Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Signing, Oh my!

The ASL LLC had a very fun time at the Milwaukee county zoo, even in the cold and rain!
some high lights were getting to pet a Bat, ashley being playfull with a baboon and the adorable tigers! This was the first time at the Milwaukee county Zoo for most of our residents that went, and they enjoyed being able to see the animals upclose (even if they were behind 2 inches of glass)!
Enjoy the pictures!

1 of 3 very cute and playful Tigers!
(Jill wanted to take one home so badly! but they are not allowed in the residence halls unfortunately)

(from left to right)
Back row: Heather, Jill, Bri, Ashely, Kelsey, Sarah,
Front: Isiah and Kelly (me)

This is Ashley's new BFF, he wanted to play with her so bad but the glass got in the way :( but he tried his hardest to get to her. then settled with making faces at her, and hitting the glass.

Good Luck on final exams! and see you all next semester

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well Panthers we did, we made it to the end of the semester!
It has been such a fun semester (and the fun hasn't ended quite yet).
This week Sue Conway from the Study Abroad office came to talk about an exciting new study abroad program for ASL students, which will give them the opportunity to learn Italian Sign Language in Italy! And we had 20 residents from our floor inducted into the West Honor Society at our fabulous banquet which included receiving a certificate, a T-shirt, and enjoying a chocolate fountain, all to recognize those who have achieved academic success this semester.
Some of our residents were first to arrive and got the best seats in the house!

This coming Saturday we will be going to the zoo for some fun in the cold with our furry friends! We are going to have tons of fun while learning some new signs!
Everyone is in need a break and it has been well deserved! The residents of the ASL LLC have been working very hard and doing very well in their classes! I am very proud of all of them and I am looking forward to an excellent second semester with them :D

Good luck on exams and Happy Holidays!

Until January!

Kelly Keuper and the ASL LLC

Happy Semester's End!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the semester is coming to an end. It has been an exciting one for the writing and visual culture LLC. It sure is amazing how quickly time goes by.

Our last LLC event for the semester will be this Friday at 12:15 p.m. The event will be a celebration of the semester we've shard learning and living as one community. We'll meet in C160 of Sandburg, which is where the LLC class meets. This will serve as the last chance for residents of CS and the studious members of Nic's class to meet up.

We'll get together one last time over chips, soda, and ice cream to celebrate the successful semester!

As you head home for winter break and finish up final exams, fondly remember the wonderful time we've had in the Writing & Visual Culture LLC.

Travel safely and good luck!

Happy Holidays, Lab Rats!

Alas, this will be my final blog post of the semester! *tear* We had a really fun end-of-semester event at Alterra on the Lake on Sunday (sorry, I forgot to take pictures) where we did our homework (yes, we really did), drank some coffee, ate some delicious scones, and laughed a LOT. Half the fun was walking to and from Farwell & LaFayette and trying not to slip and slide in the icy snow!

The students are now applying for lab positions for next semester and are excited to really get started in their majors. I wonder what they will discover? Maybe they will decide to present their research at the UWM Research Symposium in spring as well, just like I plan to with my lab's research :)

Well, well, I shall end this here.

Happy holidays, everyone! Have a fun, safe winter break!