Monday, February 27, 2017

Kick Starting the Spring Semester

And so it begins.

The spring semester has arrived, ready or not. From what I’ve seen in the first week, though, it seems the Honors 2 LLC is prepared; as always. We had a good end to the fall semester and had some fun bowling and solving the Christmas mystery with our Honors 2 stakeholder Aaron. I want to thank everyone for the great first semester. You have made my job as an RA very enjoyable with your participation, attitude, and hard work.

With that, I am looking forward to the spring. Also, with this new semester should come new goals. I hope we continue to build off of our great first semester. I know we are working hard in housing to improve every semester I think you will enjoy what we have in store. The East RAs are working together to bring bigger and better events throughout the spring semester. We have changed our approach and are focusing group efforts on all of the events. Because of this we are able to consolidate resources to bring you bigger and better events.

As far as Honors 2 LLC specific events, we are planning our first event of the semester, and it is one that we hope will start a new Honors tradition. We will be teaming up with the Honors 1 community for the 1st (hopefully annual) Honors Olympics. While there will be no luge, or ice hockey, we will have a good variety of events for the teams. Let’s get a strong showing from Honors 2 to compete with the large and eager Honors 1 community. Our reputation is on the line.

Look out for upcoming events, and let’s start the semester on a good note.

-Hunter, RA

Coming Together with Discussion and Activities


This month has been very eventful for the Social Justice LLC! I’m RA Bri, and my co-RA, RA Andee, and I are super excited to be in the Social Justice LLC this semester! We had lots of fun activities planned for the first few weeks. First, we planned an event to refresh what the term “social justice” meant to everyone on the floor. The residents had a great conversation before moving on to the next part of the activity, making identity buttons! While getting crafty and eating some pizza, the residents all got to talk about their own identities (pronouns, genders, etc.). This was a great opportunity for the house to all come together and have meaningful discussions after a nice winter break.


Around Valentine’s Day, RA Andee and I organized a Valentine’s Day themed event. We lead a discussion about age and generation diversity, and the residents made over 50 valentines for a local assisted living center. This was another great event to get everyone in the holiday mood and make a difference in the Milwaukee area.

To round off the month, many of the residents of the LLC went to or volunteered at the UWM Drag Show, a hugely attended off campus event put on by the LGBT Resource Center and other school organizations. It was great to see so many residents have a great time at such a fun event! After such a fantastic night, the energy is great in the house, and the residents are ready for a semester full of activities and events in the LLC and on campus!
-Bre Sayeg, RA