Thursday, May 8, 2014

End of the year review

This Pre-Professional LLC started of the year very rocky, with no stakeholders, mentors or a classroom for each of these residents to connect to one another. I began to think that this was going to be a difficult year for this group of residents because they would not get the whole Living Learning Community that they were looking for. But, I was wrong. This group of residents came out of the gate strong, being a little shy to one another they slowly ventured into the lounge, getting out of their comfort zones and talking to other residents of the floor. Shortly after they found out that they all had very similar interests they began taking classes with each other in their second semester forming study groups. Now, I would say that each resident has made a handful of connections on this floor for the future.
Planning events this year was a little difficult with this floor. Some events would get a great turn out while others might have been a big goose egg (zero). But, the ones that these residents did come to made it an even better one with their positive energy and the stories that they have shared with me are great. Some times I did not even need to make an event to see a group of residents in the lounge. From ghost stories to their stories of their past, I really enjoyed this group of residents. With the end of the semester not far away and with their move-out shortly after I am going to miss them. I hope to remain connected to them in the future to see how they are doing (even if they still see me as their RA till graduation).

Good luck with the rest of the semester everyone, you're almost done with your first year!


Communication and Conflict Comes to a Close

This is the last year the the Communication and Conflict LLC will be around. However, I feel that the LLC lives on in the students it has been able to touch over the past two year. I truly loved having the opportunity to work with LLC program, professors, and most of all the students have had the privilege to work with has been amazing. It has been such a great experience to watch students come in as new freshman far from home and not only learn but grow.

I feel that real lifelong connections have been made because of this LLC and I hope that others take as much pride in as I have. It is sad to see the LLC come to a close, but i truly feel that this experience really touched each and every member. I think my favorite part of the LLC was either the T Shirt or the class in general. The T Shirts that we made are one of a kind and very personal to each person. I really loved this LLC and the group I got to work with this year. I hope that this LLC does truly live on in the memories of the participants. 

See you later, Lab Rats!

Wow! I can't believe it's finally time to say goodbye! (For this year, at least. I'm sure I'll run into plenty of you again in the fall semester.) It has been amazing year, and I've had such a great time being able to work with all of you!

We've had tons of fun throughout the year; movie nights in the lounge, trips to the Planetarium, Cards Against Humanity after our fall semester party, and of course the Chicago Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry and Navy Pier!

It's been great to see all of you take advantage of the opportunities UWM has to offer and to pursue and achieve the goals that you've made for yourselves. I hope you all keep that same, positive energy for the coming fall semester, as well as the rest of your time here at UWM.

It's been an AMAZING year!

It has been an exciting year, in the Dance Foundations LLC. The year was filled with joy, laughter and tons of fun! The residents of the Dance LLC have had fun events, like volunteering at the Urban Ecology Center and an unforgettable trip to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium and Willis (Sears) Tower.

Personally, one of my favorite experiences, in the Dance Foundations LLC would have to be The "Just Dance/Karaoke" event. This event was a collaboration, with the Music LLC. Residents of both LLCs came together for friendly and fun competition (not to mention a great workout). Living in the Dance Foundations has been an unforgettable experience!

Good bye ASL

This year, the LLC has accomplished a lot.  We did two service learning projects, both at Water Tower View, we had several events that encouraged the new skills gained in class, and we are currently preparing for our annual end of the year event for University Housing.

One of my favorite moments from this year, was at our second trip to Water Tower View (WTV). We assisted residents with spring crafts and were there to communicate with the residents of WTV who don't have the opportunity to do so otherwise.  One resident from WTV shared many stories he had from his world travels.  The students really enjoyed it, and this allowed residents to engage with people out in the Deaf community to use the language they are learning in classes.

As we conclude the semester, the residents of the ASL-LLC are working hard to share what they have learned this year.  You can attend out event on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 6 pm in the Green Room of Sandburg.  Students will be teaching basic signs and engaging other students in activities to promote and educate University Housing residents on Deaf Culture.  Hope to see you there.

Happy Signing!
RA Leah


This semester being the RA for the Career Quest LLC has been an experience I will never forget! To get a chance to help residents and other students help them to realize what their true calling in their majors, careers, or schools has been very rewarding!

I was super thankful to all of the residents accepting me half way through the academic school year. Some great events that we did this semester was a movie night, Exploring Majors Fair, Hunger Clean-up, and RiverView Clean-up. 

I wish all of my wonderful residents good luck in the future and to finish their school year off strong! 

<3 RA Scarlett

It's been a fun year!

Unfortunately our time left together in the Innovation House is winding down. Although the year went by fast we had a lot of fun!

We had a variety of events to help our residents get connected with engineering such as the engineering Olympics and the Discovery World program. These types of programs helped students bond over engineering and work with professionals to gain more knowledge in every one's field. 

We also made time for non engineering related events such as our board game nights and recent video game tournaments! 

All in all it was a great year and I wish everyone the best of look in their future endeavors! 

So long everyone from Calvin and Cody!

Farewell Social Justice LLC!

This year in the Social Justice, Diversity and Pride LLC, we had a great time getting to know each other and learning about historical moments in social justice history, as well as making our own history.

Highlights from this year include:

Volunteering at the ACLU summit that was held here at UWM
Volunteering at The Gathering, located downtown Milwaukee
As the RA I hosted Guess the Straight Person as a housing wide event and as an LLC event

This was a great foundation year for the Social Justice, Diversity and Pride LLC and I cannot wait to see what the new RA can bring in for next year!

That's All Folks

 Social Welfare LLC,
When starting the semester I did not think the year would go so fast! It feels like just yesterday I was meeting you all for the first time and trying to put faces to the names. We have all gotten so close in the past year. I know some of you are going to be living together next year and some of you are not. But I know you will all stay in touch with one another. We have our last event coming up which is a scavenger hunt in Milwaukee ending with prizes and dinner down town. We have made so many memories together so let’s take a look back...

Attending the Men's Basketball game and getting free t-shirts!

Study Night

When a Stuffed Turkey Shows Up

Bears vs Packers Game (Bears won)

Game Night

Trip the the Milwaukee House of Corrections

Chicago Trip

Disney Game Day

Epic Selfies

Random Dance Parties

So as the year comes to an end I hope you had a great year. This year was filled with so much fun thanks to you goons. Study hard for those finals because I want to see you all on campus next year. Thanks for a great year!
RA Amandla

Bye Bye Bye Writing & Visual Cultures LLC

As the semester comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the AMAZING semester the Writing and Visual Cultures LLC had!

Here's a recap of the events we've had:


-LLC movie night

-Trip to the Union theater to see The Butler
-Handmade Valentines in the Studio Art & Crafts Center 


-UWM Dragshow

-Hunger Clean Up

A special thanks to LLCer Monty Glover, you've helped make the LLC experience meaningful and fun!

A Great Year for the Global VIllage

Hey Global Villagers!

May is upon us, meaning that our year has come to a close. We have had some amazing adventures this year! 
Our group at the Bean
On April 12, a group of Villagers and other LLC members boarded a bus to go to Chicago and explore the city. 

Our first stop was the Shedd Aquarium, where we saw jellyfish, otters, dolphins, and (my personal favorite) beluga whales!
Villager Brandi at the Shedd

We stopped H-Mart, a Korean and Japanese super center. We each bought some tasty goodies and shared them on the way back downtown. From aloe water and seaweed chips, to chocolate Cheetos and Lottepies, we were able to experience a lot of new foods! One of the LLC stakeholders, the lovely Dina Wolf, was able to share some of her favorite recipes and food from when she lived in South Korea with us. 

RA Mercedes' goodies from H-Mart

We went to Millennium Park next, and took about a million photos with the bean. We crowned Alex the selfie king as he spelled UWM with our hand's reflections. 

Writing "UWM" at the Bean (photo credit: Alex Thompson)
We walked and ate deep dish pizza in the heart of the city, and explored Michigan Avenue before we loaded up the bus to come back home. Although we were exhausted, when we returned we all watched Finding Nemo in our kitchen lounge, and polished off the rest of our treats from H-Mart. 

It was a fantastic way to close out the year. RA Anna and I both thank you so much for sharing your Saturday with us, and for being the wonderful residents and people that you are. If you'd like to see or post more photos, use the hashtag #UWMLLC so we can find each other. 

I've truly enjoyed the last year I've spent with you all. We have had so many great times and made so many memories. I could not have picked a more fun group of residents to spend the year with. 

We wish RA Anna buckets and buckets of luck as she heads off to New York to work with the UN for the summer, and then heads to South Korea for the 2014-2015 school year. Global Villager Rachel will be in the UK next school year, literally living in Herstmonceux Castle. Danny, a villager who was living with us fall semester, will return from his internship in Argentina and he promises to visit. A group of Villagers will all be living in a house together next year, and they're already planning to cook plenty of delicious foods from around the world. 

While I am sad to see all of you leave, I'm also extremely excited to see what comes next. I will be joined by RA Caitlyn next year, and we have BIG plans for the new villagers. 

Your journey doesn't end when you leave the village. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep in touch. 

--RA Mercedes

Year in Review: Architecture LLC

Well the school year is almost over, and one thing is for sure--it's been a fun one for the Architecture LLC. From trips to the museum, to pizza parties, to a Chicago trip, the future starchitects of the world got a great introduction to architecture through their time in the LLC! Here are some pictures to prove it!

Students in the LLC took a trip to the art museum in October for a class project

In Spring, students began learning about how to construct arches.

The final project for the LLC class was a set of arches constructed out of cardboard.

In April the Architecture LLC took part in a trip to Chicago to check out the sites.
Students from the LLC who completed their MAP-Works survey were rewarded with a pizza and ice cream party in Spring. 

Being involved with the Architecture LLC has been a great experience for all involved, and the students were able to learn valuable skills that they can take with them throughout life. We're looking forward to another great year next year over here in Architecture!

End of the Year from School of Rock LLC

The end of the school year is right around the corner! This semester has been a fantastic learning experience for everyone in the School of Rock LLC. Our community was able to gain an appreciation for the Milwaukee area by going out and attending events together. Whether it be a concert downtown, or even a night of movies at Flicks, the residents found connections with each other that won't break soon. One of my favorite moments was getting almost 30 people together to go see one of our residents, "Nacho" play saxophone with the campus band.
Seeing everyone grow through the semester and dip their feet in new waters has shown me that college is all about trying out "life". You don't have to have everything figured out the moment you leave high school because no matter what, your life will figure itself out.

Transfer LLC

It's been a great year Transfer LLC!

It seems like just yesterday the Transfer LLC was moving into Sandburg South Tower! 
This Year has flown by!

The Transfer LLC is made up of resident of all majors and all ages and I am so happy to see how this floor has created lasting friendships and wonderful memories. I could not have asked for a more involved and fun-loving group of residents and I am honored to have been a part of their transfer experience.

Highlights of this semester include, Bradford beach visit, UWM's Welcome Week, Pantherfest, attending UW-Milwaukee's Theatre production of Mil-Wonky style, volunteering at the Urban Ecology Center, attending UW-Milwaukees production of Urinetown, the LLC Chicago trip where we visited the Shedd Aquarium, and much, much more!

I've had a wonderful time watching this community grow into a family and it's going to be sad for the semester to come to an end. I look forward to seeing where their futures take them and I wish each and every Transfer LLC resident the best!

This year was amazing, let's make the Transfer LLC of 2014-2015 even better!!

It's been grand Transfer LLC!

Goodbye For Now

In the words of our Art and Design LLC students, this semester was:

Memorable - RA Mari Marks
How did I get blue paint in my hair? - Erin Whitney 
Where's my [anything]....? - Sean Patterson 
Yum - Mateo Eric
Due tomorrow means do tomorrow - Shelby Degroote
Tired - Alexis Amenson 

The Art and Design LLC is very close to my heart. I began my college career here in Cambridge, in the LLC. I loved it so much I became the RA for the LLC, hoping to re-create my experience for others. It is now time for me to move on, and honestly it's pretty emotional. What I've enjoyed the most about being in the LLC is the connections I've made with the faculty of Peck, and the students I work with. I will remember everyone and every moment - funny, embarrassing, sad and bad. 

Mostly I want to say to my residents how incredibly proud I am of you! You have all done some incredible work this year, and I am confident it will continue, no matter where you go in life. I am so lucky to have met you and been a small part of your lives. I couldn't have asked for a better group of students. Excuse me while I go cry tears of joy now.... ;P

But enough talking, we will let the photos speak for themselves. Thanks for the great year!

First trip to MAM
Trip to Redline
Photo Documentation lab
Gallery Night
Working with the Maryland school
Bella and Nicole - being silly of course
Trip to Warhol exhibit at Jewish Museum

Annual LLC Spring Arts Expo
Collaborative piece in the foundations show
Brew City Swing Night
Chicago Trip, Contemporary Museum
Chicago Trip

It's only the beginning

Hey ya'll!

Well, it's that's time: the residence halls will close in a few weeks, I am planning my last few events, and everyone is signing up for a time to move out of the Honors LLC.
Photobooth with the floor
We still have a few more things to do before we part ways though: we have to sign the t-shirts we made, have a "congratulations-you-survived" party for our fish (Sir Charles Andi I Duke of Bowl), get food from the Housing-wide Harry Potter Day, and relax during our study day.

Relay for Life Honors LLC Team
I could go on and on about how great this year has been, but if you've been following these blogs you already know that. The Honors LLC has grown and transformed from a group of individual freshmen who know nothing about campus to a community of honors students who are involved leaders both on and off campus.
Service Learning to Urban Ecology Center

Screen Printing #honorsllc shirts!
We have gone to museums, listened to speakers, danced in onesies, drank tea with the chancellor, ate pizza with professors, gone on scavenger hunts around Milwaukee, and toured Chicago. I consider those in the Honors LLC my fellow peers, leaders, and most importantly friends.
Group photo at last community meeting
I don't like good-byes so I refuse to give one. A chapter is ending, but there is so much more to be written in this book. I can't wait to see what next year brings, but until then, this is RA Hannah signing off. Have a great summer!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

It's a Wrap HPLLC

It's been a busy year for the students in the Health Professions Living Learning Community (HPLLC)! Our two major goals for the community have been to connect students with 1) professionals working in their desired career field and 2) the community via health-related service and involvement. We are happy to report we have achieved these goals.

Our March event brought both health care professionals and students in the clinical phase of their training right to the residence hall, where our HPLLC students had the opportunity to hear about their work and training, meet with them in small groups, and ask questions one-on-one. This was a nice follow-up activity to students' involvement in the HPLLC course in fall, which required them to interview a health care professional as part of a class assignment.

In December, our students volunteered with the Our Next Generation Kids program. Children came right to the residence hall, and our HPLLC students spent the afternoon helping the children complete their homework, talking about college, and hopefully inspiring some future health care professionals!

We also sent students on two field trips this year! In February, a group of students attended the Body Worlds: Cycle of Life visiting exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, having the opportunity to experience firsthand much of the learning they had done in their anatomy and physiology courses this year. In April, our students joined other LLCs in the first annual Chicago trip, where we visited the Museum of Science & Industry and explored exhibits focusing on genetics and the connection between the human mind, body, and spirit.

Needless to say, our students have been very active this year. The HPLLC is a great place to live, learn, and connect with future health care professionals like you!

Joel P. Spiess, M.S.
Academic Advisor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
College of Health Sciences

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Milwaukee Fun--Jams LLC, April


Milwaukee is such a great city to live in and explore.

As college kids, the majority of us are balling on a budget. So it is beneficial to us that Milwaukee offers FREE FUN almost every day!

My favorite free hang out in Milwaukee would be Bradford Beach

In summer/spring, they have beach volleyball tourneys and yoga classes.

If you aren't into sports, you can just go and get a tan or dip your toes into Lake Michigan. 

And best of all....It's free!!