Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scene Two, Take One: The Filmtastic Sequel Semester

Scene Two, Take One: The Filmtastic Sequel Semester

The Film LLC jumped right into the action this semester with the 24 Hour Film Project. Unlike last years 24 Hour event where residents were given footage and sound to edit, this event involved writing, shooting and editing a film of their own (in just one day!). 

Here they are at the starting line:

LLCers signed up in teams of up to 5 and were given these parameters:


-Films had to be 5 minutes or less
-No filming was allowed in Riverview

Film had to creatively include:

-The color Mint Green
-A canned food item
-This haiku

Under truthing light
there may be hesitation
or a desperate rush

Everything included had to be shot or recorded between 10:00pm Friday, February 6th and 10:00pm the following Saturday.

Most of Friday night was spent writing and planning, some started shooting as early as 2:00am! 

More production photos will be added (here and on the Film LLC Facebook page), but here are a few shots from amidst the rush of hard work!

No editing sessions is complete without a snack break!

Reviewing some footage from the day

Some barely made it to the finish line alive!

LLCers will get to see their work screened together at the Screening & Award Ceremony, to be held in Mitchell B91 on Thursday, February 25th! 

Judges include Film Department Faculty members Lilly Coyle, Steve Wetzel and former LLCer Sydney Zahradka. 

The event is open to the public and winning filmaking teams will receive engraved trophies!

See you there, folks!

Until next time, 

RA Shannon
RA Lea
Alex Torinus

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