Monday, June 17, 2013

Pabst/Riverside/Turner Hall! Milwaukee Music

Milwaukee has a great live music scene. If you're looking to go to some bigger concerts, check out my three favorite venues in the city: The Pabst, The Riverside, and Turner Hall. If I have any disposable income during the school year, it's usually going towards tickets at one of these venues. Over the past several years, I've seen a lot of great performances, including Tegan & Sara, Local Natives, Streetlight Manifesto, Frank Turner, and a bunch more. In addition to a bunch of alternative groups that play these venues, they also have dance performances (I saw a Russian ballet last year), orchestral performances (the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra does some of their pops concerts there), and comedians (Louis CK filmed one of his shows at the Pabst!).
You can check out their calendar, purchase tickets, and sign up for their newsletter at

Tips for a student budget: Many tickets for Turner Hall events are under $20. Check the event calendar often so you don't miss out on an inexpensive show!

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down at Turner Hall 3/30/13

Braid at Turner Hall 12/14/12

Friday, June 14, 2013

'Til Next Time Honors LLC

Hey ya'll, Hannah here.

I can't believe it is already time to say good-bye!

It has been an incredible year here in the Honors LLC. We've had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and met new people. We have fought through the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have no regrets and I am so thankful to have been with these 30 individuals for this past year!

Trivia Night 
Winners of Trivia Night!

We had a few events to close off
the year including a Trivia Night,
a "How Well do you know West 2?"
game show night, a study day event
and a rec center "party".

Trivia Night: Second Place! 
My favorite would have to be the final activity we did together. I wanted to leave them with something so we did a "West 2 Appreciates" day.

"How well do you know West 2?" 
I brought out 30 mason jar "yearbooks" and asked everyone to write, on slips of paper, one thing positive about each member of the floor. It made me happy to see the amount of positivity and love everyone had for each other. And the best part: when they move-out, they can take it with them! 

30 mason jar "yearbooks"

It has been a great year with the Honors LLC on West 2! Can't wait to see what next year has in store!

'Til next time, this is RA-nnah signing off. Have a great summer!


Communication and Conflict End of the Year


First I am so honored that I got to be a part of this, and I'm even more excited about next year. I think that we as LLC have achieved a lot this year year, and also had a lot of fun. I believe the connections that were made by myself, and members have been part of a great year. 
I learned from my residents that you truly dont know somebody until they really open open up. You can know them but casual conversation is just the tip of the iceberg. 

When I have asked members what they enjoyed the most, it almost always the class. I have been told the class structure and the unique circle was inviting, and from there everyone grew as a group. We all know each other a little better because of the class and can enjoy the person we are on a deeper level. I feel as if we have made some connections that will last a long time and hopefully beyond our college days.

A few really enjoyable events were the day that we all painted a square to assemble one large piece to represent each of us individually, but we put them all together to show the unity and closeness we obtained in class. Another was the Brewer game we went to. We shared a lot of laughs, and created an experience and a memory.

I would just have to say my favorite moment happened when were were at the Brewer game, and i saw how much members enjoyed being around each other and smiling. I loved being apart of this but i really loved seeing the outcome.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creating Your Future- Recap

This has been a wild and crazy year filled with tons of fun memories.  The Creating Your Future LLC did a lot of exploring this year in many aspects of our lives.  The community members learned how to live independent and started to on their journey to their unique career path.  Many community members made lots of connections and have networked through out the community making livelong friendships.  

I just wanted to highlight a few fun events we had this year.  We had some great gatherings together starting off with our Packer game party in the beginning of the year were we came around a common interest and the start of many friendships started.  We had a great game night where community members learned how to work on a team together and showed some of our competitive sides.  Last semester we had so much fun learning about a great resource in our greater Milwaukee community the Urban Ecology center.  Community members helped clean and beautify a local park and outdoor classroom and also volunteered with the centers annual fundraiser.  Ending the year off right we had a great round table discussion where we gathered and discussed our future career paths and our goals for the future.  

This has been a great year and I want to thank everyone for the great memories!!!!  

Good Luck to everyone in their future adventures :) 

Have a great summer and keep in touch!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Student Group: Milwaukee Underground Film Festival

The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (MUFF) is a student run organization driven by the desire to give contemporary works of film and video that innovate in form, technique, and content an opportunity to be presented to the public.

Students generally get involved by taking the post-production class.  In this class they help to choose which films will be shown and help to organize the event.  Occasionally workers outside of the class are needed so if you are interested in volunteering contact info is below.

Email: or (Faculty Advisor, Kelly Bronikowski)
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Mitchell Hall B70
3203 N. Downer Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA s
Ph#(414) 229-6015

Monday, June 10, 2013

Science and Innovation House: students get hands dirty in helping out community!


It's been awhile since the last Science and Innovation House LLC update and boy do we have a cool update for you!  We thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the rising temperatures and get out and do some volunteering for the Milwaukee community.  So...

We decided to join Habitat for Humanity's effort in building homes in Washington Park!  With an arranged shuttle to and from the build, our group of 7 students were ready to put their engineering expertise on the line and get their hands dirty.

From the moment we arrived, the Habitat volunteer builders put us to work!  We did a lot of things like cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning... You would not believe how easy dust accumulates!  I think the shop vac was running the entire day... We also did a lot of caulking.  And I mean a lot, I mean a lot of caulking.  Windows, edges, stairs, and bathrooms all received the full treatment.  Continuing our efforts, we also assisted with hanging blinds and covering nail holes in trim.  I must admit, wood putty is pretty fun to play with!

Our students did a great job!  I must say, I have not seen anyone work as hard as they did last Saturday (April 28th).  The 6 hours that our group was there flew by and everyone enjoyed themselves.  At the end of the day it was a very gratifying experience knowing that our efforts were helping out the local community and  knowing that one lucky family is going to be able to live in this beautiful house!

This will be the last blog from the Science and Innovation House LLC this semester.  I wish everyone the best of luck on finals!!!  Study hard!!!  And most importantly, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER :)

This will also be my last post as next year I will no longer be a mentor :(  These last two years have been fantastic and I have very much enjoyed my role in the LLC and getting to know so many amazing people!  The students really make up the LLC and everyone makes it such a great place to be.  From the Engineering Olympics to Discovery World to helping out the local robotics team to Habitat for Humanity, the Science and Innovation House LLC has had many fun and creative events this year.  I'm so proud to have had a part in this community and I'm looking forward to see what new ideas are done in the future!

And with that I say goodbye! :)

Signing off,

Mentor Ross

Friday, June 7, 2013

Get Involved: Mortar Board

Mortar Board

Mortar Board is a National College Senior Honors Society that started in 1918.  Here at UWM there is a Mortar Board Chapter.  This student organization recognizes students for scholarship, leadership and service.  This is a great organization to meet other peers that are interested in excelling in their academics, leadership, and giving back to the community and making the world a better place.  An interesting fact about this student organization is that there have been many famous members.  This group tries to give back to the community and make positive influences on those they interact with.  The group of students grow toghether through soical events, leadership, and volunteering.  If you want to be part of something great be part of Mortar Board :).  If you want more information about the organization there is a national website that has current up to date news!

Places to Go: The Union Theater

The Union Theater is one of the best entertainment spots available in the Milwaukee area.  The theater, available right in the Union on campus, screens films consistently throughout the fall and spring semesters.  Marathons, such as the French Film Festival or the Nordic Film Festival bring foreign language features to a Milwaukee theater screen that would be otherwise very difficult to find even through online streaming services.  Other times classic films, such as Mean Streets, Enter The Dragon, Fallen Angels, Barbarella, and even the original Django are screened.  Occasionally there will even be a few mainstream titles, such as The Dark Knight Rises, screening.  The best part, whenever it is possible the films are projected in their 35 mm format, something that is very rapidly becoming an exclusive to Milwaukee feature for the Union Theater.

Now here’s what makes the Union Theater one of the best.  Its almost always completely free.  That’s right, free movies.  Even the mainstream releases can be seen for the low price of your free time.  Snack foods, including organic popcorn and mars candy products, are also incredibly cheap, often being at a lower price than anywhere else on campus.  Simply put, the Union Theater is a perfect choice for any movie lovers out there.

Note: Every so often there is a screening that costs money.  However, these screenings usually cost only $4 for students, making the Union theater one of the cheapest theaters in town as well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right...


What a great year it has been for the Writing and Visual Cultures LLC!
Here's a recap of all the events we've had:
Brainfreeze Writing workshop
Lyrical Santuary-Open Mic Night
Urban Ecology Center clean up
UWM Drag Show
Dr. Seuss Party
Getting Smashed

I have had such a stellar time getting to know each of my residents better. Each one of them has taught me something new and I greatly appreciate the impact they've had on my life. My residents have taught me patience and improvisation are definitely keys to success.

Here's what my residents have to say about the LLC:
-"Free food!"
-"Helping my peers succeed."
-"Making life long friendships."
-"Getting Lucky!"

Favorite Moment:
Brady performing his poem at open mic night! 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catch some rays @ Bradford Beach!

One fun activity that students and my really enjoy is going to Bradford Beach when it is nice out, especially during the spring. When the weather is nice there are normally a ton of people at the beach playing Frisbee, football, volleyball, or just catching some sun and relaxing

I    I think that this is cool because it is something that doesn't cost you a dollar for an evening of fun. We are college students and most of us are pretty short on cash so its nice to find a way to have some safe fun for free. I know at Cambridge and Riverview Halls you can rent out think like footballs and Frisbees to use so you don't even need to buy or have one.

I    It is also really easy to get the beach. If you live in Sandburg you can catch the shuttle over to Kennelworth and just walk right down North Ave. past Columbia St. Mary's Hospital  to get there. Riverview, Cambridge can walk right down the street to get there. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Wisconsin State Fair!

One great event to check out during the summer is the Wisconsin State Fair! This is an annual 11 day long summer event that normally takes place end of July or in the early half of August. At the Wisconsin State Fair, there are numerous awesome rides that you can ride such as the Sizzler, the Freak Out, and the Stratosphere, which is a 200 foot tall swing ride! Don't forget to try our infamous cream puffs, 25-cent milk, everything that's on a stick, and purchase cool items from a variety of different vendors. 
There is also a Grandstand Main Stage that features different headline performances each evening of the fair! Some of the people from the past include: Miranda Lambert, Neon Trees, Weird Al Yankovic, and The Band Perry!
And of course, the a state fair isn't complete without animals! The Wisconsin State Fair has tons of horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, and many other animals for people to see! You get a chance to see some of the biggest, prettiest, and fastest animals!

Address: Wisconsin State Fair Park 640 S. 84th St. West Allis WI 53214.
You can take the MCTS shuttles or freeway flyers to State Fair also! Parking at the Fair costs $10, but if you're lucky, you can find cheaper or even free parking further away from the fair.

Pricing at the entrance: $10 (12+), $7 (60+ and military/veterans), $6 (6-11), FREE (5 and under).
There are always deals to get into the Fair! Here is a link to the deals they have:

Going to the Wisconsin State Fair with your family and friends over the summer should definitely be on your to do list for this summer!

Another Year, Gone.

Another Year, gone.
The Film, Video, and New Genres LLC has simply gotten bigger this year, and that’s a very good thing.  We had a higher attendance rate than ever before, more events, the largest turn out for the 24 hour film competition ever (and its first time screening in flicks), and not one but THREE of our residents got their work into the Student Film and Video Festival at the end of the second semester.  Our residents are creating some fantastic work in their classes, some of which we screened at a recent expo, and more that will inevitably pop up on Youtube or Vimeo.
While it is great to look back though, it is also important to look forward.  I have learned that the ambitions of film students only grow as the years go by and as such the LLC will be growing as well next year in preparation for an entirely new group of ambitious young filmmakers.  Our LLC strives to be an area where students can begin to foster relationships that are both meaningful and useful as friendships become co-working relationships.
There are plenty of moments that were wonderful, such as the aforementioned 24 hour film competition and getting a large group of students a chance to see an awesome live performance of the Alloy Orchestra, but the best moments were simply when our students got together to just enjoy the day together, watching a random French romance film together that many had not seen before, just because they wanted to spend time with each other.