Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This month in the architecture LLC the students learned how to make sections and elevations. They also learned about the axonometric views in architectural drawings. They are learning how to use these skills interchangeably within their different projects. The students also went on a few field trips to Johnson Controls, Ideo and Workshop architects in Chicago. They also attended tutorials on the softwares Photoshop and Rhinoceros 5.

Next moth the students are designing christmas ornaments and will be displaying them in the freshman studio space in AUP...pictures to come!

Engineering LLC Update

This past month, things have been going full swing in the LLC. With Midterms come and gone, it is common to see students in the lounges studying and helping each other for their classes, like their engineering courses and Calculus. It isn't all work and no play though. Often, you will see students hanging out in the lounges just talking or playing video and board games.

Of course, the talking of the LLC is the Engineering Olympics. The first event was held on 11/16 and was a challenge involving a making a boat from limited materials to hold the most weight, The winners of all four weeks of the event will get their name engraved onto the plaque that is on the 9th floor of the LLC.

Since it's also getting to be that time, students are getting read to register for classes. Before the first event of the Olympics, Sharon Kaemfer, one of the advisors from the College of Engineering and Applied Science is coming in to the LLC to talk about the class registration process. She has been an advisor here at UWM for several years now and she and the rest of the advisors are dedicated to helping students succeed.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Art and Design October Update

Hey Everyone this is RA Joe!

October has been an exciting month here in the LLC! On October 16th I took the LLC to Gallery Night in Milwaukee's Third Ward. We went to the Tory Folliard Gallery to see the works of Susan Stamm Evans and Fred Stonehouse as well as visiting the galleries in MIAD to see their Alumni show and finally the Marshall building where many of Milwaukee's art gallery spaces can be found! 

Susan Stamm Evans - INTERWOVEN 7

The LLC had a great time seeing and talking about the art scene of Milwaukee as well as work from professional artists during one of Milwaukee's most important cultural events.

Hello Everyone this is Peer Mentor Devin!

With midterms behind us and both classes going through multiple critiques in their classes so a trip has been long awaited. On the October, 28th 2015 the Art and Design LLC took a group trip to the Lynden Sculpture Garden. This is an outside sculpture park in the Milwaukee Area that has 50+ installations spread out over their 40 acres.                                             

As a whole group we took a bus to the Sculpture Garden and spent the class period walking around looking at the various installations. This was another time when both 2D and 3D classes got to come together and connect with each other. It was a great time to get out of the class room environment and actually inspect some real art pieces and how the interact with the environment. 

LLC students while walking around and exploring the space were asked to find one work that inspired them and to take pictures of it from multiple angles, along with taking note of the artist name, title, medium. Once found they were asked to then do a discussion post on D2L which is a place where students post their ideas and can see other student posts and comment on them. In contrast as well students were then asked to find a work that they feel does not work or they feel in unsuccessful and go through the same process.