Friday, December 6, 2013

Safe House

A place that I think is worth going to in Milwaukee for LLC members is the Safe House on of Water Street. It is a spy themed restaurant with a tasty menu and atmosphere that makes you stay for a while. They have a scavenger hunt inside that you can do as you wait for your food. Every time I go I am even more impressed.

The hours are listed on their web site, their menu is also on the site.

I feel like this is a must for any person living in Milwaukee the food is great and the atmosphere is amazing.

Also have fun getting in! It's a secret that you have to learn when you get there!

Sparrow Collective

I just discovered Sparrow Collective this year and let me tell you - it's so cute and definitely worth a visit. I love Sparrow Collective so much because it's inspiring to see what you can do as an artist when you're done with school - a possible option to further your career in an enjoyable way!

Sparrow Collective is a little shop on Kinnickinnic ave that features the work of local artists. They sell handmade, one of a kind pieces like clothing, artwork and jewelry. 

"Featuring the work of over 100 independent designers from around the United States.  Carrying everything from handmade clothing, printed tees and accessories for men, women and babies, soaps and body products, candles, gifts, and so much more. Featuring quarterly Art gallery installations and monthly DIY classes click on a page for more details" 

To get there: Take the green line  "N AIRPORT - VIA OAKLAND-HOWELL METROEXPRESS" and get off at Howell and Lincoln