Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Film LLC - DIY Camera Rigs

On Tuesday, the 18th, The Film LLC'ers got a chance to enter the classroom with Instructor Ben Balcom to make camera stabilizers that the Film LLC students will be able to check out and use to make their own films!

These rigs were constructed out of PVC piping, PVC glue, and a few nuts and bolts.Their purpose is to help stabilize the camera more than just holding it handheld style.The students that went to the event volunteered their time not only to learn about stabilization techniques, but to make these stabilizing rigs so that anyone in the film LLC can use them on their films. For that, we thank you!

This event was great in that it showed how easy it is to make something that adds production value to your films. All it takes is a trip to the hardware store with a picture from the internet!

 Film LLC's own Nick Goll with the rig:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Education and Leadership LLC: RAK-athon

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 some of the residents in the Education and Leadership LLC participated in UWM’s RAK-athon. The event was put on the Center for Community-Based, Learning, Leadership, and Research. Over 600 volunteers winterized older adult homes in the Milwaukee area.

The Education and Leadership LLC residents enjoyed raking leaves and cleaning windows for an older adult in a suburb of Milwaukee. The residents had fun raking and bagging up leaves together. They also enjoyed getting to know the older adult and she appreciated the residents’ work.

Education and Leadership LLC: "Get Your Smartie Pants On"

On Thursday, September 11 the Education and Leadership Living Learning Community residents attended their LLC Kick-off Event! The event was called “Get Your Smartie Pants On!”

The Education and Leadership LLC is residents primarily interested in Early Education, Educational Studies, and Leadership interests.

The residents showed their enthusiasm by putting up “clues” next to pictures of UWM campus offices throughout the lounge that they live in. The campuses posted were ones that Education majors utilize, people with leadership interests utilize, and places that first-year students utilize. Residents were very excited to show their knowledge about the campus and let other residents know about places that other residents did not know about.

After the residents were done matching clues to the offices, Resident Assistant Megan and Peer Mentor Beatris went over the answers with residents. This way, residents knew how to best utilize places on campus and what different places offer.

To celebrate the LLC Kick-off event and reward residents for attending, Resident Assistant Megan and Peer Mentor Beatris gave Smarties to the residents to along with the name of the event.

The Film LLC

Hello and welcome to the Film Living Learning Community! My name is Spencer. My Co-RA Isaac and I have the honor of being RAs for the Film LLC! We're brothas from the different mothas and share a great passion for film and helping others become better filmmakers.

So far this year has been amazing! We started out with an awesome floor event to help break the ice and get residents connected with Production Club, which gives students the opportunity to get hands on experience in a professional environment and shoot a high quality short film. We had a free screening of Production Club's past film, Gears, which has been very successful at many film festivals.

We also got free tickets to see Man With a Movie Camera, projected on 16mm film at the Milwaukee Film Festival with a live pit orchestra! The Milwaukee Film Festival is one of the many gems here in Milwaukee and there is nothing quite like it!

One of the reason why we chose to watch "Man With a Movie Camera" was because it was shot on and projected on Black and White 16mm film. This semester, Film LLC residence are learning how to shoot on 16mm film themselves, using cameras that were used during WWII! Shooting on film takes much more discipline than shooting digital and is a great way to learn the basics of cinematography! Every shot needs to be well measured and well thought out.

Just recently, Isaac and I put on a lighting demo to help residents understand the basic fundamentals of light and how to use it to not only expose an image properly, but to get a desired look or feel!
The most impressive thing I've seen in the Film LLC thus far has been the great passion there is for film and to tell stories through cinema. People have been going above and beyond to create their own short films outside of class. There is nothing like being surrounded by people who share a similar passion and are willing to go the extra mile to help bring each other's visions to life.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Update for the Business Panthers

The residents of the Business Panthers LLC have been off to a busy start this year with classes, midterms beginning, and all their LLC events. A couple weeks ago, a local business owner, Ashley Weber, came to speak about her business, Miss Cupcake. Miss Cupcake is cupcake shop in Shorewood, that was started about 6 years back and has become a successful local favorite.  All of the attendees were able to taste-test many of her delicious cupcakes after her presentation. A favorite amongst the residents was the salted carmel cupcake and the vanilla sprinkle.  Ashley was the first of many speakers to talk to the LLC, and we look forward to many more.

This week, the Business Panthers are invited to attend the Business LLC Dinner. The dinner will be held in the Sandburg Cafe on October 15th. The event will be hosted by the Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors, and LLC stakeholders of the Business LLC. This is a good opportunity for students that don't live on the same floors to get to know each other.

The Resident Assistants of the Business LLC are looking forward to planning a Sprecher Brewery Tour later in the semester. Overall, the residents of the LLC have been enjoying their time connecting with one another. All resident assistants and stakeholders in the LLC are excited for future events.

Ashley Weber presenting to the Business Panthers!

Getting to try her yummy cupcakes!