Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Transfer Community

Spring Break has officially ended and we've entered the final stretch of the semester! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Spring Break experience! It's crazy to think that we only have about six more weeks of classes.

For our next LLC event, we're hoping to bring the transfer students to the Milwaukee Public Art Museum. It's an amazing museum with so much to look at and it's located right in our own city. I'm excited to bring our transfer residents, especially any of the students who haven't gotten a chance to visit the museum before. Next month, we'll also be volunteering for the UWM Make A Difference Day clean-up event. It's a great experience and it feels great to help make campus as well as the surrounding neighborhood a cleaner place to be. Some other possible events we may do this semester are a trip to a local  business or another trip downtown to explore.

As we return from break and get back into the swing of things, good luck with all your classes! Make sure you wrap up this semester on a strong note!

-RA Paul

Music LLC

It's been an exciting spring semester so far here in the Music LLC!  As we move into midterm season here at UWM the residents of the Music LLC have been hunkering down and getting things done.  We've recently had a few great performances in the past weeks for our band and choir students.  These performances have been keeping everyone busy practicing and rehearsing this semester and especially the past few weeks.  Residents have also been getting their plans set for next year as returner self assignment has been going on and we've had residents self-assigning back into the Music LLC.  Folks in the LLC are getting excited about the nice weather that's giving us a taste of spring just in time for our spring break this year.  With the weather we hope the Music LLC keeps making it outside and has a calm, stress-free spring break!  Have fun and stay safe to all the folks with spring break plans and hopefully we can all return ready to take on the second half of our Spring 2016 semester here at UWM's Peck School of the Arts!

I look forward to seeing all the exciting new things happening over the next month!

Until then,

Health Professions LLC Update!


The LLC has been very busy since this new semester started. We recently finished hosting a pre-pilot program here in Riverview that was focused on Cancer Prevention and Breast Health with the Komen Foundation! It was a four session program, hosted over four weeks, and each session was focused on a different topic. The first was on breast health practices and screenings, the second on health diet and how that affects cancer prevention, the third on the effects of exercise, and the final one was on self-care and maintaining your personal well-being! They were all active and our host brought special food that was cancer fighting food! It was great!

Coming up, we will be hosting a group of potential LLC members for next year at the second round of our GO MILWAUKEE program! We will also be having a presentation on the Nursing Major Application and a LLC trip to Chicago is also in the works! 

Stay tuned for more details!

-RA Sydney & RA Shelby 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


What is going on within UWM.NET?

Since UWM.NET does not have a general class this semester as the other LLC's do we don't have much going on outside the Resident halls. However we just had our first LLC event this month of March and went to the Business event. This event was all about networking which fit perfect towards what UWM.NET is all about. Students got to talk many different employers. This gives them the chance to potentially land an interview for an internship or a potential job.

As for this month there is nothing really happening, I would say it is our downtime. Everyone just got back from spring break so there is some catching up to do with everyone in the LLC. Which I will highlight this point about being in any LLC, it is a greater opportunity to meet friends and makes coming back from a break more exciting.

Engineering LLC: Spring Industry Expo and LLC Trip Planning

Hello, hello, this is RA Tyler from the Engineering LLC telling you what we've been up to.

Well, Spring is finally here and with it was the Spring Industry Expo, a great opportunity for students to talk to and meet companies that relate to engineering. This might be just a foot in the door with the company or this might be an internship or summer job offer, either way, it's a great event that took place on Friday, February 26th. There were somewhere around 75 companies eager to meet with students and answer any questions that they might have had. This year was even more exciting as there were free professional head shots taken if you went.

The night before was an info session that RA Brianna, Gideon, and myself ran, where you could see which companies were looking for what majors. We also had sheets with valuable information, which is pictured above, that you could take with you. We were there to answer any questions that residents may have had and we helped with resumes.

RA Gideon working hard, helping residents with resumes.

To the left and below were some of the helpful signs that RA Brianna made for the event.

But what's coming up next for the LLC? Well, in April, we have lots of things planned. We have and LLC trip to Chicago. We're going to the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning and then letting you explore Chicago in the afternoon. We're also working on an event that will help give back to Sandburg, where we help fix the yellow carts. There will be more on one or both of those events next month.

This is RA Tyler signing off, telling you to have a good day and don't forget to be awesome.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spanish House LLC


The Spanish House LLC has been busy adjusting since coming back from Spring Break. On March 10th the LLC attended the Hot House StorySlam Bilingue by downtown Milwaukee. The StorySlam consisted of people sharing impactful stories of their life. While we were in attendance many stories were told; some of them related to immigration, the American Dream and some even related to food! The stories and the people that told them were very interesting, and best of all students were able to immerse themselves in Spanish since the stories themselves were told in Spanish and translated to English! This trip was sponsored by University Housing and completely free to Spanish House LLC residents. Below you will see La Profesora, Ester, with some of the Spanish House LLC residents.

La Profesora y Spanish House LLC residents

Storyteller and interpreter 

Next on the Spanish House LLC calendar will be Comida en Cambridge, which translates to Food in Cambridge. Spanish House LLC students will come to Cambridge and prepare a full Latin meal! This event will take place on March 25th at 12pm. They will be cooking with La profesora and their peer mentor. All of the ingredients are provided and the students will be able to speak and emerge themselves in the culture the whole time! Further on the calendar there will be a Chicago Field trip to the National Museum of Hispanic Art! Stay tune!

-RA Laly

We Won an Award!

This semester is flying by us in the LLC! We have done some awesome stuff and have awesome stuff planned for the rest of the semester, too. Our community is moving along and most of our LLC students are currently taking ASL II and doing super well! It's amazing to see that a lot of the residents are starting to use ASL in conversations in the lounges. Some of our residents are even working with some ASL III students as part of a Service Learning initiative in our ASL Program.Our Peer Mentor, Brandon, is also helping our community by hosting study sessions before exams and practicing ASL - a great opportunity for everyone!

Personally, I attended a conference called WURHA which is a conference where a bunch of student leaders from within housing in Wisconsin get together and share programs and ideas. At this conference, UWM submitted a bid (or proposal) for our LLC's annual program to be selected as the Wisconsin Program of the Year - and it won! Our ASL LLC is now the host of an Award Winning program! This is really big news and very exciting for the LLC and the future of our event which we are beginning to plan already. See What I'm Signing is that program! Although this event is a while away, our residents are getting busy starting to design T-Shirt ideas and games for the event as well as recruiting some students for our panel that we will be having.

There is still plenty more to come and I am excited to begin seeing some people interested in returning to the community next year as well as some brand new faces at our Go Milwaukee event for accepted students for this coming fall! Wow! We are all so excited to keep on growing and keep on signing!

Education & Leadership LLC Update

It's that time again to head back to classes after Spring Break! With fresh tans, and midterms being over our Education and Leadership LLC students are excited to get rolling again. This month we have done a lot of studying! RA Annabelle hosted a midterm study night with coloring books and coloring pages to help relieve midterm stress as well. We focused on what good studying is and also ate some snacks and colored. We also had an event that was a building wide scavenger hunt virtual party. This event helped educate about adverse effects of alcohol and talked about safe practices when going out.

We are so excited to take our Spring trip coming up in a few weeks in April. We will be going with three other LLCs to Chicago to visit the Shedd Aquarium and talk about practical applications of education. We are looking at how to teach young kids when you go on field trips and they are often highly stimulated. Then in the afternoon we will head out into the city for some food and sight seeing! It should be an amazing trip that I know we are all looking forward to!

Until Next Time!

Annabelle and Bryce 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Post Spring Break Blues - Lead to Interview Games

Hello, everyone! I hope you have been enjoying my LLC Career Quest blog posts. The LLC members and I are sad because spring break is over. However, we are ready to hit the books and study more.

This week my LLC will be participating in an event hosted in our community. It is called, "The Interviewing Games". This event is facilitated by the Career Planning and Resource Center.

Throughout this event will deal with role play interviews with student volunteers. I or the facilitator will either play the role of the interviewee to model appropriate answers, behavior etc. Or I play the role of the interviewer and work with the student volunteer on their responses etc. and provide real-time feedback. The "audience" can ask questions etc. This event will allow our students to get first-hand experience with interviews and develop the skills they need to land that summer internship or job. 

This event should be lots of fun and I will post pictures after it is done for next month's post! Enjoy spring!

Fishing for Success with the Career Center

Recently the S'mores LLC had a great event that collaborated with CPaRC (Carreer Planning and Resource Center) to teach us about how to build a great resume! 

Edwin Ramos is our CPaRC and University Housing liaison. Edwin communicates with RA's who can collaborate with him to plan great events that benefit housing residents. 

Before spring break Edwin visited housing to help give residents one on one time to critique their resumes. It was a really fun time with many of us eating pizza and talking about ways to help build ourselves up in ways that look great on paper. 

Edwin was able to help many residents who either didn't have a resume at all to those who had a great first draft and just needed advice on how to improve it more. 

If ever in need of any help resume or career related, don't be afraid to stop in the Career Planning and Resource Center! It is located in Mellencamp 128. Walk in hours are a great way to start, you can stop by any time between 9am - 4 pm. 
Hello Again!

We've had an exciting month for the Local to Global community. I created a passive event for Black History Month that taught my community about several predominate Black individuals that aren't typically known. There were four categories; The Arts, Civil Rights, In Milwaukee and STEM. Each of the categories has a picture of a person who contributed to this category along with a brief description. If residents figured out who the individual was, they received a prize (it was candy).

Our community also paired with another Cambridge Community to do another Study Abroad-type event. Students came and learned in-depth about the study abroad programs UWM offers as well as various ways to fund the trips. We all such an amazing time talking about studying abroad that I forgot to take pictures. (My bad!) Several residents seemed to be interested in doing a study abroad program and this event seemed to help solidify where they wanted to go. 

I can't wait to see what this next month brings and how our community continues to learn and grow!

Until next time,
RA Kim

Monday, March 21, 2016

Half Way There

Hey guys we are half way through the semester and we are all working hard in the LLC.  We have so many awesome performances and practices going on that it's hard to find a person in the dorms during the day.  We have some great events coming up including a Swing Dance event at the beginning of April and some secret events that you'll have to stay updated on as the weeks continue.
With it being halfway through the semester we are in the heat of the dreaded midterms and may the odds be in all of our favors.  There's so much going on on campus that it's hard to fit everything into our schedules but I can assure you that all of use are working hard and having fun.  

Spring is upon us and with it comes warmer weather (and allergies).  Everyone seems to be having a great time whenever the sun comes out whether it be playing Frisbee or just soaking up the sun. Dancing outside has also been a blast.  With spring also comes spring break where I know we were all dancing out of here with high hopes for the vacation to come.  Right now is the perfect time to take a few days to relax before getting right back into the swing of things.  I hope everyone has a successful second half to their semester and look out for new opportunities to be apart of our beautiful campus.


RA Nikki

Monday, March 7, 2016

We have had an exciting month here in the LLC. It is a busy time for students, as midterms arrive as well as housing assignments for the fall of '16 semester. I hope everyone finds the right fit for next year, whether it be off campus or here in housing, and I am looking forward to seeing some of you next year in the Honors 2 LLC. Some more excitement came with the announcement of the Resident Assistant assignments for next year. Congratulations to the residents whose hard work paid off. I look forward to working with all of you and am sure that we brought in a good crop of future RAs.

Spring break is also around the corner and I wish best travels to everyone who has big fans for this needed vacation. Please take caution in all your adventures and most of all, relax and have fun. I hope everyone comes back refreshed and ready to finish out this spring semester. Speaking of the finishing the spring semester, start scheduling your advising appointments and take advantage of the Honors scheduling perks. Scheduling is crucial to keeping you on pace for your graduation goals, so make sure to take this preparation seriously.

Happy March, and I can't wait to start enjoying some warm weather with all of you.