end-of-the-semester dinner, the living Learning Community Stakeholder, our residents, and I have started turning our attention toward next semester already. Our residents have expressed interest in an UWM Panther Military, Veteran, and ROTC LLC specific trip! They have said they would like to go hiking or possibly a ropes course that we could all attend together. This will be a really cool event and we are greatly looking forward to planning it and, in the end, going for it! These are just a few of the things to look out for in the coming month or so. Stay tuned!
-Shebly Wester, RA