Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February: Study Abroad

It is Study Abroad Month for the month of February for the Beyond Borders LLC. 

This month the LLC focused on Study Abroad and the different aspects of it.  Earlier this month the Beyond Borders LLC was able to have their own Study Abroad Information Session.  Sue Conway from the Study Abroad Office was able to come and create a session specifically for the LLC students. The students were able to learn about the different options that the office has and the different options that around them for studying abroad though other school and programs.  With this session the students were also able to ask questions that could possibly further their knowledge of studying abroad and also help students complete their applications if they already started. 

Late in the month the LLC hosted a Study Abroad Q&A for the students of the LLC.  The goal of the Q&A was for the students to be able to ask more personal questions to student who have study abroad.  The LLC was able to have a panel of fours students and one facility member to answer the questions.  The panelists ranged from small study abroad trips like winter or summer to longer trips like a semester abroad.  The students took great advantage of the panelists and asked wonderful questions.  With the Q&A session the students also gained a greater insight to the immense amount of things that one can gain from studying abroad; may that be for a winter or summer break, semester or year long.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Honors House Spring Semester/ Disney College Program

Well our last semester together is here and we have some fun stuff planned! We will be going to the Milwaukee Public Museum, having some more relaxation days, and a Honors House Awards night (more details to come)! 


I would also like to take some time and  inform you of a special opportunity that you can all have that I will be take advantage of after I graduate in May. I will be moving to Florida for 6 months to work at Walt Disney World Resort with the Disney College Program. I found out about this paid internship through my friends who were also RAs and have done the college program in past semesters. The Disney College Program is available for both Disney World and Disneyland and is made up of 3 components: Living, Learning and Earning.

       Living: You get to living near Disney World and Disneyland in one of the Disney operated apartment complexes that come fully furnished with a kitchen, dinning room, living room, and you can choose the number of bedrooms you want in you apartment. You will share you bedroom with 1 other person of the same gender, age group (21+ or below 21), and date that you arrive in Florida or California. Each complex has a pool, exercise facility, laundry facilities and access to public transportation (although brining a car is advised). Your rent will be taken out of your pay check each week and varies from complex to complex and is based on how many bedrooms you have in the apartment.

        Learning: You have the opportunity to take course will on the DCP at Disney University. These class range in topic from guest relations, to building your own resume, to Disney History. Some of these classes can even earn you college credit at UWM, most students are able to get 12 credits from participating in the program. The classes are generally 2 days per week and do not cost any money other than the cost of supplies or books, although you may need to pay UWM tuition to remain a student.

          Earning: You will be given a "role" in the Disney show, other wise known as a job! Yes you will be paid but it is usually around minimum wage. You will be trained for you role then put to work! While you are working at Disney World be assured you will be working long hard hours, some shifts are 8-13 hours. Each role offered for the Disney College Program provides a unique and diverse learning and working experience. From costumes to role responsibilities, participants will find that no two jobs are the same. However, all participants will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and work on their confidence and self-reliance. This is great opportunity to network within the Disney corporation and many CPs (college programers) go on to have a, professional internship, part-time job or full time job.
        some roles you may be places in to are:
Character Attendant, Concierge, Attractions, Full-Service Food & Beverage, Vacation Planner, Hospitality, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/ Pirates League Hostess/Host, Merchandise, Quick-Service Food & Beverage, PhotoPass Photographer, Hopper, Housekeeping, Main Entrance Operations, Transportation, Costuming, Recreation, Lifeguard, Bell Services Dispatch/Greeter, Custodial, Character Performer (audition required). 

     The application process simplified is as follows: decide when you want to work for disney (Fall: aug-jan, Fall advantage: may/jun-jan, Spring: jan-may, Spring advantage: jan-aug), fill out the application, complete a Web Based interview, schedule a phone interview (if you pass the WBI), and wait to be accepted, pended or denied. If you are accepted you will be asked to pay $300 housing down-pament to cover you first few weeks of rent and then choose your arrival date! If you are pended you will need to keep you fingers crossed for a few weeks/months longer until they can decide if there is a role available for you. If you are denied do not fret you can still apply again for a later program
and yes you get tons of discounts at the parks, resorts, shops, and even the cruise line

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity check out this website:

Then contact our Campus Representatives if you want more information on this program! They have information sessions coming up March 12 &13th!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Academic Success w/ the Creating Your Future LLC

Last Thursday the Creating Your Future LLC invited L&S freshmen advisors, PASS and faculty to Riverview in hopes of learning valuable pointers to get this semester started off on the right foot. Not only did they give students advice for contacting professors, how to utilize free tutoring services through PASS and what networking can do for their resume, but undecided students were given some great advice as well. It was recommended that undecided students take a wide variety of classes so they can find out if they are interested in a field and if they have not already enrolled in Ed Psych 101, which is a career planning class, take the opportunity and get structured help from the Career Development Center for planning their future.
Another important point that was emphasized was making a connection with your professors. While many of your classes may be in large lectures, it is still important to talk to your TA because they are closer to your age in most situations and work closely with the professor so what they have to say is just as valuable. If you are nervous about approaching your professor because of the large lecture setting or any other reason, your academic advisor, mentor or tutor can help you prepare questions to ask during office hours. Also, don't think that a professors office hours are the only time they are available to meet with you! If you send them a polite, professional e-mail your professor will be willing to set up a time that works better for you to answer any questions you have about the course. One meeting with your professor could change your understanding of the class and topic and help you get the grade that you want!

If you are interested in signing up for a tutor or supplemental instruction PASS is the place for you:

If you ever have any questions regarding you academic status, what classes you are taking or should be taking or need advice for your academic future, your academic advisor is the person to contact and if you need help finding out who that person is -- reach out to your mentor for help!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Relaxation Day for the Honors LLC

Hi Everyone!

I'm very excited to report that this week the Honors LLC will be having an event called "Relaxation Day". Greatest. Event. Ever. Basically, we turn off the lights, play chill music and make the lounge into a relaxing, peaceful space so we can all wind down and catch our breath for a minute. School, work and everything else that our super awesome Honors LLC students do can get stressful so when RA Kelly and I started planning events for this semester we knew we had to bring this one back. The students seem to really enjoy the quiet time, especially in the middle of the week. I'm hoping to bring some special treats for my favorite LLC, too! But the details on that are top secret.
In other news, many of the students participated in the re-assignment of Housing for next year. Because the Honors LLC is so close, several of the students tried to live as close together as possible, obviously there's a lot of love in our LLC.
We are also looking forward to our trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum next month. The date is not yet finalized but we had so much fun on our trip to Discovery World last semester that we couldn't resist exploring Milwaukee a little more together.

That's all for now!

--Mentor Molly :)

Tryin' To Flag A Ride

"Jimmie Rodgers of course is one of the guiding lights of the Twentieth Century whose way with song has always been an inspiration to those of us who have followed the path. A blazing star whose sound was and remains the raw essence of individuality in a sea of conformity, par excellence with no equal. Though he is claimed as The Father of Country Music, the title is limiting and deceiving in light of today's country music and he wouldn't have understood it. In his time, he was better known as "The Singing Brakeman" or "Blue Yodeler" and hence in some circles, he has come to be known as the "Man Who Started It All" which is more to the truth for he was a performer of force without precedent with a sound as lonesome and mystical as it was dynamic."  - Bob Dylan

Come Check Out The MUSIC300 Tumblr Blog: HERE

We are currently studying American Country and Hillbilly Music:  narrative but not literary.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Science and Innovation House Spring Events!

Spring Semester Has Arrived!

Four weeks into the Spring Semester, some of you are probably wondering, what events are happening at the Science and Innovation House LLC! Well, that's a great question, I'm glad you asked because boy do I have some cool updates for you :p

To start things off, Discovery World has sent back the completed DVD's that twelve of our LLC students took part in, including myself. We built some cool Lego Mindstorm Robots utilizing bio-mimicry, interviewed a professor and grad student, and to top it off, we made videos and audio podcasts of everything! Excited yet? You better be! So, were planning on getting everyone from the LLC together to watch this awesome video in two weeks on Sunday. Stay tuned for more details.

Watching the Olympics is pretty fun, but can you imagine participating in them? Well now you can. The Science and Innovation House LLC is planning on having a weekly Engineering Olympics Competition for a few weeks in March and April. What does this mean? Well, each week we will have a competition, say for example Tower Building or Egg Drop, and members of the LLC will pair up in teams and then will be given points based on how they do. Each week, more points will be added on to that team's total and then at the end, the team with the most points gets the Gold and so on so forth. This should be super fun!

Missed Discovery World? Don't worry, because we have a chance for you to build robots too! Very preliminary at the moment, but we are looking into finding mini-robot kits for students to build one weekend in April or early May.

That's all for now folks, enjoy the unusually warm weather and good luck on any exams!


Mentor Ross

Who Am I?

Last week we had a meeting/event. The meeting portion consisted of my LLC talking about how we are going to go about planning our big Talk to the Hands event. It was a big hit last year, and they decided as a group to continue what they started last year, with some minor changes here and there.
We followed the meeting with a game I called, Who am I? You basically stuck a piece of paper to your head that had a name already written on it (someone famous). So some of the names were " The Kool-Aid Man", Kim Kardashian, or Spongebob Squarepants. You could only ask Yes or No questions and the first person to guess who they was on there forehead was the winner.

Friday, February 17, 2012

what a semester

It’s been a change in the llc this semester. The residents have started my favorite kind of art, which is 3D art. Right now they are working on the foundation of 3D art by create their own paper sculptures. They also plan this semester to do a community art project. The location was us conformed and I can’t wait to see what they create.
On March 10th is going to be another big event where residents will be able to show case there. The event is called “Spring LLC Art Expo”. This event will be happen in Cambridge Commons from 2-5. So family, friends, and UWM community are all welcome to celebrate this amazing art that the residents are making.
Then another thing that is plan for the art and design llc is a great trip to Chicago. This trip will give residents the opportunity to see art that is happening all over the country. When I was first year student I took a trip to Chicago to see these art shows. One of the reasons I continue making art and have a passion for art is because of a 3D teacher plan this same trip. I’m hope residents will get the same experience out of it as I did.

RA Ashley Erdman

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey all! Don't forget if you want free pizza, come and get it on friday at Cambridge in the 4th floor kitchen. Bring your study materials and enjoy the food! Also for those of you that went to the open clay 2 weeks ago, your stuff looks awesome! Come and glaze it in the studio arts and crafts center this saturday at 1:00!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Last Tuesday night Dria and I organized a Cards for Kids Event. Everyone on the 4th floor in Cambridge Commons was involved. Over a total of 100 cards were made and donated to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Thank you to everyone who helped! This was a great event for everyone on the 4th floor to hang out and take a break from homework. The Children's Hospital loved the cards =]

Jerome The New Lab Rats Mentor

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jerome, and I am a Jr in the mechanical engineering program here at UWM. After graduating. I hope to go to graduate school so that I can get a chance to be in charge of my own research project. I am currently working in the Hand Rehabilitation Lab located in the USR building just about a mile off campus. We focus on upper extremity and hand function for people suffering from stoke(s). I have previously worked on a project called the Box and Block Test that tested the manual dexterity of a stroke subjects hands. I presented the research the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) National Conference in Long Beach, CA. Me and my partner got flown out for free and got to spend the week in Long Beach. Right now I am working on a virtual reality system that serves as a alternate therapy session.

I hope to meet all of you soon!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kick It Into High Gear!

Already a few weeks into Spring Semester and there couldn't be more opportunities surrounding us all right now! Lubar's Career Services has some incredible programs coming up aimed to brush up your resume, interviewing skills and anything else professionals in the work force are looking for, all in preparation for the Spring Career Fair. Thursday, February 23rd. Mark your calendars and pull out all of the stops for this one. I can't tell you enough how big of an impression it makes for Freshman (and sometimes even Sophomores) to attend with a resume and an upbeat attitude with interest in an internship this early on. With over forty (40!) employers coming with opportunities in hand, take the time to come and make an impression!

Also this semester, I'm planning a few things with RA Adam in hopes to make this semester even better than the last. I'll be setting up office hours shortly to come into West 5/6 on a weekly basis to connect through more than just email. If you've got any questions with classes, campus or current events, I'm your guy! I'll keep you all posted on what those pan out to be and look forward to seeing you all more often. 

In the meantime, keep me posted with all of your flawless feats and keep up the great work Panthers!

Welcome back Writing and Visual Culture LLC!

Break always seems to pass so fast, but here we are at our second semester already. Hope all of your classes went through and you're already getting a good head start on the semester. Now, I know we're scattered across campus, but I'd like to welcome you all back to a new semester with a bit of a party. We'll be having a social coming up where you can come together as a group once more. Food and drinks will be served Sunday February 19th at 5:00pm in RiverView 254 (where your classes were held for english last semester). A movie marathon will also partake at this time for those who want to stick around for a bit longer. This is a great chance to show up and meet with some of the LLC members to talk about events we want to do for this new year. Come on by and hang out with your fellow Writing and Visual Culture members. Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hey everyone!  It's Michael, and I'm really excited to be back for Spring Semester.  I had an awesome break spending time with friends and family, and now I'm back and ready for a lot of fun times with the LLC!  So far we have made some excellent progress I think; Celia and I have been working on getting some fun events planned for the LLC, we even have one coming up at the Rec Center on February 27th, and we had an awesome planning meeting with the residents that we think will work out great! 

For the event on February 27th, we will be going to the UWM Rec Center for the Rec'd Olympics!  Put on by the Student Success Center, UWM Police Department, and Norris Health Center, the Rec'd Olympics will consist of everyone bowling, playing pool, or whatever else you want at the Rec Center betwee 6-8PM.  Drunk goggles will be provided as well as information/literature explaining the effects of alcohol and drug on your abilities to function.  It should be really educational!

As an LLC, since we have so many different interests, we are also looking to collaborate with other LLCs.  Celia and I are looking into a few different things, and we're really looking forward to some good things!  Until next time!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some New Tunes

Welcome to spring 2012!

The Crossroads LLC has just begun its journey in a new direction with a different instructor, Todd Rongstad.

This semester Crossroads is going to have a more hands on and discussion based seminar setting.

Listening to music and watching videos should be especially fun with the new sound equipment that has been installed in Cambridge Commons.

This semester "sounds great"!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaching New Heights!

Hello fellow LLC lovers!
Now that the second week of the new semester has come and gone, this semester should be a breeze! BUT if you're not super psyched about this semester or still trying to back in the swing of things no need to worry, you've definitely got this! This semester is full of advantages:

1) You have a semester of experience, you know what works for you or what doesn't work for you 2)You've met at least one person (if not you always have your RA and Mentor to help you meet people :] )
3) You know the campus layout at the bare minimum and can start exploring resources
4) Even if you're brand new to UWM you're surrounded by people who have all of the insight listed above!

So now that you have all this going for you, time to reach some new heights! Use the resources that are there just for you! Things like PASS for tutors and supplemental instruction, Student Accessibility Center, the Writing Center, your TA/ Professor's office hours, and the advice and info on upcoming opportunities from your adviser can give you the academic edge. And there's the Women's Resource Center, The LGBT Resource Center, Neighborhood Housing office, Center for Volunteerism and Leadership, the cultural centers and office of undergraduate research in Bolton hall, and a million.....maybe not that many but a lot.....more opportunities to make this semester the best yet!

Make some new friends, start some new habits, explore the city, make UWM YOUR school, and don't forget to have an awesome semester!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome Back

Hey everybody. Welcome back this semester. I hope you are getting back into the swing of things and getting used to being back in classes. I feel like professors just jumped right into everything this semester is off and running.
Last semester went pretty well. We had a zumba event and a successful study event for the students. We played Anatomy and Physiology Jeopardy to help them study for their Anatomy and Physiology lab practical they had.
So far this semester the HealthCare LLC is planning a trip to Marquette University to the cadaver lab! It should be a great trip once everything is all planned out and we get to finally go. It will be very exciting!