Monday, March 21, 2016

Half Way There

Hey guys we are half way through the semester and we are all working hard in the LLC.  We have so many awesome performances and practices going on that it's hard to find a person in the dorms during the day.  We have some great events coming up including a Swing Dance event at the beginning of April and some secret events that you'll have to stay updated on as the weeks continue.
With it being halfway through the semester we are in the heat of the dreaded midterms and may the odds be in all of our favors.  There's so much going on on campus that it's hard to fit everything into our schedules but I can assure you that all of use are working hard and having fun.  

Spring is upon us and with it comes warmer weather (and allergies).  Everyone seems to be having a great time whenever the sun comes out whether it be playing Frisbee or just soaking up the sun. Dancing outside has also been a blast.  With spring also comes spring break where I know we were all dancing out of here with high hopes for the vacation to come.  Right now is the perfect time to take a few days to relax before getting right back into the swing of things.  I hope everyone has a successful second half to their semester and look out for new opportunities to be apart of our beautiful campus.


RA Nikki

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