Monday, November 20, 2017

Education and Leadership LLC

LEADing off the School Year with the Education and Leadership LLC!  

My name is Macey and I'm the RA of the education and leadership floor. I'm a second-year exceptional education major and I couldn't be more excited to spend the year learning and growing together with our community. A great deal of the students living on the floor are pursuing degrees in early-middle education and exceptional education.  
We started off the year by participating in our kickoff event "LEADing into the school year". We took some quirky personality and leadership style tests as well as attempting the infamous human knot teambuilder. We talked about how we can work together with our different leadership styles and mesh well as a community.  
We also had the opportunity to go on a camping retreat at Camp Minikani, just a short bus ride away. The retreat was planned by Ed Pol professor, Laurie Marks. After having free time and eating dinner we pulled our sleeping bags and pillows out into the common area and watched the film "Waiting for Superman" which discusses the impacts of failing public schools while taking a positive outlook on charter schools. We woke up early the next morning and completed a low ropes course as well as other teambuilding activities. The retreat gave students the opportunity to see one another in a different light and work together towards a common goal.  

September was a big month for us as an LLC! I can't wait to see what October brings seeing as we have some cool events in the works such as Dinner with the Dean and Make a Difference Day.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Career Quest LLC

The Career Quest LLC is a living learning community that is designed to help residents move forward in finding a major/career path. All residents are required to take the Educational Psychology – 110 Planning Your Major and Career course with Professor Lauren.

On September 14th, 2017, the Career Quest LLC had their Kickoff Event to start off the year. Residents were given the opportunity to socialize with their peers, participate in ice breakers, and get an overview on what the LLC would look like this year. Pizza and snacks were also provided.

During the event, Resident Assistant Kiana and Peer Mentor Emily shared ideas about future events and goals. A few that were discussed include;

Wednesday Night Study Sessions: Every Wednesday between 6:00pm and 8:00pm the 23rd floor lounge is “reserved” for those who want to work on homework or academic related projects.

Mental Mondays: One Monday a month, LLC residents will have the opportunity to discuss concerns, share thoughts, or just have some heart-to-heart conversations. This is a good way for the residents to get to know each other, and also use the time to relax and hangout in a stress-free environment.

Career Fairs: Each LLC resident will attend at least one career fair of their choosing to help expand their network and learn about possible careers they may be interested in.

Others (tentative): Nature walks, rock wall climbing, “Back to the History” Night, Resume Building, and UWM Bucket List incentives are a few other possible events.

  1.        Each resident should participate in at least 2 events throughout the semester
  2.     Help guide residents in finding a future major/passion
  3.     Become a support system for each other, both in and outside of the LLC

Overall, the event was an informal, informational meeting that was designed to get residents familiar with each other, as well as give them an idea on what to expect to get out of being in the Career Quest LLC. A few residents stayed after to further discuss ideas they had or get more information on possible future events.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Art and Design LLC

On Friday September 15th, 2017 the Art and Design LLC had its very first Kick-Off Event of the year at Cambridge Commons! It was a great event filled with mingling, crafts, and food. Resident Assistant Hannah Biller, Peer Mentor Bella Chiappetta, Stakeholder Contact Melissa Wagner-Lawler, and in spirit Residence Life Professional Staff Stakeholder Rebecca Thomas. All these wonderful people either helped plan or set up for this great event! We begun planning weeks beforehand. RA Hannah door knocked and made flyers to get the word out, and also got supplies. Peer Mentor Bella raised awareness but telling residents in the 2D class they all shared to come. While Stakeholder Melissa and Staff Stakeholder Rebecca also advertised by reminding residents and telling them to come beforehand.

The event started at 12:00 and ran to around 2:00pm. The event was filled with a station of arts and crafts that consisted of various art supplies to create a banner that would be hung up in the community. Residents loved this, and immediately started painting and all decided to create a Halloween theme. The painted pumpkins and all things Halloween. While residents worked on the banner, our team provided pizza, soda, and cookies for the residents. We got a lot of praise for the food, and it was just the right touch!

This kickoff event was great because we had a really good turn out, great food, happy people, and it was awesome to see everyone and really getting the Art and Design LLC team to really start those relationships with all the LLC residents

Monday, November 13, 2017

Architecture LLC

Hello and welcome to the Fall 2017 Architecture Living Learning Community!  This is peer mentors Emmy and JP, and RA Katy reporting in for this month’s blog post.  Each month, we will be sending out a blog post containing an update on the Architecture LLC here at UW – Milwaukee.  Students in the LLC experience the architecture program on a more connected level by living with their peers and attending a LLC course.  The LLC is off to a great start, both academically and socially. 
In J.P.’s section of the LLC, the students have been taking inspiration from projects around the architecture building to create multiple drawings.  They then selected a couple drawings to morph into a crafted model.  This model will serve as a building block for the rest of the semester.  They are exploring concepts such as materiality, typology, and form finding. 
                In Emmy’s section of the LLC, students have been learning about site and how to analyze and diagram key features of a site. They also modeled the topography of a site near campus that they will eventually creating a design proposal for. Overall, the students have put forward some extremely well crafted and creative work.
                The LLC held its first even on Wednesday, September 20th.  Students were tasked with creating a structure out of Legos that would then be critiqued and judged by the peer mentors and RA.  The top three designs received awards created by RA Katy.  It was a very successful event with some awesome creations and great conversation. 


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Panther Military LLC

On September 16, 2017, the Military Learning Living Community conducted its kickoff event. Two residents from the LLC traveled with Resident Assistant Matthew Bruders to Adventure Rock to go climbing and bouldering and have some bonding experiences. Only two residents could go since some of the other residents had drill that weekend and could not make it. Also, due to the weather problems happening around the United States a few of the LLC members were called off to help in those areas of the country and had to leave the LLC.  The two residents and myself meet on the third floor of Purin Hall and walked over to the Union to ride the shuttle service to Riverview Residence Hall. We meet Residence Life Coordinator Sarah Weiler at Riverview Residence Hall and walked across the street to Adventure Rock. The residents and myself had a great time climbing the walls and then bouldering. Bouldering was probably the more popular of the two different climbing styles that we could do because the residents and myself were able to test our limits without worrying about falling or dangling from a machine on top of a wall. We all got a little competitive and raced each other on different climbs. Starting out at the basic ones we tried many different climbs and really got to know each other quite a bit more than before. After bouldering and getting a few blisters the residents and myself were tired after only climbing for 2 hours. Overall it was a lot of fun, it brought the residents together, and brought a little bit of the competitiveness out of everyone which isn’t always a bad thing. We also developed more confidence in ourselves and had a great time.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Social Justice LLC

The first month of the semester in the Social Justice LLC has gotten off to a great start! We started the month with a community meeting, designed to get everyone familiar with their brand new neighbors, followed shortly after by the LLC's kick off at the SocioCultural Spectacular. Members of the LLC were able to listen to live music, define what “We the People” means to them, make buttons and more! With classes in full swing, members of the LLC have met with Peer Mentor Melissa on Sunday nights to study for their LLC history class with some help from their classmates. To close off the month, the LLC met again to define what social justice means to them as well as make buttons that represented a multitude of identities, all while getting to know each other over pizza. 

We’re excited for the year ahead, with some exciting collaborations with LGBT Resource Center and Sociocultural Programming, featuring some festive activities, speakers from within the Social Justice community, interesting panels and conferences, and involvement opportunities for residents of the Social Justice LLC to get involved with social justice and activism on a grander scale than what we can offer in University Housing. Members of the LLC have also offered suggestions on what they would like to do within the LLC, ranging from community decorations to events out in the community. We are so excited to have such an engaged community this year and look forward to the opportunities and fun this year will bring!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Health Professions LLC

Hello! The Health Professions LLC started off strong this fall. Last month we had our LLC Kickoff event which included a recourse scavenger hunt followed by sand volleyball and smores! Everyone got into teams which will be used all throughout the semester for our house cup challenge. The teams went all around campus and took pictures of the locations they needed to find and posted them on our Facebook page so we could keep track of the points. We had a ton of people show up and participate. This event went on for 2 and a half hours because everyone was having so much fun! It was a great way for all of the LLC residents to get to know each other better and also the LLC stakeholders and peer mentors showed up giving everyone an amazing opportunity to meet all of the energetic and fun people involved in the LLC!  Below are some pictures that were taken throughout the event!

The lovely HPLLC RA's and Peer Mentors

Residents having fun at Norris Health Center

RA Kayla and RLC Kristi getting the fire ready for some Smores!

Looks like our residents found CBLLR!

Resident's getting Cozy with UWM PD!

Like I mentioned before, the teams used in our scavenger hunt are also the ones that we are using for our house cup challenge. Our house cup challenge will go throughout the rest of the semester and students will have the opportunity to earn points by doing well in school, going to events and much more. At the end of semester, we will tally up the points and the team with the most points will have dinner with the deans of the college of nursing and college of health sciences!
This month we also had some fun in flicks! Our residents wanted to go watch Baywatch in Flicks so we all dressed up in beach attire and headed down to enjoy the movie. We also had a dress up competition and who ever had the best beach outfit got a prize!

Beach Babes!

Next month we have the opportunity to tour the Blood Center of Wisconsin and get to see all of the variety of health care careers in a setting that not a lot of people are familiar with.
With all the fun and success we had this month, I can't wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store!

-RA Kayla Littrell

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Homecoming Banner Competition

UWM celebrated homecoming a few weeks ago and the LLCs had some fun creating spirit banners for the event!  Each LLC was given a banner to decorate that had to include the homecoming theme: "Let the Good Times Roar!"  Once the banners were complete, a group of judges visited each LLC to select the banners that were the best of the best.  Thank you to all the LLCs who participated, there are definitely some creative panthers out there. The competition was fierce, but we are proud to show this year's winners!



MOST CREATIVE: Performing Arts LLC


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Welcome 2017-2018!


We are so excited for you to visit our UWM Living Learning Community Blog for 2017-2018! 

Feel free to check out old posts - we go back a few years so you can see some of the great things we do if you are in an LLC!

We are about 7 weeks into the semester, so we will start to have new blogs posted weekly from different communities that showcase what has happened so far this semester.

One thing to note, over the next few weeks we will be doing some website updates. If things look weird during that time, bear with us while we make improvements!

If you have any questions specifically about LLCs, reach out to, or ask about us on your next campus tour!

Panther Pride!

Rachael & Anna

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Peck Prom to Kick-off Spring Semester

This month was certainly a blast in the Music and Dance LLC. On February 10th the Black and Gold Committee hosted its first annual Peck Prom. The Peck Prom was open for all students in the Peck School of the Arts. The theme for the prom was 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s music.  People were highly encouraged to dress up in themed costumes. Many of the residents from the LLC dressed up with big teased hair, bright colored clothes and makeup in order to create the perfect costume. The prom was hosted in the Kenilworth building so we all took the shuttle over.  At the prom there was also a button making center, a fun photo booth, food, and a make your own trophy. Even though the DJ didn’t get the memo of the 80s/90s/2000s theme, a lot of people requested the good classics. We all danced and jammed out to Smash Mouth’s All Star. This song is become the theme song for the LLC. Residents always share funny memes about the song.

Another thing that happened this month was that the sophomores had a big paper due for their music history class this past Friday. A lot of the residents formed paper writing groups and tried to motivate each other to get it done on time. A big group of us went to the library on Tuesday to try to get some research done and to find some good sources. Since the paper was wrapped up on Friday, every one was feeling a lot of stress lifted off their shoulders. Later that Friday evening a group of residents went to the UWM orchestra concert to see their follow residents/friends perform.


All in all, it was a productive month, socially and academically.

-RA, Madison

Screening and Awards for 24-hour Films!

Welcome back Film Goers!

      February was a blast! As the LLC residents wrapped all of their hard work on their 24 -hour films, it was time for the screening and award ceremony. As we finished up the last-minute plans for the award ceremony we had concerns if everything was going to come together how we wanted. However, with some awesome team work from our RA’s Ryan and Austin, RLC Lexy, and stakeholder Alex, we pulled off an amazing event. The event had a pretty good turnout since we used flicks to host this event we turned this space into the LLC Oscars. We created a step and repeat for them to take photos on so they could remember the moment as well as, some decorations, trophies, and a few pizzas to feed the crowd. We also threw in a chocolate fountain, that was the cherry on top of this event. The residents loved being able to view everyone’s work, and all of them being appreciated and applauded, made it all worth the craziness of organizing.  It was very nice that this event had a great crowd turn out from not only the residents in the LLC, but also resident from all over campus. The film makers truly enjoyed this. All in all, this event was hands down a success.

      Since both LLC events for the semester were so early we look forward to having one last social event for the residents before the semester is over. We want to get everyone together and have a little bit of a mixer just to say, “we made!”

-RA, Austin

Education and Leadership Spring Updates

February has been an exciting month in the Education and Leadership LLC! We hosted two rounds of incoming freshmen in our LLC for the Go Milwaukee event. The Education and Leadership LLC also made some plans and launched some ideas for the LLC this semester.

Go Milwaukee was an event that was put on by the University to introduce incoming first year students to the university and to the opportunities in University Housing. I was able to meet about 20 different students on two separate days and introduce them to the LLC. I shared the mission I had set for this year’s Education and Leadership LLC to help students get more connected with the School of Education and the Milwaukee Community. The students were able to meet some current residents and learn about how being in the LLC has improved their experience at UWM. My suitemates and I had the opportunity to show off our well decorated suite as a part of the tour experience, and Associate Dean of the School of Education, Jeremy Page, joined in the tour!

In addition to the Go Milwaukee event, the Education and Leadership LLC was able to start working on some of our plans for the semester. After talking with the residents of the LLC and reviewing the results of a survey of interests, we decided to focus on volunteering and being connected to the Milwaukee community. We are still in the process of connecting residents with sites.

Even though it is the shortest, February has still been packed with hype in the LLC. We are excited to see where the rest of the semester goes!
-RA, Lauren

Being an Ally, Goal Setting, and Social Responsibility

Hey there, hi there, ho there!


Welcome back, and welcome home!


Throughout the month of February, we, the Career Quest RAs, have been working diligently to ensure residents feel welcomed in our community. By hosting an event titled To Be an Ally, RA Alyssa was able to educate residents on the importance of accepting others, as well as fully submerging residents into the LGBT+ community by introducing them to the UWM Drag Show. We have been building what we would like to consider a hate free community. Residents have decorated signs displaying that they welcome all-- their suite is hate free. With residents displaying these decorated signs on their doors, others are more apt to feel welcomed into that suite thus creating a greater, more sociable community as a whole… a community that is home.


With a strong social setting established, residents buckled down and set academic goals for this coming semester that are displayed on a large “goal ball machine” in our community lounge. We believe that this is a great way for them to visually see their goals, motivating them to accomplish all that they are capable of accomplishing. In doing this, we have noticed that our residents have been applying themselves more and more, and many have even decided on their majors!


This month we have also focused a lot on social responsibility. We have two bulletin boards dedicated to this topic. The first being one that displays the dangers of irresponsible drinking with a message reading, “keep your heads in the books… not the booze.” The second bulletin board explains safe sex. To coincide this, RA Katie hosted a community event where we were able to teach them (in a fun, safe, legal) way the consequences of having unprotected sex, especially in college. Residents exchanged different kinds of candy to one another and at the end learned of the previously stated consequences based on the different types of candy. Residents were highly engaged are thoroughly enjoyed the treats that went along with this event.

-RA, Alyssa

Spring Festivities Resume!

Hello Members of the Arch 2 LLC,
I hope that studio is going well for everyone. I know some have started picking up in intensity, but just keep pushing along.

As I had stated last time, the East Tower RA staff has been putting on some great events this semester that I hope everyone will try to attend. For the overall community, we will be having Adulting 101, Life-Size Clue, Privilege Wingo, and Chug Chug Golf coming up real soon. A couple weeks ago, we had a 16th floor game night with Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity, which had great turnout. Last week, we had Neighborhood Housing come talk with students on the possibility of living off-campus and tips to succeed at that.

For anyone who missed the event or would like more information, please go visit their office. They will gladly help you navigate through finding an apartment or house. For those staying in the residence halls next year, returner self-assignment is next week. You can opt to live here in the Arch 2 LLC again and hopefully we will have more LLC members next year. For members of the Arch 2 LLC, we will be having the Arch 1 LLC come check out our community and see what it is like living in East Tower this Thursday. Please answer any questions they might have either with the LLC or with sophomore studio.

I hope that everyone continues to do well in studio. Good luck on your next few projects and may warm weather come back again!

Sincerely yours,

RA Zach

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Updates for ASL

Second semester means a bunch of exciting events for the ASL LLC! We started off in February with a “Deaf Games” night where we played many different games that are accessible for those who sign, and those who can’t. The fan favorite of the night was “Video Phone” (it’s sort of a deaf version of the game “Telephone”)

Also in the works this semester are our trip to see an interpreted musical, and our annual event, “See What I’m Signing”. This year we are going to see the musical “Chicago” (but we’re watching it in Milwaukee). LLC members get to experience an interpreted musical in our city with very little cost. The LLC fund is paying for the majority of the ticket price! It’s going to be a great opportunity to experience ASL interpreters in a setting outside of school. Plus, we get to see a great musical along with it.

“See What I’m Signing” is an annual event in the LLC where members of the LLC teach other residents in university housing about ASL and Deaf culture. The event even includes a panel of Deaf students answering any questions that the audience wants to ask. “See What I’m Signing” is a safe space to learn about the Deaf community and everyone is welcome. No question is too out there to ask, if you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach. The LLC members also get the experience of helping run an event, which they can take with them into their future endeavors.

-Kirsten Klessig

February Excitment!

A lot of great work has been created over the month of February! The Art & Design LLC students have been hard at work on their paper and plaster projects for the LLC section of 3D concepts. Instructor Ray Chi continues to challenge his students with concepts in abstraction, material use as well as pushing them to higher degrees of finesse and polish in their work. When not sculpting, the LLC students have been seen working together in the study lounges on their Digital Arts, Culture, Theory and Practice (Art 118) project. For many this course is a first chance to create digital artwork and think about technology’s role in contemporary art practice.
This past month we have had a few great events on the floor! First, we held a Door Decorating event where the LLC defined what pride means to the community and created decorations that reflect that. Ultimately, the door decorations mirrored the chalkboard designs I created at the beginning of this year in order to solidify the Art & Design LLC’s hall identity.
Next, we attended the UWM Drag Show as a community. The UWM Drag Show is an excellent annual event sponsored by the University that takes place in the Milwaukee Theater. It was a night of high-energy performances and awe-inspiring costumes. Important, too, were the discussions it spawned about personal identity and getting to see one aspect of the LGBT community supported on campus. Hopefully this experience served as some inspiration to the young artists in exploring their own identities as well as simply showing them how far a creative mind can take them. 
-RA Joe

Spring Industry Expo to Highlight the Month of February

This past month, the Engineering LLC has been busy with events and planning.  We had an event which gathered students to build the tallest tower they could with random supplies given to them like a sheet of paper, straws, bowls, etc.  We had four teams participate and three prizes were given out to the top three groups.  All the teams worked very hard and there was a lot of competitiveness in the room as the last group was racing to beat another. 

As usual, the annual Spring Industry Expo took place on February 24th. It was a great opportunity for students to talk to and meet companies that relate to engineering. This might just be a chance for the residents to get their foot in the door with the company or might even lead to an internship or summer job offer. Either way, it's a great event that had somewhere around 80 companies eager to meet with students and answer any questions that they might have had. Also, RA Mike and RA Joe even took time to walk any residents that wished over to the Expo!

With these events kicking off the start to a great semester, the Engineering LLC is also planning to have an Alumni Dinner with a lot of exciting people coming.  We’re planning it to be the first week of April.  It will be a buffet style dinner with many different alumni of different engineering majors, ages, and companies to be attending the dinner. There will be many more details to come! 
-Carly Gloff, RA

Monday, February 27, 2017

Kick Starting the Spring Semester

And so it begins.

The spring semester has arrived, ready or not. From what I’ve seen in the first week, though, it seems the Honors 2 LLC is prepared; as always. We had a good end to the fall semester and had some fun bowling and solving the Christmas mystery with our Honors 2 stakeholder Aaron. I want to thank everyone for the great first semester. You have made my job as an RA very enjoyable with your participation, attitude, and hard work.

With that, I am looking forward to the spring. Also, with this new semester should come new goals. I hope we continue to build off of our great first semester. I know we are working hard in housing to improve every semester I think you will enjoy what we have in store. The East RAs are working together to bring bigger and better events throughout the spring semester. We have changed our approach and are focusing group efforts on all of the events. Because of this we are able to consolidate resources to bring you bigger and better events.

As far as Honors 2 LLC specific events, we are planning our first event of the semester, and it is one that we hope will start a new Honors tradition. We will be teaming up with the Honors 1 community for the 1st (hopefully annual) Honors Olympics. While there will be no luge, or ice hockey, we will have a good variety of events for the teams. Let’s get a strong showing from Honors 2 to compete with the large and eager Honors 1 community. Our reputation is on the line.

Look out for upcoming events, and let’s start the semester on a good note.

-Hunter, RA

Coming Together with Discussion and Activities


This month has been very eventful for the Social Justice LLC! I’m RA Bri, and my co-RA, RA Andee, and I are super excited to be in the Social Justice LLC this semester! We had lots of fun activities planned for the first few weeks. First, we planned an event to refresh what the term “social justice” meant to everyone on the floor. The residents had a great conversation before moving on to the next part of the activity, making identity buttons! While getting crafty and eating some pizza, the residents all got to talk about their own identities (pronouns, genders, etc.). This was a great opportunity for the house to all come together and have meaningful discussions after a nice winter break.


Around Valentine’s Day, RA Andee and I organized a Valentine’s Day themed event. We lead a discussion about age and generation diversity, and the residents made over 50 valentines for a local assisted living center. This was another great event to get everyone in the holiday mood and make a difference in the Milwaukee area.

To round off the month, many of the residents of the LLC went to or volunteered at the UWM Drag Show, a hugely attended off campus event put on by the LGBT Resource Center and other school organizations. It was great to see so many residents have a great time at such a fun event! After such a fantastic night, the energy is great in the house, and the residents are ready for a semester full of activities and events in the LLC and on campus!
-Bre Sayeg, RA