Monday, June 10, 2013

Science and Innovation House: students get hands dirty in helping out community!


It's been awhile since the last Science and Innovation House LLC update and boy do we have a cool update for you!  We thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the rising temperatures and get out and do some volunteering for the Milwaukee community.  So...

We decided to join Habitat for Humanity's effort in building homes in Washington Park!  With an arranged shuttle to and from the build, our group of 7 students were ready to put their engineering expertise on the line and get their hands dirty.

From the moment we arrived, the Habitat volunteer builders put us to work!  We did a lot of things like cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning... You would not believe how easy dust accumulates!  I think the shop vac was running the entire day... We also did a lot of caulking.  And I mean a lot, I mean a lot of caulking.  Windows, edges, stairs, and bathrooms all received the full treatment.  Continuing our efforts, we also assisted with hanging blinds and covering nail holes in trim.  I must admit, wood putty is pretty fun to play with!

Our students did a great job!  I must say, I have not seen anyone work as hard as they did last Saturday (April 28th).  The 6 hours that our group was there flew by and everyone enjoyed themselves.  At the end of the day it was a very gratifying experience knowing that our efforts were helping out the local community and  knowing that one lucky family is going to be able to live in this beautiful house!

This will be the last blog from the Science and Innovation House LLC this semester.  I wish everyone the best of luck on finals!!!  Study hard!!!  And most importantly, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER :)

This will also be my last post as next year I will no longer be a mentor :(  These last two years have been fantastic and I have very much enjoyed my role in the LLC and getting to know so many amazing people!  The students really make up the LLC and everyone makes it such a great place to be.  From the Engineering Olympics to Discovery World to helping out the local robotics team to Habitat for Humanity, the Science and Innovation House LLC has had many fun and creative events this year.  I'm so proud to have had a part in this community and I'm looking forward to see what new ideas are done in the future!

And with that I say goodbye! :)

Signing off,

Mentor Ross

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