Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Join CASA!

CASA - The Ceramic Arts Student Association of UWM, has been making some big plans for Spring Break. Being a member myself, let me tell you all about them!

CASA members at a meeting
First of all, CASA is for anyone interested in ceramics, clay and getting their hands dirty! All are welcome to join and it's free to everyone! We meet every other Thursday in the Art Building Basement.

The most exciting thing we have planned for this semester is our very own juried show during the NCECA (National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts) conference that is coming to Milwaukee during Spring Break. We have organized the show ourselves and are busy making pedestals, cleaning studio space, and advertising for the show. If you're in town, stop by Moxie Studio 133 E Pittsburgh Ave, Milwaukee, WI Studio #201 and check it out!

CASA member Mari sanding pedestals
We also bring in visiting artists, have an annual holiday ceramic sale, and eat a lot of good food. 

CASA member Nicole working on a piece
Another event coming up on April 3rd is our Empty Bowls event. Every year CASA produces bowls to be donated to the Milwaukee Empty Bowls fundraiser that takes place each fall. The fundraiser helps to raise money for local food pantries by selling bowls t-shirts and recipe books. Check out the official website here: http://www.milwaukeeemptybowls.org/

If you'd like to get involved, contact Mari Marks, or message/post to our Facebook page. Don't forget to like us as well!
Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CASAUWM
And Tumblr:http://uwmcasa.tumblr.com/

CASA members preparing the studio for NCECA

Got the Need for Speed?

 Light Speed Entertainment is the place for you.

Light Speed is one of the only places near the Milwaukee area , where you can  go-cart and laser tag all in one session. It is a small but intimate setting for the family , a group of friends, business meeting and more.

Light Speed location is 4251 S. 27th St. in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

The staff is welcoming and pride themselves on making sure each and every one of their customers have an awesome experience. They make sure everyone gets the turn to experience all they have to offer. You may ask , how does the Community Leadership  LLC know this so well?

 The Leadership and Wisconsin Covenant and other LLCs  had a private party.

 We had a blast!!! Non- stop action for 2 whole hours. The pictures you see are courtesy of Light Speed Entertainment. Yes, I said it , they took the photos for us, so we could remember all of the fun we had.
The event was such a success, that we are doing it again this year and opening it up to all Cambridge Commons residents.
If you live in Cambridge Commons and  want to go -carting and laser tagging on Sunday April 13th from
7-9pm talk to RA Shayla.  You can also be on the look out for advertisements and sign up on the official sign up day.

MSO Mondays

Do you love music, coffee, or both? The perfect event for this is MSO Mondays. These events feature particular members of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra at one of the local Collectivo coffee shops. The music is free, the coffee will cost you though.

The next performance coming up nearby campus will be at the Prospect Collectivo location on May 5th. It begins at 7:00PM. If you are unable to attend that date, they have more to chose from, just click here.

The Prospect Collectivo coffee place is easy to get to if you have a shuttle pass. Just take the shuttle down to Kenilworth.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Movie Madness!

This past weekend we had a wonderful turn out of our Oscar Party Event! It was a great way for everyone to settle down, relax, and watch some brilliant filmmakers reap the rewards of their hard work. We laughed, we cried, but we mostly laughed. Some our of predictions were met, some surprises well, surprised us. It's something to look forward to down the road as we all hope to someday be on that stage accepting an award. Here's a short video from the event:


So, What's Next?

Coming up at the end of this month we have a 24 hour film festival coming up! Teams will have 24 hours to write, shoot and direct an original short film. Guidelines and restrictions will be given the day of. When I was in the Film LLC last year as a resident, this was one of the biggest highlights of their year. It was amazing to see what everyone could create in just 24 hours!

To Infinity, and Beyond!

This past weekend, Production Club just wrapped production for this years short film, "Space Cadets". Production Club gives students a chance to get some real hands-on experience working on a real film set. Students are able to work with industry standard equipment, make connections, and have fun. Throughout the year, Production Club also has various guest speakers come and talk or give demos. For example, Jon Kline, a professional cinematographer came in to put on a lighting demo. There's only so much you can learn in class, Production Club helps teach you what you can only learn with hands-on experience.

For a more in-detail look, check out Production Club's facebook page, Space Cadet's facebook page, and the UWM Film LLC facebook page.

Production Club: https://www.facebook.com/ProductionClubatUWM
Space Cadets: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCadetFilm
UWM Film LLC: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UWM-Film-LLC/185461981493365

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Are we going to be on scared straight?" Social Welfare trip to the Milwaukee House of Corrections

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a blast at jail! Touring the Milwaukee House of Corrections has been one of my favorite trips that we have taken so far. We were able to learn about future jobs in criminal justice and social work. And I know that a lot of you were excited to meet someone from the K-9 unit. So many of the officers were able to answer your questions and really go into depth about their daily duties. 

I also thought that jail originally started out as a work camp was very interesting. Workers would tend to the aches of fields and harvest the crops. And who knew that the oldest building there has the same architecture as Alcatraz because it was build around the same time. 
Overall the trip was amazing but I think the best part was how much the superintendent has done for the inmates their. After the Superintended Mike Hafemann took over after the sheriff, he brought back activities that will encourage inmates to work for a successful life after their release date. In doing this he believed that he would have less inmates returning to serve another sentence. 

I am so glad that so many of you were able to make it. Superintended Hafemann said that you all were a great group. Maybe some of you will end up working for him one day! I can't wait to take the next trip to the windy city (Chicago). Until next time, have a safe and fun spring break!!
RA Amandla

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fun in the "almost-sun"

Hello my top-koality blog readers,

It's that time: Spring is around the corner, squirrels are running around campus, and the LLC is leaving the floor. Yes, it's been a cold winter but now that it's starting to warm up, we are venturing out and about all around Milwaukee!

I have BIG plans for the rest of this semester: trips to coffee shops, festivals, outdoor movie showings and eventually CHICAGO. But right now I wanted to highlight a trip we took this month to the Milwaukee Art Museum and a showing of the Iliad in downtown Milwaukee.
At the Museum (photo cred: Kate Greskoviak)
I did a little research and found that the Milwaukee Art Museum is free the first Thursday of every month. Coincidentally, the Honors College purchased tickets for Honors students to watch the Iliad at the Repertory Theater, I knew that a bunch of us were planning on seeing it. Knowing that I have quite a few art enthusiasts on the floor, I decided to plan a day around a trip to the Art Museum and the Iliad show
In front of the MAM
The art museum just opened an exhibit entitled Uncommon Folk Art featuring over 600 pieces of eclectic folk art. Once we got there, some of us decided that we had to see that exhibit; we parted ways with our honors friends who wanted to see other exhibits and the rest of us spent some time looking at these eclectic pieces of art. The art was absolutely beautiful and I loved the umbrellas with snake designs and the art made from bottle caps!
Playbill of the show
After spending a few hours at the museum, those of us who had tickets walked over to the Repertory Theater to watch a one-man rendition of the epic poem The Iliad. By the end of the show my Honors LLCers and I were exhausted: there was so much emotion, suspense and awe packed into this 1 hour and 45 min production and we were all left speechless. We were all so grateful to the Honor College for letting us see this play!

I am excited to see how the next two months pan out. I can't believe the semester (and year!) is almost over. It feels like just yesterday the LLC was in shorts getting to know campus, and now we are getting to know Milwaukee!

Until next time,


Asian Student Union

Hi my name is Alyssa Reum and I am the fundraiser and volunteer chair for Asian Student Union. Asian Student Union is a student organization that appreciates the different cultures of Asia through song, dance, food, games, and more. We hold meetings bi-weekly on which we learn about different Asian cultures and develop family-like bonds with one another. We strive to be more than a student organization, we strive to be family.

Our meetings can get a little crazy sometimes, especially when we start a game of NINJA.

When I ask people to attend something related to ASU, most people respond with "...but I'm not Asian." Asian Student Union welcomes students from ALL ethnic backgrounds! Every year ASU holds Cultural Entertainment Night during the spring semester. Cultural Entertainment Night consists of dances, songs, fashion, and fun from all over the world. 

KPOP Dance

 Hmong Dance
Fashion Show

Members of ASU attend MAASU every year which is a conference for college students from all over the Mid-West to network and take workshops on different issues affecting the Asian population.
ASU members decorating shirts for MAASU

And last but not least I would like for you to join ASU on April 19th, 2014 for Cultural Entertainment Night!

Spreading the Luck to the Children's Hospital

This month RiverView will be getting into the Saint Patrick's Day spirit with philanthropy!

RA Colleen and I are hosting an event encouraging our residents to get out and start doing more service projects not just around UWM but also in the Milwaukee community.

The CCBLR office is pairing up with us an hosting this event and to give residents more information about upcoming opportunities! We will be painting a banner wishing the Children's Hospital patients a Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

There will be shamrock shakes and other green goodies to encourage resident's to stick around after the event and ask Rachel a CCBLR employee who is super excited to be working with the residence halls at UWM.

I am not only super excited for the event, but to see all of the residents make a difference!

Around the World with AIESEC

International Association for Students in Economics and Commercial Sciences, or AIESEC, is a business student organization designed around offering work abroad internship opportunities to students and bringing foreign students to the US for internships. There are over 100 countries that AIESEC send students to.

Through this, AIESEC helps make students global citizens, improve cultural understanding, and provide leadership opportunities. They provide many other activities including career and professional events, high profile professional speakers, global conferences/seminars/conventions, cultural diversity celebrations, volunteer activities, social events, fundraising, corporate tours, and field-trips.

They can be contacted via phone at 414- 229-5381 or 414-393-7530, or by email through Jehonathan Guzman at guzman4@uwm.edu.

Bradford Beach

A really fun thing to do that I have enjoyed since I was a first year student is going to Bradford Beach. It is a great thing to go and do once the snow melts away and it gets nice in the Spring. It's really cool because it's free. 
Bradford is located right along Lincoln Memorial Drive. There are paths to go run, places to eat lunch, and plenty of room to play what ever you could desire. And lets be honest there is nothing better than watching the sun go down over a huge lake. 

A lot of people don't know, but at a lot of the residence halls can rent stuff to bring to beach.

It's not only a fun, free thing to go and do, but it is hard to call yourself a UWM student without going there at least once!

Body Worlds

Milwaukee Public Museum Body Worlds!

The Health Professions LLC took a trip to Body Worlds just this last February! It was a fun and free trip for all residents living in our LLC. We purchased tickets ahead of time, took the public bus to the museum, and had a blast!

Residents loved discovering more about the human body, and it fit perfectly for those who are currently taking Anatomy and Physiology.  Seeing blood vessels, being able to touch a real human bone, and discovering the body's different systems and structures was fascinating. It really brought truth to how the human body works, and all its amazing wonders. 

 "In BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life, the latest exhibition from physician and pioneering anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens, we saw the body throughout the human life cycle and across the arc of aging. More than 200 plastinates—real human specimens preserved through Dr. von Hagens’ invention, the remarkable process called Plastination—revealed the human body in all its stages, across youth, growth, maturity and advanced age, and in all its conditions, from health to distress to disease."