Friday, November 9, 2018

Engineering: Upcoming events and Community

As was mentioned in the first Engineering LLC Blog, we have some exciting events coming very soon for our residents! Our dates have had to be rearranged, but we have finally set the time for our Engineering Olympics! The Engineering Olympics will take place over the course of the week of November 12th. Residents will be briefed on the events of the Olympics, put into teams, and given materials on Monday, November 12th, and testing day will be Friday, November 16th. The winners of the Olympics will receive the honor of having their names on the Engineering Olympics Plaque! This plaque remains in the LLC for all to see. We hope that all our residents are as excited as we are for this event! Our other LLC event that will be happening is our Discovery World Museum trip. While we don’t quite have a definite date for this event yet, we know it will be in early December. We highly encourage our residents to join us for this event. Not only will we be discovering and learning about different exhibits in the museum, but we will also be experiencing Milwaukee and its Public Transportation services, making this event an overall great learning experience for our residents. In other news, our residents have successfully made it past mid-terms! Almost every night, residents are out in the lounges of the LLC working on homework for various classes and helping each other to learn and grow in their community. We have exceptional residents in our LLC and we are very proud of the work that they do. We hope that they can continue to collaborate and work with each other to finish the semester out strong!

ASL: Pumpkins and Glitter

Oh my goodness! October is already over. Midterms are now behind us and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving break in just a few weeks. Although we are having lots of fun here, I think people are ready to head home for the break and see their families. Obviously, a break from classes is always greatly appreciated as well.  

The ASL LLC has done many fun things this month. One of the most attended events was pumpkin decorating! Almost half of the residents on the floor were crammed into our small lounge to paint pumpkins. There was also a lot of glitter involved in the decoration process. It was such a mess but totally worth it. I made a pumpkin that was entirely covered in glitter that is now the floor mascot and we have a tiny army of pumpkins scattered around the floor as well. Throughout the month we had many other events including a visit to the Union Art Gallery to see the scholarship winners and a few of the West-o-ween events hosted by the West Tower Activities Team (SWAT).  

We have a few more exciting events coming up in November. On the 7th the ASL department will be coming to Sandburg for the Staff and Student dinner which is a great way to get to know the ASL teachers outside of the typical classroom setting. We will be eating dinner and playing games that focus on some of the techniques used in American Sign Language. We are also partnering with the Signing Student Association board to have a bowling night for the LLC. There will be plenty of snacks and hopefully the residents are better at bowling than I am. Either way I know they will have a ton of fun! 

Social Welfare: Documentary and Discussion

The month of October was a busy one for the Social Welfare LLC. We have attended several exciting events as a community and partnered with the Community Engagement & Leadership LLC (North Tower Floor 10) for a screening of the documentary 53206. This event was attended by Officer Griffin from the UWM Police Department and Academic Advisor Talisa Smith, who teaches our Social Welfare orientation class.

Following the screening of 53206, residents of the Social Welfare LLC and Community Engagement & Leadership LLC were able to have an open discussion with Officer Griffin and Talisa about the contents of the documentary. Our residents reported that they enjoyed the event and felt like it was a valuable experience. We are looking forward to partnering with the Community Engagement & Leadership LLC more in the future!

In addition to our 53206 screening, we still have plenty of events in the works. On November 28, the Social Welfare LLC will be sponsoring Coffee With a Cop alongside the UWM Police Department in Sandburg Halls. Coffee with a Cop is a program used by police departments nationwide to connect with their communities and have open, honest conversations with no agenda.

There are plenty of great things in store, the school year is off to a great start!