Monday, May 16, 2016

Update for the Architecture LLC

Hey Everyone!

This month, the Architecture LLC finished up their final projects. They had to come up with a design to better the park outside of the Sandburg dorms. In addition to coming up with the design they had to create a site model, model of their design, multiple drawings, a collage, and prepare a presentation. They then presented their work to a group of faculty to receive feedback. Their presentations not only allowed them to get direct feedback on their work, but it also gave them the opportunity to practice their presentation skills for next semester's studio critiques. Overall everyone did amazing work and I was very impressed!

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's crazy to believe that this semester is already coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday that Katie and I were having our first community meetings and our LLC welcome event. These past few weeks have been an exciting time in the Transfer Community though. At our end of the year banquet, Katie and I were honored to represent the Transfer Community as recipients of the LLC of the year Award! Last week we had two phenomenal events as well. We partnered with the Business LLC to throw an amazing cookout. We took full advantage of the nice weather (while it lasted) to play volleyball, frisbee, soccer, and enjoy some amazing grilled food courtesy of RA Jake. Then, last Friday we enjoyed the free admissions day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. 

All in all, it's been an amazing year working with the Transfer Community. I couldn't have asked for a better group of students to work with and I know that Katie shares the same sentiments. We both with you best of luck with your final exams! Have a great summer - RA Paul

Wow, this year has gone by so fast! 

Amidst our residents starting to move home, organizing final projects, and studying for finals we still took some time to go have some fun on the LLC trip to Chicago!

The Health Professions LLC started the day with a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. We went all around the museum, checking out different exhibits, especially the health related one where you could learn all about genetics, the different body systems, and much much more. 

After the museum, we all traveled to Chicago's Navy Pier to explore but the students were allowed to just explore the city on there own. Residents walked to the Bean, stayed on the pier, went shopping, and some got Chicago deep dish pizza. 

We ended the day, all pretty exhausted, but really happy to have gotten a fun day to spend together before Finals and the end of the year!

Hope to see you all here next year! Have a great summer!

- RA Sydney & RA Shelby - 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spanish House LLC


As the semester draws to an end the residents of the Spanish House LLC find themselves studying for finals and saying goodbye to each other. Even though we don’t want to say goodbye the Spanish House LLC will no longer host and plan events since the semester is about to close off. It has been an amazing year filled with fun events such as, Salsa night, Game night, Cooking in Cambridge and our event to Chicago! As the Resident Assistant for the Spanish House LLC it has been an extremely fun and exciting year getting to know my Spanish House LLC residents and being able to teach them about Milwaukee, UWM and even helping them learn Spanish! I will be sad to see my residents go but I could not have asked for a better group of residents for my first year as an RA! So with that I wish you all the best!

Mis mejores deseos,

RA Laly

Engineering LLC Closing Remarks

End of the Year in the Engineering LLC

A HUGE thanks to everyone for such an amazing year in the Engineering LLC here at UWM.
RA Gideon, RA Tyler and myself had a wonderful year with everyone! This year we were able to uphold the traditions started by the RAs before us including the Kickoff event, Engineering Olympics, and the LLC trip to Chicago. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! 

Thank you for being a part of the College of Engineering's 50th anniversary!

Good Luck on Finals!
-RA Brianna

Farewell from Honors House 2!

We're so incredibly close to the end of the year! It's unbelievable that it's been nearly two years since I became the Honors House 2 RA, and I am so privileged to been able to share it with a fantastic group of residents in the best place to live on campus.

First off, the 2016 LLC Trip to Lake Geneva Canopy Tours was a huge success!

We had a group of about two dozen residents attend on a gorgeous Friday afternoon in April. For around three and a half hours, we went through a bunch of fun team building and leadership exercises, as well as the high ropes course which ranges from 20 to 50 feet above the forest floor. It was a pretty unforgettable experience.

As we head into the final part of the year, I'd like to wish everyone good luck on their final projects and exams. Remember: Pain is temporary, GPA is forever.

With that, I'd like to wish Honors House 2 a fond farewell. As a parting gift, please enjoy my final bulletin board, pictured below. HH2 has been a fantastic experience, and I couldn't have wished for a better LLC to have in my final year as an RA.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Music Community's Wrapping Up

Hello all!

In the Music Community we've all been preparing for finals and our last performances of the semester for a while now and it's finally here.  Classes are ending this week as finals are starting and everyone is just trying to finish strong again this semester.  Some members of the LLC decided to take a break from all their studying recently by attending Panthers After Dark's 90's theme dance and spa night.  Let me tell you, this was well earned and a much needed break for the LLC.  Good luck to everyone else in your upcoming finals and remember to take breaks from your studies every so often to de-stress like the Music LLC did!

I'd also like to add that it has been a privilege to work in the Music Community and get to know so many interesting people in my year as a resident assistant.  I encourage anyone to apply as an RA so that they can have the wonderful experiences that I've had the opportunity to experience this year.  And to anyone thinking about joining a Living Learning Community, I highly recommend this as well.

Good luck to anyone with finals and I hope to see you all around campus,

RA Alec

The Fat Lady is Singing

Well, this is the end of the semester.  It's been so much fun, from meeting new people to experiencing new things we have grown together and made great memories.  I hope that everyone has a great and safe summer.
Now that finals are here we are all working super hard to get everything perfect and squared away.  Move out begins in just a few short days and quiet hours are starting even sooner.  Looking back it doesn't seem like it's been long at all.  Now we're moving on to the next chapter where ever that may take us.  For finals, don't stress out too much.  Get plenty of rest and eat well.  We're almost at the end and when we get there victory will be sweat.

See What We're Signing

Wow! This year has gone by so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that people were moving into their rooms for the very first day and now it's move-out time. The last few weeks we have been focused on our annual LLC event, See What I'm Signing. This year was the first year that we decided to have a theme for the event and since it was near May 4th, we decided to do a Star Wars theme! It was an amazing turn out and a great time. We played a bunch of games like ABC Bingo, the Telephone game, and more! We also made wax hand molds and had a panel of Deaf students answering all of our questions. Our instructor, Erin, and I hosted the event with a lot of volunteering help from the LLC students. We also had a great opportunity for the First Year Cohort in the Interpreter Training Program and had two wonderful student interpreters for our event as well as the Program Head, Pam Conine, and our very own ASL Department Adviser Jen Hayes! We are very lucky to have had such an amazing program this year!

Additionally, I would just like to say to all of the residents this year:
Thank you for all that you have done. It is amazing to have seen you grow so much this year. Your signing skills have developed so much as well as you in general. You are no longer a bunch of kids on their own for the first time; now you're just days away from being sophomores in college! You have helped me grow and getting to know you has touched me and is not something I am going to forget. You will all do amazing things and I am excited to see how each and every one of you continues on with your work. I hope that you all keep in touch and stay passionate!

Thanks for a giving me a great year as your RA for the ASL LLC,

Ariel Baeseman

The whole crowd at the end of the event!

Our wonderful volunteers! 
(Back Left: RA Hunter Vannieuwenhoven, RA Alec Lass, RLC Rachael, Teresa, Ashley, Hailey, Ryne, Instructor Erin Wiggins, Taylor Koss; Front Left: Sabrina, RA Ariel Baeseman, Madi)

Our stellar interpreters!
(Marley, Jake, Pam Conine, Jen Hayes, Zoe)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wrapping Up with Art & Design

This year is coming to a close and the students are reaching the end of their first year and getting ready for final critiques and exams! The 3D class is currently working on a found items and wood sculpture which focuses on the meaning of the items found and integrating that into the body of the sculpture itself. The 2D concepts class is then working on a book arts object. With Book Arts the students are challenged to think about the book as a vehicle for an art piece. They can do this by thinking of the pages more as a material and how to display an idea over the concept of time. The students also have a final coming up in their Digital Arts class. With that final they have the chance to display the skills within Photoshop and Illustrator that they learned this semester. Coming up this May 11th, the LLC students are having an installation event for the Service Learning project they had with the RRF. 

The final result of the RRF Collaboration Project

On the 22nd of April, the LLC, we took a trip down to Chicago with our stakeholders in order to see exhibitions and artwork outside of Milwaukee. The day started bright and early before 7 am in order to catch the Amtrak train, and it was many students' first experience traveling by train. We began as a group at the Chicago Cultural Center which was exhibiting a body of interactive sculptures called “Strandbeest” (Beach Beasts). These sculptures were semi-automated sculptures by artist Theo Jansen and are created with industrial materials. After this exhibition the students had the opportunity to explore the downtown area and hang out and grab a bite to eat with friends. We then later regrouped at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the Art Institute the LLC had the opportunity to explore the expansive collections ranging from Ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, to East Asian art, to Contemporary Painting and Sculpture. Popular amongst the LLC were the large collections of work from impressionists such as George Seurat and Claude Monet. Equally popular were the pop artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, as well as modern painting classics by Pablo Picasso. After the Art Institute there was some more free time and the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Photography before we returned home!

A Strandbeest displayed on the beach

This has been a great year for the Art and Design LLC, and we have definitely enjoyed getting to know this group of students and look forward to where their hard work will take them!

-RA Joe and Mentor Devin

S'mores LLC Spring Trip

What's new and exciting with the S'MORES LLC? Well our biggest adventure yet has been our spring trip. 

We took a bus all the way to Lake Geneva for a high ropes course and leadership games. It was so much fun! We combined the Military and Honors House 2 LLC's and had about 25 residents attend. Even though we didn't start out knowing everyone on the trip, we all got to know new people and learn knew ways to build a team. 

We were out in the woods, it was a very scenic place with hammocks and a campfire to rest by when we weren't doing activities. The high ropes course was 60 feet in the air! And the obstacles were a real challenge. 
On the ground level there were little challenges for groups to accomplish that tested our ability to work together as a team and build leadership. It was hard because not everyone knew each other, but we pulled through in the end. 

Here are some pictures: 

We weren't able to take the full canopy tour because we ran out of time, but hopefully in the future we can add that to our list of accomplishments!