Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Atwater Beach and Park

One of my favorite places in Milwaukee is a beach that his sometime hidden.  It is called Atwater Beach and Park.  It is always really clean and they have recently done some construction there to update the park.  The have community clean beach ups. This is a fun place to go at any time of the year but especially when the weather is warming up!!!

This beach is right at the end of Capital Drive! You can grab a bus or head for a walk! Pack a lunch and grab some towels and a Frisbee and get ready for a great time. 

Everyone should get out and explore Milwaukee!!! Have fun!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

MOSAIC - Milwaukee Organized Sound and Instrument Collective

Something I recommend for music students (or students who just want to continue playing!) is to perform pieces written by our composition students. One of the easiest ways to get involved in the process and do some networking is through MOSAIC, or the Milwaukee Organized Sound and Instrument Collective. This is a student-run group including composers and performers.

Their mission is to "write and/or play new, student-made music frequently, share ideas and welcome constructive criticism of each other's music, and give students the opportunity to be part of an ensemble of performers they otherwise normally wouldn't play with (cross-departmental)."

Antennae Galaxies by Joshua Backes

If you're interested in playing with MOSAIC, you can contact Sebastian Valenzuela via the group's Facebook page or email at mosaicuwm@gmail.com. Make sure to include your full name, instrument, and preferred email address!


Friday, April 26, 2013


Now that spring is upon us, that only means Summerfest is around the corner! From June 26 -30 and July 2 - 7 this year promises to be AWESOME! I'm sure a lot of people have been to Summerfest but in case you haven't been it's located the same place that Pantherfest was! Located about 5 miles from campus the Summerfest grounds hold many different ethnic festivals like German fest and Irish fest! 

Here is a list of some of the headliners:
-Tom Petty
-Jason Aldean
-New Kids on the Block
-Luke Bryan
-Tim McGraw
-John Mayer

Tickets for Summerfest are 17 dollars. The best way to get to summerfest is by bus or shuttle! 

I hope you all attend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sharing a Language

This semester the ASL LLC has about 20 members.  This year, there are quite a few residents that are part of the West 3/4 community (where the ASL LLC is located), but are not LLC members. For this reason, the ASL LLC will be putting on an event to encourage other members of the West 3/4 community to learn more about Deaf Culture and ASL.  We will be showing residents how to fingerspell their names, count from 1-10, and how to sign basic phrases such as “What’s your name?”, “How are you?”, and “Nice to meet you.”  Also, to give others an idea of what Deaf Culture really is, we are also planning to meet our new LLC Advisor, Pam, as well as play some Deaf games.

This event will take place right in our community.  The goal of this event is not only to expose other community members to ASL, but to also give the LLC residents a feel for what our annual event “Talk to the Hands” is all about.  “Talk to the Hands” is an event much like what we are planning for this month, but is instead open to all of University Housing residents.  This month’s event will allow LLC members to start thinking about and planning for the “Talk to the Hands” event. Hopefully, it will also get more people interested and aware of Deaf Culture. We are hoping to build an even stronger community right here on West 3/4 and with the ASL LLC.

~RA Leah

Doors Open Milwaukee


On September 21st and 22nd, 2013,  Historic Milwaukee, Inc. will host its third annual Doors Open Milwaukee at over 100 locations across the city. Opening their doors to visitors, free of charge, will be some of Milwaukee's most historic and monumental structures. Some of last year's highlighted locations include:
-Milwaukee City Hall
-Basilica of St. Josaphat
-Frank Lloyd Wright's American System-Built Home
-Iron Block Building
-Milwaukee Art Museum
-Milwaukee County Courthouse
-North Point Water Tower
-Pabst Mansion
-Sweet Water Organics
...and many more!
Visitors to the event have two options for taking advantage of Doors Open Milwaukee. They can design their own agenda of buildings to visit from the list at any time during the 10 AM - 5 PM open doors timespan, or join some of the in-depth, ticketed tours offered at many of the locations.
Furthermore, Historic Milwaukee, Inc. offers the opportunity for community members to volunteer at the event and work a variety of posts throughout the city.
As an architecture student, Doors Open Milwaukee offers the opportunity to get an inside look at some amazing structures, but as a citizen of Milwaukee, the event offers an opportunity to learn about Milwaukee's rich history through some of the city's most iconic buildings. With over 100 buildings open to the public, there is certain to be something for everyone.
For more information, please visit: http://doorsopenmilwaukee.org/

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Habitat for Humanity!!

Get involved! Make friends! Help the community!

Does this sound interesting to you?  If yes, then consider joining Habitat for Humanity!  The overall purpose of Habitat for Humanity is to "seek to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the community and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action" and is open to all UWM students!  While you are volunteering your time for the community, you are giving back a wonderful service and making great relations with your fellow members!

If you're interested in helping out the community Habitat for Humanity has monthly meetings at 7:30pm that are on campus (location not disclosed).  To sign up go to https://orgsync.com/home in the search bar search "Habitat for Humanity", select the first option and on the left side click the green "Join Now."
Also, located on the left hand side you can find their calendar of events and see when things are planned!
Things they do: Building, fundraising, educating and tithing

Contact Information:
Kelly Hutcheson hutches4@uwm.edu

Office Location: Union 392

Org Sync direct link: https://orgsync.com/24536/chapter

Monday, April 22, 2013

Leadership Opportunities

applicationAs the semester comes to a close it is important to get involved in leadership roles around campus. A great way to understand more about the UWM community and campus is to become a campus ambassador. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus Ambassadors (CAs) are a prestigious group of students who are called upon for their leadership and contributions to the life and culture of the University. CAs participate in a variety of campus activities, initiatives, and mentoring designed to enhance the experience of all new students, help achieve the University’s goals, and further promote its schools, colleges and other campus units.

  • To better connect new students to UWM during Orientations
  • To provide positive mentoring to new students throughout the academic year.
  • To contribute a sense of UWM community, pride, spirit and tradition.
  • To provide student perspective and leadership in shaping UWM campus initiatives.
  • To represent the best of UWM at on and off-campus UWM sponsored activities and functions.
This program is a great way to get involved with the campus and build your leadership skills. As a CA you will be exposed to all aspects of the campus and be able to network with the community. This is an outstanding leadership role that will not only help the students but benefit young leaders in the future.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Check Out Discovery World in Milwaukee!

Discovery World

                Discover.  What an interesting word!  To me it means finding out something unexpectedly without previously knowing about it.  If you have been to Discovery World in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you know exactly what I mean.  What a cool place!  Where ever you look and turn, you are always finding something new that builds your curiosity.

                From the miniature Milwaukee water exhibits emphasizing conservation to the nail bed should you decide to see how lucky you are, there is never a dull moment.  Not forgetting about their movie screens, interactive robot and sound exhibits, and large aquariums where you can pet the fish and SHARKS, you could spend the whole day there!  I can’t even begin to describe everything in Discovery World because they’re still waiting for me to discover them.  Oh yeah, and they feature a life sized replica of an old sailing boat ship that you can go in!

                From the perspective of the Science and Innovation House LLC, students of UWM including myself have spent a bunch of time there over the past few years designing and building robots that utilize bio-mimicry.  How cool is that!?  The most amazing thing about my robot was that it fired an exploding cucumber… 

                And with discounts for students, it can be a great way to spend a rainy Saturday!  Or better yet, go on a sunny day and walk on some of the piers and great paths that surround Discovery World protruding into the great lake and coastline where it is located.

                I’ll leave you with this thought, if you want to learn something new and make some Discoveries, you won’t be disappointed, go to Discovery World.  Experience it.

Signing off is your Mentor,

Free Zoo Visit!

Hey all!

Just checking in to let everyone know that on April 6th the Milwaukee Zoo had free entry for all visitors!

The Milwaukee Zoo is awesome, and can entertain you and your friends all day for no money on that date!

You can easily use the bus to get there an enjoy yourselves. 

Check it out! I personally love the zoo. It's impossible to not enjoy zoos! 
There are different dates that the zoo has free days- check out their website-http://www.milwaukeezoo.org/

- Resident Assistant Alec Just

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Study Abroad

Study Abroad


Study abroad is a great opportunity for students to see the world and earn credits toward your degree. You will be able to expereince new cultures and gain a new persepective, also meet and gain new friendships across the world, maybe even learning a few new languages along the way. You will learn so much about yourself "personally, educationally, professionaly, and socially." 

Stop by at the Study Abroad office and see what interest you:
Located in Pearse Hall 166
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
Phone: (414) 229-5182


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get involved

Are you a Kinesiology, Nursing, or Occupational Therapy student? If so you should look into the Kinesiology Undergraduate Student Organization (KUSO), Nursing Student Association (NSA), or the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA).

KUSO provides opportunities and resources for undergraduate kinesiology students to extend and build upon experiences in the classroom. They organize events, activities, and programs on campus and help with events in the community. For example, they have brought in the “band man” to do exercise with and host a walking taco sale to fundraise. If you would like more information about the organization you can contact Tiffany Cobb at tjcobb@uwm.edu (the president of the organization) or visit the site on orgsync.
NSA contributes to the nursing education to provide the highest quality of health care, aid in the development of the whole person in his/her professional role and responsibilities for health care, and promote growth and leadership opportunities. Some activities they participate in is holding blood and clothing drives, participate in fundraisers and run/walks, as well as hold blood pressure screening. If you would like more information about the association you can send and e-mail to nsaweb@uwm.edu or visit their site on orgsync.
Lastly, SOTA promotes the profession of Occupational Therapy and stimulates professional growth by providing speakers, networking opportunities, and participating in other extracurricular activities. Some of the activities include sending some members to the national AOTA and state WOTA conferences, sponsor speakers of Occupational Therapy, and professional development. If you would like more information about the association you can sent an e-mail to Lauren Swell at lvswell@uwm.edu or visit their site on orgsync. 

Leadership Opportunity: Black and Gold Committee-Lubar School of Business

Black and Gold Committee

The UWM Black and Gold Commission was formed in October 2001. Its charge was to ensure that the quality of the UWM student experience improves as UWM grows in st  The Commission identifies those issues that impede student success and satisfaction and provides action steps for UWM to achieve the outcomes endorsed by the entire campus in adopting the campus investment plan:
The Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business Black & Gold Committee was first established in November 2002. It is charged to ensure that the quality of the UWM student experience in the Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business is enhanced.The Black and Gold Commission started with the aspirations set forth in these campus planning documents.

This organization meets once a month in Lubar and focuses on improving students success and becoming active in the Milwuakee community, connecting with UWM Alumni for support and advice and providing members with the tools and resources to achieve these success. 

“UWM will be recognized locally and internationally as an institution which prepares students for meeting lifelong learning goals.
  • Graduation rates will improve
  • Student satisfaction assessments will improve
  • Attainment of program-specific learning outcomes will increase
  • Placement rates for graduates will increase
  • Alumni involvement with UWM will increase
  • Increase Connections and Invest in Diversity

Feel free to contact the committee members with any comments/suggestions via email at lsb-blackandgold@uwm.edu.

Rockin' & Rollin'

Brewcity Bruisers Roller Derby

The Brewcity Bruisers (BCB) was founded on October 19, 2005 by Butch Cassidy, Jesse Jameson and Chris Carny Power. Within a few months over 80 women signed up to become rollergirls in Milwaukee. They trained at local roller rinks and the first bout was an exposition event at the 2006 Summerfest music festival on Milwaukee’s lakefront.

The Brewcity Bruisers are comprised of four home teams: Crazy 8s, Rushin’ Rollettes, Shevil Knevils, and Maiden Milwaukee. The strongest skaters from each team play for the Brewcity Bruisers’ All Stars, who represent the league regionally with the hopes of taking it one step further to nationals. Also playing on the road are the Brewcity Bruisers’ Battlestars, who take on other leagues while looking to sharpen their skills at interleague play. The Brewcity Bruisers recently started a rec league named Brewcity Bootleggers and a Junior Derby league (the MicroBruisers) for those under 18 looking to start early!

Upcoming Events:
Sunday April 21st @ 2PM
Saturday May 11th @ 7PM

Ticket Prices:
Adult, in advance: $15.00

Adult, day-of-bout: $18.00

Kids 6-12, seniors 55+, military, in advance: $12.00

Kids 6-12, seniors 55+, military, day-of-bout: $15.00

Bouts take place in the U.S. Cellular Arena - 400 E. Kilbourn Avenue
The 30 Bus will take you right there

For more info visit: http://www.brewcitybruisers.com