Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We wont say good bye, but farewell!

Well its the end of the year!

I am very impressed at the success of our "Talk to the Hands" event! We had over 100 people attend and it received positive feedback from all that attended! Thank you all for helping out and putting so much time and effort into our event! we really made a difference and educated many people about the deaf community here at UWM! We hope that the ASL LLC will continue this event next year and make it even more successful!

I know you have all made some lifelong friends and hopefully have learned from each other. You came as strangers and are leaving as a family. For those of you who are not moving off campus together, or living in the LLC or Res Halls again, be sure to keep in touch with each

Have a spectacular Summer!!!

West 2 Holiday Party!
Back row left to right: RA Kelly, Alex, KimmiLei, Alyssa, Trevor, Bri, Isiah, Mice, and Chelsea
Middle Row: Sarah, Ana, Ashley, Kelsey, and Jill
Bottom row: Katy, Tyler, and Leah

Not pictured: Jordan, Mentor Katie, Advisor Heahter