Monday, March 10, 2014

Collectivo: MKE Study Hideaways

One of my favorite study spots in the city is Collectivo Coffee. There are multiple locations, the closest to campus being the location right off Prospect close to Kenilworth Apartments. This is also the location where I enjoy to study. However, the other locations offer well equipped study areas as well. I enjoy working on school work at Collectivo because it allows me to be off campus but in a conducive environment to study. It also enables me to be well nourished while I do so. Collectivo serves all day breakfast and sandwiches in addition to the caffeinated beverages.

I highly recommend Collectivo to the student who wants to be off campus but around other people who are studying and needs an extra caffeine boost to finish the work load. There are many locations around Milwaukee and can be found at:

To take an adventure to the cafe I enjoy frequently, simply hop on a University Housing shuttle(if you are a resident) and get off at Kenilworth and walk up on Prospect towards Whole Foods. If you are not a University Housing resident, simply hop on a 30 on UWM campus heading downtown and get off on North Ave, from there walk to Prospect, parallel to Farwell, and walk up towards Whole Foods.

Hope to see you all there!

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