Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet the S'mores LLC RA!

Hello! My name is Haley and I am the RA for the S'mores LLC. 

This year we are located on the 17th floor of East tower, and I can say the view is amazing! This is my third year as an RA and so far I have lived in North, South, West, and now East tower, so I've been all over Sandburg. I'm finishing up my senior year and studying Radiologic Technology. I spend much of my clinical time at the Columbia St. Mary's hospital on North Ave working with patients and other health professionals. Having been at UWM for so long I know all the tips and tricks on how to be successful and I am an open book for resources. I'm really excited to have fun programs and a great year!

The S'mores LLC is Sophomore centered and focuses on areas such as career planning and decisions that will help students stay on a path that will lead them to graduation and a degree. We want to emphasize the purpose of why students chose to go to college and what we can do to help them remain successful. 

The goal of the S'more LLC is to build a welcoming community where students can study, learn, and grow among peers. This is an important year for Sophomores. For those undecided or thinking about changing majors, it can be a lot of pressure having to choose a path that you want to do for your career. Now is the time to begin building a resume that will make you stand out among many. We want to help you build your leadership skills and your confidence for when you head out to your future.

I look forward to a fantastic year!

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