Thursday, February 25, 2016

Starting Off the New Semester with Art & Design!

Hello everyone it’s Devin again with another update on what has been going on in the LLC now at the start of this Spring Semester. The majority of the students have now started their next classes in the First Year program, that being the Digital 118 class where they learn the basic functions of Photoshop and Illustrator while also talking about what Digital Art means in today’s society. Also, students should be switching from either 2D to 3D or reversed.
The LLC students also have the opportunity this Semester to help out with the River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) in a service learning event. The Foundation is a certified non-profit conservation organization that was established in 1994 by service clubs in Wisconsin, Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee. The group works in cooperation with several resources in Milwaukee to improve the environmental quality of the Milwaukee River Basin. The students are tasked with producing a collaborated piece of art work that has to do with the foundation as well as serving at least 4 hours of volunteering hours with the Foundation. Over the next month the students will be brainstorming ideas of what they might want to make and as a class the will come together and produce the work.

On March 7th both classes are going to be going the RRF for a tour of the land and area around the foundation and to learn more the volunteering opportunities. These hours of volunteering are very helpful when building a resume and the students have been encouraged to maintain a good record of these hours they spend helping the RRF.
( This link will take you to the RRF web page where they describe what they do and what they focus on in the community and ecosystem around the Milwaukee river.


In the Cambridge we've kicked off our new semester with a door decoration decorating event! The LLC had a ton of fun customizing their ramen bowl door decs for the new semester. Here are a few examples of what has been created:

Coming soon we are going to be printing an LLC T-shirt design collaborating with the Print and Narrative Forms department on campus. Our design has not been finalized by the LLC yet, but stay tuned!

- RA Joe

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Panther Military hits the ice rink!


The residents of Purin Hall and myself have had a long and enjoyable winter break and are now ready to start up the Spring semester. I am very excited to share with you our first community-wide event and the plans for our upcoming ice skating trip. Due to the large volume of new residents at Purin Hall (7 in total), I planned a social connections event for the new residents to get to know some of the returning residents. We took advantage of the free events week in the rec center and all went bowling as a group. I had 10 residents attend that made for 3 separate games. After the bowling we went to Palms and enjoyed some pizzas as a group.

Purin Hall is taking advantage of the cold weather and will be taking a trip downtown to the Red Arrow "Slice of Ice" rink. For many of my residents in attendance, it will be their first time ice skating. This trip will bring many laughs and the joys of bonding with one another in the Milwaukee area. After an hour or so of skating, we plan on taking a break to warm up and enjoy some coffee at the Star Bucks.

Welcome to 2016, Engineering House!

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back to the Engineering LLC! We hope you had a wonderful winter break!

The RAs in the LLC have been working hard to get some great events planned for you this semester. . The most exciting news we have for you is that an LLC trip to Chicago in April is currently in the works. We are planning on going to the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning, and having some free time in the city in the afternoon starting at Millennium Park. Let your RA know if you are interested in attending this event and would like more information.We will have an official sign up to come in the next month or so. 

We are also hoping to get some connections to industries in the area that we can take a tour of and learn more about the engineering opportunities in the Milwaukee area. Keep an eye open for some important advertisement for these events

We hope you have a great spring semester and a wonderful 2016!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome Back, Social Justice LLC!

The 2nd semester has begun and the Social Justice LLC students are refreshed from winter break and have started their Spring semester classes. We began our semester with a 2nd LLC Kickoff so that our students could have their voices heard in the planning process of the Social Justice Events and what we want our semester to look like.


In addition to the event brainstorm residents participated in setting SMART Goals and posting them in our community's lounge. Making goals and following through on them is valuable to learning and growing. Because they are in a common area residents can hold each other accountable and check in on each other on how they are doing in achieving their goals.
Our Community :)

We are very excited for this 2nd semester and what it will bring. Looking forward, we are preparing for Meet Milwaukee later this month and getting residents involved in the room tours and keeping the common areas looking fresh and exciting.
That's all for now!
Take care,
RA Jennifer and RA Sara

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Welcome Back Transfers!

Welcome Back Transfer Community!

Greetings from your LLC RAs! We both hope that you had a wonderful winter break and are excited to be back at UW-Milwaukee for what will be another adventure filled semester. We would also like to take a moment to welcome all of our new transfer students, we hope that you find your place here, and we cannot wait to get to know each and every one of you more as the semester progresses.

For all of our new community members, the Transfer LLC is a place where people who are new to UW-Milwaukee can meet and interact with other people who have similar traits to them, it provides a place for you to bond and share your thoughts with people who have similar experiences to yours. Both myself and Paul will be here to help enhance your time here and will lend a helping hand when needed. 

A great thing about being in an LLC is the additional trips and adventures you can partake it. While everything is still in the planning phases for this semester, some great ideas have been bounced around and we would love to have your input on them! Some possible event that we could enjoy this semester would be: a free night at the Art Museum, a tour of Collectivo, or possibly a day trip to Chicago. These are just some of the ideas that have been tossed around and we would love to get your feedback! If you have an idea that has not been mentioned, we would love to hear that as well. You all play a vital role in this community and should be part of the decision process! We are looking forward to another amazing semester with you all and cannot wait to share new experiences!

Spanish House LLC

Welcome back Panthers!
Bienvenidos de regreso!

The residents of the Spanish House LLC have been busy adjusting and settling into a new semester.  For this semester one of the biggest goals I have, as the Spanish House RA is to plan and host more Spanish related events. Some of the ideas I have been putting together are to have a Spanish game night were the residents would be able to come and enjoy various Spanish games and relax and interact with other residents. Another idea is to also visit the Walkers Point Center for the Arts.  The Spanish LLC class is also planning another cooking night where the residents will be cooking traditional Hispanic food.  Another thing we are looking into for this semester is having regular showings of Spanish themed movies in Cambridge Commons for the Spanish House LLC residents. This semester we are also super excited to be working with a new peer mentor, Chelsey Bermudez! I am super excited to keep everyone updated with the progress of the LLC for the Spring Semester!

My best,

RA Laly

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Welcome Back!!!

 Welcome back to another wonderful spring semester at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee! We have a lot of exciting items coming up in the Career Quest LLC this spring. 

   To start off we are having another interviewing workshop in our community in the coming months. This workshop will focus specifically on asking residents interview questions, listening to their responses and giving helpful feedback on how to enhance their responses. Myself and the Career Planning and Resource Center will be leading this program. The Career Planning and Resource Center is a great place to get yourself started on the right career track for your career.  

   Secondly, this semester we will be going on an LLC trip to another state to discover the wonderful opportunities careers have in different parts of the U.S. Stay tuned to our next post to see exactly where we are going!!

Welcome Back, Honors House 2!

It's the beginning of a brand new semester for Honors House 2, and we're calmly settling back into our old groove.

This semester, HH2 is themed as CW's The Flash! We've got tons of cool door decs based on Flash baddies like Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Zoom, Heat Wave, and the Trickster. Here's one of the Reverse Flash ones:

We've also got Flash-themed bulletin boards as well, featuring Tech Tips with Cisco Ramon and Running Tips with Barry Allen!

A new semester also means the return of the THURSDAY NIGHT SOCIAL! The second one is this week Thursday at 8PM, featuring pizza, friendship, and literally anything that the residents of East 16 want to do.

We're hoping for a great semester! From HH2, until next time!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Welcome to Second Semester Local 2 Global LLC!

Welcome back Local 2 Global LLC! I hope everyone had a great winter break and is ready to spring into second semester!

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. Hello! My name is Kim Kramer and I’m the new RA for the Local 2 Global LLC. I’m a sophomore and a Community Engagement and Education major. I love to travel and I’ve been several places throughout the United States and Europe. I also hosted several foreign exchange students growing up so I love to learn about and experience different cultures and communities. I’m excited to be the RA in this community and I can’t wait to dive into the events and other exciting things I have planned for this semester.

This month I kicked off the semester with hot air balloon door decorations, an “Oh the Places You’ll Go Around Milwaukee” bulletin board and a “Soar Through Second Semester” bulletin board in order to promote a fresh start.


I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester brings!

Until next time,

RA Kim 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Focus on the Sophomore Experience

The S'MORES LLC is such a great living learning community because it gives opportunities to help Sophomores make sure they are are staying on track to graduation as well as having any help they need with academic support. 

PASS tutoring and the Student Success Center is focused on helping students to be academically successful. Getting good grade, passing courses, and receiving an education is the whole reason why you are here; so we want you to succeed! 

Whether or not a resident is struggling in a class, it never hurts to try out tutoring. There are so many opportunities for all different varieties of classes from group discussion to one on one help. Having been a student who utilized this resource I highly recommend it.

Go to to check it out!

Along with this site you can find helpful study strategies! 

If you're looking for personalized support, please visit our staffed desks in Library E170 or Bolton 120.  PASS employees are available to answer questions about how to sign up for PASS programs and services, how to access online review sessions and archives, and more.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Business Panthers on the Move

Welcome Back
Business Panthers!!
We have truly missed you.
We see you came back ready to work.

All of our scholars in their Business Ethics Lecture.

As we bring in a new semester,
welcome the new addition to our team,
RA Eric.

Eric is from Superior, WI. His major is Criminal Justice. And he 

likes to spend time with friends and read in his free time. He 

became an RA for personal and skill growth.

While you are studying hard don’t forget to mark the upcoming 

events on your calendar

Sprecher Brewery Tour
Saturday February 27th, 2016
At 11am
Leaving at 9:45am
Sign up with your RA by
Thursday February 11th

First-come, First-served

New Semester!

Welcome Back!

The UWM.NET LLC is off to a fantastic start! A little update on how the community is coming along. As far as the first week has went everyone was excited to see each other. It was a well needed break but as quoted by one resident, "it is time to come back to reality."

Pictured below is some of the LLC members enjoying time with their friends from the first week back here at UWM. The LLC as a whole is going to be going to a business event within the next couple of weeks. The whole idea is networking which fits great with what UWM.NET is all about.

Till next time,

Monday, February 8, 2016

Starting the Spring Semester Strong

After a successful Fall 2015, the Education & Leadership LLC is looking to continue a great year as a community this Spring. Residents of the LLC are excited to be back at UWM and have began their new classes, adjusting to their new course schedules. Some highlights from the Fall semester included many Residents of the LLC attending Make A Difference Day and a pumpkin carving event in October (pictured below) and 

There was great attendance at RA Annabelle and RA Bryce's kickoff event and community meeting, which was intended to help transition the folks of the LLC to get back into the swing of things on campus. With mostly first year residents, some residents have expressed interest in joining new student organizations to gain leadership experience going into their second year of school. Namely, some residents have expressed interest in joining Big Brothers, Big Sisters as well as North Tower Community Council. 

Every year, it is common for LLCs to go on a trip that relates to the focus of each Living Learning Community. This semester, an Education & Leadership LLC trip is in the works with the potential destination of Chicago with intentions of seeing various landmarks and museums that would greatly benefit our future educators & leaders. Stay tuned for more updates about these plans. 

Additionally, the Education & Leadership LLC would also like to welcome Brooke, our new Peer Mentor for this Spring Semester. Brooke will be working closely with the LLC course this semester as well as helping RA Annabelle and RA Bryce plan for future events within the LLC and will assist in writing future blog postings. Welcome Brooke!

Pictured is a Pumpkin Carving event from October which featured Speaker Warren Scherer from the LGBT Resource Center.

-RA Bryce

Welcome Back to Health Professions!

Welcome back Health Professions LLC!

We are so excited to be back! Last semester was filled with lots of fun, 

But we are so excited for what Spring semester has in store for us!

We are all busy into our third week of classes for Spring semester. RA Shelby and RA Sydney are working hard putting together many fun events. This week we will be hosting a Welcome Back Bash. After that we are excited to announce that we will be having a series of events that we are partnering with The Komen Foundation about healthy lifestyle choices and breast health.
Then after the series we will be having an event discussing all the details about the Nursing application for residents with one of our LLC stakeholders and advisor of Nursing.

We have a lot of great events planned for this semester!
Until next time,

RA Shelby and RA Sydney 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome Back

We are happy to welcome everyone back for the start of the spring semester. We hope everyone enjoyed their breaks and we are excited to start another chapter here in the Honors LLC. We have lots planned for the upcoming months and we will kick off the semester with an NBA2K video game tournament to welcome new members to our community and to relieve the stresses that come with buying books and learning new schedules. We had a good crowd in the LLC lounge to view the Super Bowl and it looks like we are back to our old selves. I want to urge you all to push even further this semester and become more involved. I hope this new semester of classes helps everyone to progress to their goals and discover new ones. Take advantage of our resources to get you there, and step outside of your comfort zones as you have settled into the world of UWM. Good luck to everyone this semester and thanks for reading.

RA Hunter

Scene Two, Take One: The Filmtastic Sequel Semester

Scene Two, Take One: The Filmtastic Sequel Semester

The Film LLC jumped right into the action this semester with the 24 Hour Film Project. Unlike last years 24 Hour event where residents were given footage and sound to edit, this event involved writing, shooting and editing a film of their own (in just one day!). 

Here they are at the starting line:

LLCers signed up in teams of up to 5 and were given these parameters:


-Films had to be 5 minutes or less
-No filming was allowed in Riverview

Film had to creatively include:

-The color Mint Green
-A canned food item
-This haiku

Under truthing light
there may be hesitation
or a desperate rush

Everything included had to be shot or recorded between 10:00pm Friday, February 6th and 10:00pm the following Saturday.

Most of Friday night was spent writing and planning, some started shooting as early as 2:00am! 

More production photos will be added (here and on the Film LLC Facebook page), but here are a few shots from amidst the rush of hard work!

No editing sessions is complete without a snack break!

Reviewing some footage from the day

Some barely made it to the finish line alive!

LLCers will get to see their work screened together at the Screening & Award Ceremony, to be held in Mitchell B91 on Thursday, February 25th! 

Judges include Film Department Faculty members Lilly Coyle, Steve Wetzel and former LLCer Sydney Zahradka. 

The event is open to the public and winning filmaking teams will receive engraved trophies!

See you there, folks!

Until next time, 

RA Shannon
RA Lea
Alex Torinus

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Introduction~

Hello everyone! For those who haven't met me, my name is Brandon Whitson and I will be the Peer Mentor for the ASL LLC Spring 2016! I am here to provide guidance in many areas ranging from academic issues/concerns, questions, or simply someone to talk to. Although I am your Peer Mentor, I am also a Junior here at UW Milwaukee so I have a background and familiarity with our campus. I highly enjoy getting to meet people and am even more elated to be able to help you all with whatever you need.

Now more about me... Some of my favorite things to do are watch The Golden Girls reruns (who knows Beatrice Arthur???) and cooking shows, enjoy quality time with my best friend (dog) Sally, and pick up parts of different languages (go figure right). One thing I find absolutely intriguing about Japanese is that there are THOUSANDS of different complex characters that depict meanings. Children at the age of not even 15 already know over 1,500 different kanji, which again is amazing to me. I compare this to the various deaf people in America whom grew up with ASL and how they learn hundreds of unique different signs that depict meaning. There are deaf children that are able to pick up finger-spelling in the first few years of their life when it has taken me years and I'm still polishing my skills. Regardless if we look at this from the linguistics standpoint of language acquisition or not, the bonds that are formed through the sociocultural communities and the language that unites them is what I ultimately enjoy being a part of.

As I said, I am currently a Junior here at UW Milwaukee double majoring in ASL Studies and ITP intended. I am applying for the Interpreter Training Program next fall and BELIEVE me when I say I am a little nervous. However, it is a wonderful feeling to know I have made it this far and I honestly cannot wait to be in the program. Interpreting and translation has always fascinated me because I've always enjoyed learning different languages. I think this stems from me growing up with my mother's side of the family speaking Puerto Rican while I learned English. To this day, when everyone is around my Abuela's kitchen table I can pick up the gist of what's being said, especially the not so nice words. I feel I am blessed to have this bi-cultural influence in my life and also believe that it is the reason why I am here today learning ASL, Japanese,  JSL, and strive to learn more about different languages and their respective cultures.

I look forward to working with you all and lets have a great semester!!! Take care!