Tuesday, October 14, 2014



The S'MORE LLC has been off to a roastin' start for the semester. In September, we've developed a weekly study session on Sundays for residents to come together to work on their assignments, had many members attend the Leadership retreat, have members actively involved in current Leadership roles both insides and outside of Sandburg, and  are preparing and executing our monthly events.

Coming up this week we have a follow-up event to the All Majors Career Fair called A Major Adventure. This event will be a hiking themed program to help S'MORE residents gain a better understanding of their major (or help them connect with resources to help them), gain insight into current skills and traits that will help them in their career, helping them develop plans and goals to get their degree, and how to take advantage of the numerous opportunities on campus to help them get a job after graduation.

Stay tuned for more information!

-SRA Shelby

Monday, October 13, 2014

Health Professions LLC UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

Hello Health Professions! We post again with some very recent news! The photos below are from our first LLC event. The 5th floor came together to tie-dye t-shirts and learn a little bit more about academic success. We had our stakeholder and instructor join us in our quest to help our residents understand their role within the LLC. Sydney and I later took our floors to other types of events. Sydney held a wonderful event about knowing getting to know who you are living with. They watched a good film that dealt with the odds and ends of having a bad roommate. My side of the floor joined me in a small family game night where we looked into each other's background and saw the diversity that exists on the floor. Enjoy the pictures below! 

Recently we held one more combined floor event. We took a  very small fraction of the floor and participated in the Panther Prowl. The Panther Prowl is a 5k run/walk that raises money towards the scholarship foundation that exists on the UWM Campus. This event lasted for four hours and gave students the opportunity to know that scholarships are out there waiting for them. We had a good time! 

Until the next blog, we wish you all well! 
Resident Assistant Sydney and Resident Assistant Clinton 

Art and Design LLC Update!

Hello everyone!

As the semester progresses, the Art and Design LLC is busy with activity! The year has started out well, with residents already forming a close-knit community. Just after our first community meeting, a large portion of the LLC came together and planned a trip to go to Ian’s for pizza together! Residents are already taking initiative to plan events and get-togethers. They are also utilizing the Cambridge study spaces to work on their projects together! Currently, the 2D Concepts class is working on collage projects and the 3D Concepts class is carving plaster sculptures.

During Fall Welcome, we went as a group to the Union Arts and Crafts Center to make buttons! The Art and Design LLC members were able to register as members and got to see the awesome facilities, which they can use as they work on future projects. We also went together with Mentor Claire to the Chancellor’s Welcome – it was a lot of fun in our yellow ponchos! We made sure to cheer loudly for Scott Emmons, the dean of Peck School of the Arts.

In September, the Art and Design LLC walked together to Blick Art Materials on Farwell Avenue with syllabi to get last-minute art supplies for class. Students were able to meet the Blick staff. They were incredibly helpful for finding materials for projects.

In October, there are several exciting events coming up! This Thursday, October 16, is the opening of the Crossing Over exhibition at the Union Art Gallery. The Art and Design LLC residents can see projects done by current UWM students across a variety of disciplines – including work by Mentor Claire and myself. This is an exciting exhibition, too, because residents could be a part of it next year!

Additionally, Friday, October 17, is Gallery Night in Milwaukee! Residents will be going downtown to the Third Ward to visit galleries, including MIAD and Tory Folliard galleries. This is an incredibly fun and exciting event for students to experience Milwaukee’s art culture first-hand.

Finally, the Art and Design LLC residents will be going to the Lynden Sculpture Garden as a class on October 20.

It has been an awesome semester so far and I’m excited to be a part of the Art and Design LLC. It is always fun to see what residents are working on, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the semester and year unfolds.


RA Wyatt

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Honors LLC Update

Hi everybody!

The Honors LLC in Sandburg Commons has had a great year thus far!  Many of the students have been very active in the community, participating in everything from a smash bros. tournament to Halloween decorating (the floor looks remarkable right now).  As the RA for the LLC, few feelings compare to the pride I experience in seeing them socializing as a community.  There is a fairly large group that is frequently out in the lounge.

The Honors LLC is comprised of students from many backgrounds pursuing vastly different futures.  In order to draw attention to this diversity, I wanted to host events that broadened students' perspectives.  This past September, I hosted the first of a recurring discussion series called "The Controversy Vault."  This was meant to be a forum to share opinions and viewpoints on topics of a sensitive nature; I wanted to explore matters that might be uncomfortable in casual conversation.  The conversations were meant to loosely resemble Honors College seminars.  This first conversation was a Potpourri night.  Residents in attendance were encouraged to submit a discussion topic that would be randomly drawn from a fish bowl.  Approximately fifteen Honors Students stayed for the entire duration of the event, discussing everything from the drinking age to the reasoning behind sex's taboo nature.  Some very intelligent thoughts were shared by residents.  I genuinely think that everyone in that lounge, myself included, learned something that night.

Due to the success of this past Controversy Vault, I have decided to continue hosting these discussions.  Our theme for the next upcoming discussion is societal expectations.  I'm very excited to see what students bring to the table now having had some time to form their opinions beforehand.  There are exciting things happening in the Honors LLC right now.  We're planning an LLC trip to Discovery World on Saturday, November 1st.  Also very interesting is a project the residents have elected to undertake themselves:  after discovering the Milwaukee Public Access Channel, the LLC students have become determined to produce their own program to air on this Public Access Channel.  I was unable to attend the planning session, but they claim to be very serious about the endeavor!  I'm interested to see whatever they come up with.

Thanks for reading,

Update on the Social Welfare LLC!

Hello Friends!

Things here in the Social Welfare LLC have been going great since the school year started! Residents are starting to feel at home and have made many friends in the community. At our community’s first event, residents had a chance to learn how they could be “part of the puzzle” this year and get involved in their new surroundings. We talked about volunteer opportunities on campus and around Milwaukee that students could use to fulfill the volunteer requirement of the Intro the Social Welfare class.

In October, our community has two events planned so far. This week we will take a trip “Back to Kindergarten” to escape from the craziness of college. There will be play doh, coloring, cookies and milk, and fun for everyone! At the end of October, we will be getting a visit from the Inclusive Excellence Center on campus to learn about inclusive language in a fun and interactive way. There are also plenty of events around Cambridge Commons and campus that residents have had opportunities to attend, like Jurassic Park Night, Slip-N-Slide into MapWorks, and Green Thumb!

It sure has been an exciting year so far and I can’t wait to see all the excitement continue to unfold as the semester goes on!

Until next time,

RA Shelbey