Monday, November 25, 2013

An Outing to Danceworks

On Thursday November 21st, several members of the Dance LLC went to see the Danceworks show Intersect. The theme was collaboration, thus including a variety of local artists in one show.

As described in earlier blog posts, Danceworks is formed by many members of UWM faculty and graduates. It was refreshing for students to witness their professor Dani Kuepper and Melissa Anderson in a context outside of the learning environment as well as experiencing how life after UWM may be like.

Above: Soon to be UWM graduate, Gina Laurenzi

The Thursday night the students went to see the show, it happened to be so that their fellow class mate, Quinn Dixon was subbing for a company member. I'm sure that was another source of inspiration and motivation for the students.

 Left: UWM faculty Melissa Anderson, Right: UWM graduate Christal Wagner

Steve Schlei generating music from an iPad/TC-11

The students thoroughly enjoyed the show and indicated that they would love to attend another Danceworks performance.

Next semester, the Dance LLC would like to go to another show possibly in Chicago to enhance their exposure to different dance forms even more.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dani Kuepper

A UW-Milwaukee faculty member since 1999, Dani Kuepper was herself once a UW-Milwaukee dance student. As a student, Dani performed a solo at the National American Dance Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Dani is currently an Artistic Director of Danceworks Performance Company (DPC) in Milwaukee in which she joined in 1998. Apart from being an influential faculty member at UWM, Dani also has a significant presence in the local Milwaukee community. She has enjoyed collaborating with different art genres such as the Milwaukee Opera Theater, Present Music, and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra etc. Dani continues to be an incredible dancer and choreographer in the Milwaukee community and beyond while teaching in our close vicinity of UWM.

Volunteering with the Social Welfare LLC

On Saturday, November 2nd the Social Welfare LLC participated in the RAK-athon. Students took some time out of their Sunday morning to help winterize the homes of local elderly residents and also clean up the surrounding neighborhood.

The RAK-athon is an annual event that is run by the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research organization on campus. The Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research organization gives students various volunteer opportunities to get involved with their community. The social welfare students were beaming with smiles knowing that they were making a difference in their community while also enjoying time with their floor mates.

Welcome to the Student Union

What is there to do at the union you ask?

Studio Arts and Crafts Center- Here you can work with different mediums in creating many different arts and crafts.
Gasthaus- This is a great place to go for dinner. It is a great place to watch sports events, and on certain nights there is live music/comedy/trivia.
Recreation center- This is a great place to go bowling, there is a  video game center, there are also pool tables. 
Union Theatre- This theatre hosts film festivals and also plays many different genre of movies. 

Location: 2200 East Kenwood Boulevard, Milwaukee WI between Stowell Avenue on the east and Maryland Avenue on the west, on the east side of Milwaukee.
Hours: 7am-12 Midnight, Monday through Sunday.
Mission: The mission of the UWM Student Union is to be of service to all campus. The UWM Union serves as the center of campus life at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Union is sustained by student fees, dedicated to shared governance and fosters the development and provides resources for the social, personal and intellectual development of students. The Union supports the academic mission of the University through the provision of quality programs, services and experiences; and fosters the development of an inclusive community.

Isn't He Lovely?

Monty Glover is a freshman majoring in journalism. He was born in Gary, Indiana, and he moved to Milwaukee, WI at the age of 12. Before enrolling in college he decided to take two years off after graduating from his high school, Milwaukee School of Languages. He decided to work with the education-based non-profit organization, City Year during his gap years.

Monty decided to work with City Year, because he has passion for helping others. It was during this time that he was learning how to combine his passion for writing with the enthusiasm he has for helping others. Monty believes that his service with City Year has provided him with valuable skills that will not only help him accomplish his career goals, but his college goals as well. One skill that he has picked  up that he wants to share with others is that of self-reflection and time management. Monty believes that   self-reflection has allowed him to set S.M.A.R.T. goals while time management has helped him achieve these goals.

Social Justice LLC Event Update!

Hello! This is RA Anna from the Social Justice LLC in West Tower! These past months we have had some great events geared towards community and getting to know others in the community. In September, we had an LLC mixer to hang out and generate ideas about what our LLC is interested in and how I would be the most helpful. The LLC narrowed down a few populations of interest to work with, low income population and youth. We are working on learning of and accessing volunteer opportunities for the rest of the semester, hopefully the RAKathon will be one!
This month we had the Rob from the history department come in and show a film in Flicks as a supplement to the LLC class. This was a great opportunity that LLC instructor Kim organized to allow students to interact with another academic resource who is very knowledgeable about social justice. The Social Justice LLC has just only started, I am so excited to see where the rest of the semester takes us!