Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gasthaus Trivia

For the Communication and Conflict LLC’s February event, we will be attending Gasthaus Trivia night in the Gasthaus. The Gasthaus is a restaurant located in the basement of the Union that has many large projection televisions as well as trivia and bands that play there frequently. The event was planned to help students explore new places on campus as well as expose them to other social events UWM has to offer.

The event will be in the Gasthaus on Thursday February 28th from 7pm-9pm. This event will help student reach outside of their comfort zone and take risks. Also, students can get a chance to see their mentor and RA in a less formal setting. We are trying to get students to interact with their floormates in a new area and help foster relationships. 

Welcome Back Business Panthers!

Hey Everyone! Welcome Back!

I am extremely excited to be apart of the business panthers LLC this semester. We will be doing a welcome back event in the form of having one of the Business Fraternities come in and do some activities with our residents and see if they are interested in joining.

This is a really great opportunity for our residents because Business Fraternities allow you to network with students, faculty, and employers! Our residents can be guided along by members who have been in their shoes and gone places they want to go.

Even if our residents do not want to join, it will still give them the idea of networking and getting involved in the business community. 

This will continue to help our residents see that there is more you need to do than going to class if you want to be successful in the business world. They need to learn that it is valuable to know many people and to have made good impressions on a wide group of people.

I am not only interested but excited to see how this event turns out, I have a strange feeling I might end up joining myself!

Until next time,

Resident Assistant Alec Just. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to the Change

Welcome Back LLC Students!
I hope your Winter Break was awesome.

The Community Leadership LLC will be facing some new changes.
The first change coming is our mentor.  This past semester Amber Rivard was presented with an opportunity that she just could not pass up. So even though she has moved on, she passed the torch of Leadership on to Serafina Payne.  Serafina is the new mentor for this LLC.  When I first met, I saw the excitement and dedication she has for this LLC. Together we hope to expose our LLC students to new opportunities within Milwaukee. We hope to do this through our interactions with residents and events.

This semester I hope to plan events that are outside the box and get the students to step outside their comfort zones.  Some upcoming event to look forward to is:

Art Fancy- TBD

Sunday March 10th, 2013-A Night of   College Fun (Go Karting and Laser Tag) @7-9. – TBD

So if any LLC students have any suggestions, Serafina and I would be happy to hear them.

“A dream is your creative vision for your life in  the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and unknown”- Denis Waitley

“Life  begins at the end of your comfort zone”-Neale Donald Walsch

“Move Out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”- Brain Tracy

Let’s step out
Reach New Heights
No Limits No Boundaries To The Places We Will GO!!:)

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey everyone,

Welcome back this semester! We are now in our 4th week of classes and starting to get into the groove of things. The Helping Hands in Healthcare LLC is in the works of planning a Zumba event for the end of February. With Valentines being this month we thought we would incorporate heart health/healthy living into our event. After the thrilling Zumba class is done we will be enjoying some healthy snacks that are cheap and affordable for college students. Information on heart health is also going to be provided. It will be taking place in the Sandburg Residence Hall. We are looking forward to getting our Zumba on and learning how to eat health on a college budget!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie Viewing: The Lorax

This past Friday our LLC had a movie viewing night on our floor in Sandbrug, the movie we watched was The Lorax. The reason why this movie was chosen is because it looks at the dangers of pollution to planet and to human's personal health. It also has a few great messages that can be taken from it, the most important to me being, unless people care it will be difficult to make changes for the better, be it for the environment or the individual's own personal growth. Aside for the really deep meaning that the story had at its heart the movie also had some rather entertaining parts, such as the many musical numbers.

Overall the movie has is pretty amusing and offers a very interesting way to begin to consider the effects of human actions on the environment as well as to open a dialog about possible actions that can be taken into to help change the environment for the better