Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome to the Spanish House LLC

Holla y Bienvenidos a la Casa de Espanol!
Hello and Welcome to the Spanish House LLC!

A quick introduction about myself, my name is Citlaly Leon, but I go by the nickname Laly. I am the resident assistant on the 3rd floor of Cambridge for the Spanish House LLC. I am originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. I moved to America when I was five years old. I have been surrounded by the Latino culture all my life and feel very qualified to be the Spanish House LLC RA. I am a first generation student pursuing a career in nursing with hopes of someday working as a pediatric oncology nurse in the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin!

If you see me around campus come up and say Holla!

The Spanish House LLC has been extreamly busy these first weeks of school getting to know each other and getting accommodated into the college life. To go along with our building (Cambridge) Disney theme I chose the movie Lilo and Stitch for my floor theme.
Some of the Spanish House LLC residents standing in front of one of our floor bulletin boards.
As we move further in towards the semester I am busy planning events for our community. Our first major event was on Friday Sep. 18th. The Spanish House LLC along with the Local to Global LLC traveled to the Milwaukee South Side in order to experience some of the Latino culture. We are super excited for this year and we look forward to sharing our experience with you!
Mis mejores deseos, Laly 

Career Quest LLC

Hello everyone, my name is Jenna Towers and I am the Career Quest LLC Resident Assistant for this year! I am super excited to embark on your quest for a career this academic year. As your RA I am here as a resource to help you with any issues you may be encountering in the residence halls, helping you find academic resources, getting involved on campus, and to throw events on the floor that help build up the Career Quest community. I can also help you with anything that may be going on in your life and I am always here to help! 

I am a junior that has recently decided to double major in Human Resource Management and Communication. I am a transfer student from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud Minnesota. I came to UWM because of its rich culture and diversity and for the academics this institution has to offer. I am from Minocqua, WI. Some of my hobbies include Netflix, Hulu, going to the movies, being active, reading, and traveling the world.

With the Career Quest Class, ED PSYCH 110, I am not going to be heavily involved with this part of the LLC. However, do not hesitate to ask me questions about the class or any concerns you may have regarding it!

Here are some pictures of the decorations in the Career Quest Community that are up on the floors.

Also, here are some residents enjoying Panther Dance for Fall Welcome week!

Scene One, Take One: The Film LLC Begins A New Semester

The halls have been buzzing and the cameras rolling as the 2015-2016 Film LLC is starting a new year. Our first Indiana Jones themed Kick-Off Event entitled "Raptors of the Lost Ark" was on Sunday, September 6th. To start the event, residents enjoyed a movie-matching game and build-your-own dirt cups.

The movie matching game ended with everyone in the center of the hallway where we announced upcoming events for the semester such as the Milwaukee Film Festival, Film LLC Video and 24 Hour Editing Contest. Then LLCers broke into teams for a Scavenger Hunt around the 4th floor. Each questions in the scavenger hunt was a movie-related question, posted next to a celebrity cardboard cutout. Each correct answer earned groups a puzzle peice, and the first group to return to the center and complete the puzzle won.

The Kick-Off Event was designed for both communities to get aquainted and share their love of film. The communities (the South wing and the North wing) comprise the Fourth Floor Film LLC and we'd like to take a moment to introduce the Resident Assistants on both wings:

Lea Parker is a sophomore Film Major from Sun Prairie, WI. She did video work in highschool, works at Marcus Theatres and studied Theater at UWM before switching majors to Film. She enjoys spending time with friends, collecting movie posters, Twenty One Pilots and Star Wars. Lea is the RA for the North side and gives killer fist bumps. 

Shannon McInnis is a senior Film Major from Oshkosh, WI. She previously attended UW-Eau Claire as a Creative Writing and Graphic Design major and transferred to UWM to study Film. She has worked on three feature length films as an Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Actress and loves everything and anything movies. She enjoys vocal acappella music, Dr. Pepper and Weezer. Shannon is the RA for the South side and is trying to make the phrase "Don't trip, chocolate chip!" catch on. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Sneak Peak into Local to Global!

My name is Brigitte Potter and I am the Resident Assistant for the Local to Global LLC in Cambridge Commons. I am a junior at UW-Milwaukee and I am in the English as a Second Language (ESL) Education program, I will also be the voice behind this lovely blog. Last semester I studied abroad in Granada, Spain. I love hearing about other cultures, ethnicities, and languages. Therefore, I've been enjoying getting to know my residents who come from all over Wisconsin, a few from around the U.S., and others from out of the country!

Classes began and all of the residents are getting accustomed to life here at UWM. The LLC class taught by professor Aims McGuinness and attended by all the LLC members, along with our peer mentor Tabby Miller, has also begun! I will be posting regularly about the activities and adventures they go on during their class. Our South Side Event on September 18th we paired up with the Spanish House to venture to the south side of Milwaukee to indulge in the Hispanic food and culture that dominates this area.

Stay tuned for pictures, videos, and updates on the Local to Global LLC!

Education & Leadership LLC


Hello All,
My name is Lucero Rocha and I am your Peer Mentor for the year. My role as a peer mentor is to assist you with any questions that you may have. I will try my best to answer them or direct you to someone who will know the answer. I’m here for you as a resource as well and to help you stay engaged, connected, informed, and proud of being a Panther here at UWM! I am also here for you as a peer, which means that you're welcome to come and talk to me about anything else that may be going on in your life.
I’m currently a Sophomore here at UWM. My intended major is Political Science with a minor in Spanish. I have recently moved to Milwaukee from Racine which means that I’m still getting used to the idea of traffic on a regular basis. I strongly believe in community engagement which is why I’m exited to be part of your LLC course.
The purpose of the course is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to build a civic and leadership identify. The cool part about it is that you get to structure that identity by experimental learning, which means that you will get to interact and help the Milwaukee community through service learning. I have seen the impact that UWM students have in the community through some service learning that I've been part of in the past. 
With that being said I’m happy that you will all be part of this course. If you ever need any help getting to your service learning site just let me know and I’ll try my best to help you.

Meet the S'mores LLC RA!

Hello! My name is Haley and I am the RA for the S'mores LLC. 

This year we are located on the 17th floor of East tower, and I can say the view is amazing! This is my third year as an RA and so far I have lived in North, South, West, and now East tower, so I've been all over Sandburg. I'm finishing up my senior year and studying Radiologic Technology. I spend much of my clinical time at the Columbia St. Mary's hospital on North Ave working with patients and other health professionals. Having been at UWM for so long I know all the tips and tricks on how to be successful and I am an open book for resources. I'm really excited to have fun programs and a great year!

The S'mores LLC is Sophomore centered and focuses on areas such as career planning and decisions that will help students stay on a path that will lead them to graduation and a degree. We want to emphasize the purpose of why students chose to go to college and what we can do to help them remain successful. 

The goal of the S'more LLC is to build a welcoming community where students can study, learn, and grow among peers. This is an important year for Sophomores. For those undecided or thinking about changing majors, it can be a lot of pressure having to choose a path that you want to do for your career. Now is the time to begin building a resume that will make you stand out among many. We want to help you build your leadership skills and your confidence for when you head out to your future.

I look forward to a fantastic year!

Welcome Home Business Panthers

Meet the Resident Assistant Team
Markiya Terry: Floors 1 & 2
Milwaukee, WI
Marketing and Supply Chain Operations Management Major
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
Markiya had her own cubical at an internship with Principal Financial Group over the summer.

David Wolfe: Floor 3
Shorewood, WI
Finance Major, Economics Minor
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
David is a member of the Honors College and Business Scholars Program at UW-Milwaukee.

Jake Kearns: Floor 4
Mequon, WI
Finance and Math Major
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
Jake is an avid sports fan and will play any sport when presented with the opportunity. 

Shayla Jackson: Floors 5 & 6
Milwaukee, WI
Education Major
Fourth Year at UW-Milwaukee
Shayla is in her fourth year of being a Resident Assistant and enjoys shopping. 

     The Business Panthers Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community in the Residents Halls which consist of Business students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Business Panthers LLC strives to make the transition into college as smooth as possible and helps create a sense of community around a common theme: Business. Students in the Business Panthers LLC will have a unique housing experience because many, if not all, their peers and neighbors will be taking the same classes and working towards the same goals. This will not only build a strong academic surrounding for students but will allow lifelong friendships to develop and mature throughout a resident's stay in the Business Panthers LLC. 
     This year the Business Panthers LLC comprises of floors one through six of South Tower, which makes it the largest LLC in University Housing. Throughout these six floors there are four Resident Assistants who are all ready to lead and mentor their floors and students. The RA’s are excited to see what the school year is going to bring and cannot wait to begin building professional and social connections with the future of the business industry. 

The Business Administration 100 Staff Team

     Business Administration 100 is a mandatory class that all business students living in the Business Panthers LLC take. This photo includes all the staff members that will be involved with Business Administration 100 throughout the 2015-2016 academic year.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet the New Architecture LLC RA and Peer Mentor

Hey! My name is Alex Gordon and I am the Architecture LLC resident assistant for this year! I am a Junior in the architecture program here at UWM and this is my second year being an RA. I am from Mt. Horeb, WI but have recently lived in the Fox Cities area.  I have a lot of knowledge about architecture that I am eager to spread to the first year architecture students! I am really excited and have a lot of cool things planned for this year! 

Our Cambridge building wide theme this year is Disney, so for the LLC theme I chose to focus around the Disney Imagineers who are the designers of all the Disney buildings, parks, and rides. 

I am looking forward to an awesome year!

Meet your New Peer Mentor: Andrew Huss

As of now I am a junior in the architecture program currently taking the third year design studio ARCH 410. I am originally from Chilton, Wisconsin, and since you have probably never heard of it before it is about an hour and a half directly North of Milwaukee. Some hobbies that I have are playing video games, long boarding, hunting, any kind of sport, drawing, and of course, designing. This past summer I studied abroad through the school of architecture and got to go to France and Italy,it was a trip of a lifetime and I definitely recommend studying abroad to anyone that its even remotely interested.

Meet the UWM.NET LLC RA!

Hello! My name is Kyle Pallo and I am the RA for the UWM.NET Living Learning Community. I am from Saukville, Wisconsin which is about 25 minutes north of UW-Milwaukee. Saukville is not much of a small town that it used to be when I was growing up. Currently I am a sophomore but I will be a junior by the end of this fall semester. I took a year and a half off to pursue other ambitions that I have and this is the first full time semester back. I am a business major leaning towards accounting. I love numbers and creating any type of project to keep me busy.

The UWM.NET Living Learning Community is all about using Social Media networks. An interesting aspect towards this LLC is that it teaches how to market and ideally help search for jobs using social media tools. Networking online can be just as effective as in person if done correctly. I am widely present on social media and I believe it will be the future of how most of us communicate. Learning these tools on how to network and present yourself online, will become an important skill to have. Of course you need communication skills as well to be successful, which this LLC will teach. I know and have lots of the business side experiences of social media, meaning how money circulates with CPMs and promotion. I am extremely excited to be a part of this LLC and for what is to come!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Honors LLC

Honors LLC off to a great start.

I am very excited this year to be filling the shoes left by the 2014/2015 RA Eli King here in the Honors LLC. I know he will continue to do great work in the music LLC and I hope to make the same kind of impact on the Honors LLC this year as he did.

My name is Hunter Vannieuwenhoven and my major is in Advertising. I am also pursuing a minor degree in Spanish and am in my third semester with the Honors College. I understand the impact the Honors College can have on a students success and I also hope our LLC can optimize that impact.

So far the Honors LLC on floors 15 and 16 in West Tower is off to a great start. I am very impressed and excited with how social our community is and I hope we continue this trend throughout the year. I know these connections made in only the first couple few weeks will have a great effect on the academic careers of the LLC students.

Some of my favorite moments thus far were the Packers game vs the Bears, we had a passionate bunch in the lounge that made viewing the game a lot of fun; when we had 26 residents just hanging out and playing games like Cards Against Humanity and Things out in the lounge and it was just a regular weeknight; and also the night of our floor meeting and our Meet our Suite event, I really got to experience the great people that live on our floors and it got me really excited for the year. I know there is much more fun to come!
Residents Meghan and Rebecca "twinning" for their trip to the cafeteria.

Happy Studies!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome to Health Professions LLC!!!

Meet RA Sydney and RA Shelby!

RA Sydney (pictured on the left) is a junior Nursing Student and this is her second year as an RA. 
RA Shelby (pictured on the right) is also a junior Nursing Student and is enjoying her first year in the Health Professions LLC but she is also a second year RA.

The first few weeks here in Riverview have been really exciting! Not only is everyone getting settled in their new rooms and enjoying Welcome Events but the LLC has also been busy throwing our own welcome activities. We had our kick-off event last week and it was a blast! 

Pictured are Residents and Stakeholders sporting their new Health Professions T-shirts!

Residents had the chance to meet LLC Stakeholders that help make Health Professions LLC possible. Residents also got to go through four interactive station where they learned about tutoring, online resources, advising, and organizational tips. After they enjoyed pizza and cake while continuing to get to know each other. 

Health Professions LLC is super busy planning cool events and we can't wait to share those experiences with you as the year goes on! Until next time... RA Sydney and RA Shelby :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

American Sign Language LLC Blog 1

Blog Post 1: Introduction

My name is Jane Stueber and I am your Peer Mentor for the year. As a peer mentor, we are available as a peer resource to help and encourage you through your transition here at UWM. Essentially that means I am your go-to-person for any questions that you might have about the campus and whatever else might be going on in your life. I can share or give you more information about a variety of resources that are available here at UWM that you may be interested in or could help you succeed as a Panther. I will be in your American Sign Language 1 and Deaf Culture courses. I have taken both of these courses already as well. I will occasionally be in the ASL LLC Lounge and I will get those hours later for you. I will also be emailing you weekly.
I am junior double majoring in American Sign Language and Interpreting (ASL/ITP). I came to UWM because this is the only instate school that has my major and the diversity. I am from Green Bay, WI. My favorite show is Law and Order SVU. I also really enjoy writing rather than reading. I am involved with InterVarsity which is a Christian org on campus. I am a sporty girl and am involved with and enjoy doing basketball, soccer, cross country, volleyball, gymnastics, and martial arts.
Deaf Awareness Week is coming up (September 21st-26th) and I will be attending multiple of those events. I am inviting all of you to come, emerge yourself and have fun, you can meet me and we can go together.

Hello! My name is Ariel Baeseman, the Resident Assistant (RA) for the ASL Living Learning Community for the 2015-2016 academic year. I'm very excited for all that the LLC will be doing this year, but first I'd like you to know a little bit about me. I am a sophomore at UWM this year and I lived in this community last year as a freshman. I come from a small town near Madison, WI and love going fishing, playing with animals, shopping, and spending time with my friends. I've been told I look like Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect, but I'm not too sure about that one, although that is one of my favorite movies. I'm sure you'll learn enough about me throughout the year, though!

In my role as the RA for this community, I will be hosting numerous events throughout the year for our community as well as helping residents build connections with each other and the Deaf Community within Milwaukee. I will be taking the residents within the community to a few events during Deaf Awareness Week Wisconsin (DAWW) to participate and hopefully even volunteer! This semester, we will also be doing a cross-over type event and invite the other communities in Sandburg's West Tower to come play some games and learn some ASL.

On September 1st, the LLC had our first event where we got to know each other, play some games, and spend time together! We had about half of our LLC participate in the event! We got to play a few rounds of the elephant game and telephone! Our residents started to get creative with telephone to show how easy it is for concepts to be misunderstood once they get a little more complicated.
Becky is trying to make sure she knows what the phrase was for this round of telephone!

"Say that again?!"
Our residents really enjoyed themselves last night and I can't wait for our next event! See you there!
-RA Ariel