Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get involved

Are you a Kinesiology, Nursing, or Occupational Therapy student? If so you should look into the Kinesiology Undergraduate Student Organization (KUSO), Nursing Student Association (NSA), or the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA).

KUSO provides opportunities and resources for undergraduate kinesiology students to extend and build upon experiences in the classroom. They organize events, activities, and programs on campus and help with events in the community. For example, they have brought in the “band man” to do exercise with and host a walking taco sale to fundraise. If you would like more information about the organization you can contact Tiffany Cobb at (the president of the organization) or visit the site on orgsync.
NSA contributes to the nursing education to provide the highest quality of health care, aid in the development of the whole person in his/her professional role and responsibilities for health care, and promote growth and leadership opportunities. Some activities they participate in is holding blood and clothing drives, participate in fundraisers and run/walks, as well as hold blood pressure screening. If you would like more information about the association you can send and e-mail to or visit their site on orgsync.
Lastly, SOTA promotes the profession of Occupational Therapy and stimulates professional growth by providing speakers, networking opportunities, and participating in other extracurricular activities. Some of the activities include sending some members to the national AOTA and state WOTA conferences, sponsor speakers of Occupational Therapy, and professional development. If you would like more information about the association you can sent an e-mail to Lauren Swell at or visit their site on orgsync. 

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