Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Health Professions Update

Hello Again!

                Health Professions/Nursing LLC has been very busy with various events this month. Our latest event RA Sydney and RA Clinton brought in Anatomy I and Anatomy II professors, Dr. Petto and Dr. Scanes. Residents had a chance to essentially have their own private office hours at Riverview and the professors also gave tips on how to do well in their classes, as well as suggestions to aid them as they pursue their health related majors.

We also had another event, Tea Time With Nursing, that helped residents learn more about the Nursing clinicals application. RA Sydney brought in Ebony Cobb, one of our stakeholders for the LLC and an advisor from Nursing, and she talked about the fundamentals of the application and discussed helpful tips that residents should know when applying for the major! The event was a huge success and residents now feel somewhat at ease as they are getting ready to apply to clinical.

We are also in the works of planning a trip to Chicago! We hope to go to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and enjoy the rest of the day touring Chicago.

There are a lot of exciting events happening in the future and we will keep you posted!

Until next time, 

RA Sydney and RA Clinton. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC Update

Hey all!

The Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC has been doing well and have been super busy! With Midterms finishing up, and the newly appreciated Wisconsin Weather, the rest of the semester is going to go by so quickly! 

A Chicago trip is in the works, with a visit to a Fraternity or Sorority National Headquarters tour, and funtastic afternoon festivities to follow!

RA Shelbey and I planned a Candyland event where residents received a different challenge on their door every day which encouraged them to visit our awesome resources around campus, such as the Neighborhood Housing Office, RLO, CCBLLR, and Professor's office hours for a chance to win a prize! We ended the fun-filled week with an ice cream social, and it was definitely enjoyed!

University Housing's Social Justice committee also planned and executed Boxes and Walls, and it was a fun learning experience shared by many. Pictured below are a couple of us wearing our matching shirts from the event!

More things are coming, and we all are so excited for what the rest of the semester has in store for us!

Social Welfare LLC Update!

Freezing February was a busy month in the Social Welfare LLC. Everyone seemed to have tests, midterms, and papers galore! But with spring break coming up and finally having a glimpse of what might be spring weather, we all know the rest of the semester is going to fly by!

Outside of academics, this month was busy with housing events and fun on the floor as well! RA Scarlett & I planned a week long Candyland Extravaganza that took residents on a different trip around campus each day. They interacted with different resources like PASS, Neighborhood Housing, Residence Life Office, CCBLLR, and more! The week culminated in an ice cream party and candy prizes for the resident who went to the most places the fastest!
RA Scarlett, Me, and a resident who participated in Candyland!
 Besides Candyland, we took a field trip to visit an East Tower Suite, learn about contracts, self assignment and all the perks of living in housing for a second year! This was a fun event where my residents brought some of their friends and we ended up with a huge group! I even saw most of them sign up to live in East Tower later that week at Returner Self Assignment.
Visiting East Tower!
With the weather starting to warm up, I hope to take a few trips to different places around Milwaukee with the Social Welfare LLC residents. The semester may be almost half over, but there is still plenty of fun and excitement yet to come!

Until next time,

RA Shelbey

Film LLC


Film LLC

On set with Production Club at UWM
During the month of March, the Film LLC has been heavily involved in the UW Milwaukee Production Club film, Act II. Production Club is a student organization at UWM that gives film students a hands on experience in a professional environment working with and learning from local professionals.

Former LLC Resident and Act II Director of Photography Pierce works with an Industry Professional and the Red Epic Dragon