Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Social Justice LLC Update

Hello world!

We're nearly at the halfway point of October, I can't believe it! It still feels like Fall Welcome was just yesterday. The Social Justice LLC has been up to some fun things in the past month and a half; our first event began with fun little competition as residents were in groups and had to brainstorm why the color of paper they were given was the best color.

In the end, our winner was orange. Why? They only had one reason for their's was the best:
Because Charizard, that's why!
Following this activity, we talked about how there will be plenty of times when we come into contact with people trying to argue points that are different to ours, and to keep in mind that respect and understanding are key in maintaining an inclusive community. Did I mention there were cupcakes and cookies, too? :)

A few of us also went to Camp Minikani and participated in the UWM Leadership Retreat. We learned a ton about how to be a better leader, how to get involved on campus, and met lots of new people and had many good times. 

What's up next for the Social Justice LLC? Check back next month and find out!

Welcome to the Health Professions LLC!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sydney Rein and I am one of the resident assistant's for the Healthcare LLC. We are located on the 5th floor of Riverview Residence Hall. I am a second year UWM student a I am majoring in Nursing. After college my plan is to join The United States Navy Nurse Corps. 
 This is my first year being a resident assistant and I am so excited! We already have a couple of fun events we have planned. I am most excited to build social connections throughout the 5th floor and creating memories that last a lifetime. I am looking forward to an eventful year with my residents!


Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC Update

Hello loves!

This semester has been going peachy with so much going on! The Greek 101 sessions and all the Sorority and Fraternity rush events went great! We have had multiple residents join Greek Life, and they are loving it!

The rest of the residents are doing well, many are working in the cafeteria and have been hanging out! I am planning on having multiple philanthropy and service events for my residents to get involved in the UWM and greater Milwaukee community.

I had a resident attend the Leadership Retreat held by the CCBLLR office, and am having residents help out with the neighborhood clean up event this Saturday!

I am open to many different philanthropy and service events, so if anyone has a cause or needs more volunteers please let me know!

I will continue on pushing MAP Works and keep everything going peachy keen! YAY!

RA Scarlett

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet the CQ Mentor!

Hi everyone! My name is Brianna Lee and I'm the peer mentor for the Career Quest LLC! The first month and a half has been great with the LLC and I love getting to know all of the students! I just wanted to use this blog post as a way to introduce myself just in case anyone wants to know a little more about me. I'm in my junior year at UWM and I'm majoring in Psychology, minoring in Sociology, and getting a certificate in Childhood & Adolescence studies. After I graduate I hope to enroll in a graduate program for Higher Education Administration & Student Affairs. This is my second semester working as a Peer Mentor in the SSC, and my first semester getting to work with an LLC and LC classes. I'm on the Milwaukee Equestrian team and I currently hold the position of treasurer. I love my team and it's great to be able to ride horses every week! I'm also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi which is a new sorority at UWM this semester. For fun I like to sing, lift weights, watch movies, explore Milwaukee, and hang out with friends. I'm really excited to be a part of the CQ family this year and to work with all of the first-year students! :) -Brianna

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



The S'MORE LLC has been off to a roastin' start for the semester. In September, we've developed a weekly study session on Sundays for residents to come together to work on their assignments, had many members attend the Leadership retreat, have members actively involved in current Leadership roles both insides and outside of Sandburg, and  are preparing and executing our monthly events.

Coming up this week we have a follow-up event to the All Majors Career Fair called A Major Adventure. This event will be a hiking themed program to help S'MORE residents gain a better understanding of their major (or help them connect with resources to help them), gain insight into current skills and traits that will help them in their career, helping them develop plans and goals to get their degree, and how to take advantage of the numerous opportunities on campus to help them get a job after graduation.

Stay tuned for more information!

-SRA Shelby